Top 5 Types Of Bridal Makeup

Your big day is at hand. You have finalized the bridal gown, venue, menu etc. but hiring the makeup artist for the best bridal makeup is still on your to-do list. You are still thinking of which bridal look will best suit you. No worries! Take a break from your thoughts and read this blog. For the best bridal look in a saree and lehenga, we have researched 15 top-grade wedding makeups. And here are the top 5 trendsetting bridal makeup that will give you that glamorous look you have dreamt of.

Benefits of Bridal Makeup:

The art of makeup is an interesting process. However, it is getting widely popular for the benefits it provides. When done correctly, makeup enhances your natural features. HD makeup is one such type of makeup that has become popular quickly. This type of makeup works toward enhancing your natural beauty.

Women across the globe have different preferences when it comes to makeup. Be it everyday makeup, heavy bridal makeup or any such options. The perfect makeup is not obtained from just one product. It requires a blend of different cosmetics. For example, you can choose an HD makeup look to get glassy and shiny skin. But this is only possible if you know the right technique and use quality products.

Get the Perfect Bridal Makeup Look with Yes Madam:

Want the perfect makeup look worn by actresses? Unable to get your dream look? Lack of makeup skills like professionals? Don’t worry! We have got you covered, YES MADAM brings you the best air makeup, mineral makeup, natural look, etc. You can choose your favourite makeup look, and YES MADAM will deliver it to you. YES MADAM is an at-home salon that offers you several other beauty services. You can choose their best pre-bridal packages to pamper your skin. This will make your skin ready for makeup application by giving an even texture. You can opt for different sitting sessions as per your choice.

Yes Madam’s Bridal Makeup Package Includes:

The best pre-bridal packages include de-tan, facial, mani-pedi, and so much more. You can choose the package according to your requirement. The pre-bridal package gives a smooth texture making it easy to apply makeup. YES MADAM also provides head massage service at home. Their massage service is done by professionals and follows the covid protocols. Their tools are sanitized and are free from any infections. YES MADAM uses premium quality products to give their customers the best service.

You can also choose to get a head massage service at home for your big day as it will keep away all the stress that comes with the wedding prep. The massage helps balance the body’s energy and provides relief from stress. Different makeup looks along with a little head massage can accentuate natural beauty if done correctly. Also, Yes Madam services include a Female haircut at home to give you a shiny, smooth look. so, if you want a new look hairstyle, you can count on us. we are a one-stop solution to all your salon and beauty services needs.

5 world-class makeup to look stunning at your wedding:

Read further to know the different types of makeup to get ready for your big day:

1. HD Makeup

bridal makeup
HD Makeup

High Definition makeup is usually seen on the big screen. The cameras easily capture fine lines and creases on the face. Layers of makeup can form these creases. Therefore HD makeup is a technique that hides fine lines and does not form any creases. The best part about this type of makeup is that it does not feel heavy or cakey. It also makes you look exceptionally natural in real and reel life. HD makeup keeps your skin looking fresh and luminous for hours.

This type of makeup is best if you want light makeup. It removes blemishes without making your face look blurry, giving you a standard finish. This makeup type is perfect for brides. It allows them to get photographed all day without smudging their makeup.

HD Makeup is the top-listed wedding makeup for an admirable Indian bridal look. Many celebrities and international professional makeup artists recommend HD makeup for your BIG day as it looks natural & classy.

2. Airbrush Makeup

bridal makeup
Air Brush

The Airbrush technique has recently gained popularity in the cosmetic world. As the name suggests, this makeup uses an airbrush instead of traditional makeup tools. The airbrush makeup builds a layer of makeup on your skin. It gives a soft, smooth finish to give you a flawless and radiant look. On humid days though, it may feel slightly heavy. The best perk of airbrush makeup is that it lasts for hours.

This type of makeup requires different brushes for its application. It covers blemishes, dark spots, or complexion differences. It gives you a naturally radiant look without forming any creases.

For those who dream of a fabulous bridal look, Airbrush Makeup is an advanced yet safe makeup technique for people with sensitive skin. The noteworthy thing is it has extra strength to make you look refreshing for 12 hours.     

3. Matte Makeup Look

different types of bridal makeup
Matte Makeup Look

Amongst different makeup looks, the matte makeup look is the most popular. It is one of the most versatile looks. Be it your everyday look, wedding look, or a dramatic look. Matte makeup allows you to rock every day with grace and piousness. The matte makeup look will enable you to get creative with bold colours. You can use dark hues or create a natural look with finesse.

This makeup type is perfect for all weather. It’s lightweight, breathable, and can look both natural and bold. Matte makeup comes in vivid hues, giving a wide horizon to create stunning looks. The matte makeup look is one of the best bridal makeup looks. This type of makeup use products that effectively absorbs excess oil from the skin. This hides blemishes giving a smooth and velvety finish.

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4. Mineral Makeup Look

Bridal makeup types
Mineral makeup look

Mineral makeup makes use of chemical-free cosmetics. It is getting widely popular as it does not damage the skin. This makeup type is best for people with sensitive skin. A mineral makeup look is recommended after treating the skin for improvements. Mineral makeup comes in a variety of different shades and colours. It can be used for an everyday look or on special occasions. A mineral makeup look is light and sits smoothly on the skin.

At weddings, mineral Makeup is an ideal choice for Indian bridal makeup for ladies with acne-prone and mature skin. Another notable part of this makeup is it prevents any dull or aged appearance. Set a new trend with your flawless and eye-catchy looks.

5. Natural Minimal Makeup Look

minimal bridal makeup
Minimal Bridal Makeup

Dramatic, loud makeup might not be everyone’s go-to look. That’s where the natural minimal makeup look comes in. It makes use of a light base to give you an even skin tone. The subtle colours are used to highlight the facial features. This makeup type gives a perfect look to give you a natural radiant glow. The natural minimal makeup look makes you look flawless and ready for your big day.

The word ‘natural’ is already giving glimpses that it will provide a flawless illusion of spotless skin. You get the perfect finish that creates a glamorous look. Enjoy your natural features on your BIG day with Natural Makeup.

Hire A Makeup Artist Now:

While applying makeup, follow the proper steps and techniques. For important events like weddings, you can contact a makeup artist. A good makeup artist can make you feel like a million bucks on your big day. Makeup requires special techniques to blend the different shades. Book an appointment for body polishing at home with YES MADAM.

Questions to ask before hiring a makeup artist?

A wedding is an auspicious event, especially for the bride & groom. So, they should be looking special on that day. To get ready for this historic moment of your life, you will need a professional makeup artist who will make those moments magical with his/her magic. But some questions need to be answered before hiring your makeup artist.

7 important questions to ask while booking your makeup artist

  • Which makeup products and brands will you use?
  • Is there an airbrush or HD makeup service available?
  • Do you also provide a trial?
  • Will you allow the cameraman to click pics during the makeup?
  • Are there any other bookings you have also scheduled on the same day?
  • Are there any other charges to come to the wedding venue?
  • What’s the size of your team if I plan to arrange the same services for my family, too?

Discussing these points over the phone will be so daunting, so meeting one-on-one with your makeup artist will prove to be a good idea. You can also learn about the team who will come to serve you, and this is an important step while booking your makeup professionals.

FAQs about Types of Makeup

1. Which type of makeup is best for the wedding?

a) HD Makeup
b) Airbrush Makeup
c) Matte Makeup.
d) Mineral Makeup.
e) Natural Makeup.

2. How to get the best bridal makeup look?

Booking a makeup artist at home is not where your to-do list for the wedding event is completed. To get a trendsetting Indian bridal look personal care is also most important. Personal care includes smart investment in branded skin products, haircare routines, avoiding sun damage, and more.

3. How long does HD makeup look last?

HD Bridal look last for almost 12 to 24 hours. That is the major advantage why this makeup is incredibly popular and is also suitable for almost all skin types.

4. How to do Indian Bridal Makeup at home?

There are no alternatives on how you can do Indian Bridal makeup at home, only a professional can make you look admirable. But Yes Madam can provide your makeup services at home and bring professionals to your doorstep.

5. Can I get professional makeup services at home?

You can get Engagement Makeup, Party Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Saree Draping, and many types of professional to basic makeup services at home by Yes Madam high-end professionals. Get them right in the comfort of your home with high-end service professionals.

6. Is it better to wear light makeup for a bride?

Many experts suggest that Light makeup for the bride is the ultimate choice. The right choice of makeup can make you and your wedding attire look like million dollars. HD bridal look or Airbrush Makeup would be a brilliant choice, if you are stuck on which bridal makeup look should I pick.

7. Where to get the low-cost but best bridal makeup packages?

Get attractive bridal makeup packages at Yes Madam home salon platform where superbly talented professionals serve you right in the comfort of your home. Our high-end professionals will come to serve you with satisfactory pricing, entirely budget-friendly.

8. How can I do light bridal makeup?

A step-by-step guide for light bridal makeup at home.
1. First, moisturize yourself to create a base for makeup,
2. Now apply primer to defend your skin from chemicals,
3. Get a lightweight but best foundation,
4. Shade your cheeks according to your skin,
5. Keep your eyeshadow simple,
6. Use pencil eyeliner,
7. Now take the mascara and apply it,
8. Then it’s time to beautify your lips,
9. And finally set your looks.
This is how you can do simple bridal makeup. But calling a professional can give you a wonderful touch-up. If your looks are not better then your complimentary outfit and eye-catchy jewellery won’t be worth it. You can also call a professional to deliver makeup services at home. Visit the Yes Madam website/app and choose your convenient slot with proficient makeup professionals.

The Last Words

When different types of bridal makeup looks are available, choosing one is heavily stressful. We are here to make it easy & trendy. We have already reviewed and researched the best makeups nicely, but all can’t be served on the table. So, what to choose from those 5 makeup looks?

Our experts suggest HD makeup that will make you look perfect for the wedding to get a trendsetting Indian bridal look. On the second priority, the Airbrush Makeup will give you a perfect finish if you are looking for some lightweight and all-weather makeup. Rest all 3 of them are makeup artist’s choices but choose according to your skin and listen to your makeup artist, too.

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