15 Tips On How To Groom Your Man Like A Pro on Valentine’s

Valentines Day approaching, and confused about what to get your man? For your man, a makeover is one of the best gifts. Today, most of the women are experts act dressing well and grooming. Unlike women, most men are quite laid back and unaware of the art of grooming and dressing well. One of the main reasons behind this is society telling men that they should always look rough and tough. However, we know that you would love your man to be well-groomed. Lots of guides are on the internet for women on how to dress and care for their skin and hair. There are very few for men; this is why they don’t know much about grooming themselves. We live in a fast-paced world, yet there are many comforts. We have to go to the experts, who will prepare us for any gatherings or occasions. With YesMadam’s male grooming services and beard grooming services at home, you can groom your man like a pro on this Valentine’s day!

1. Haircut:

For a man, a haircut is one of the most important parts of grooming. Men should have their haircut every 4th-week; however, It is difficult for men to get regular hair cuts due to Covid-19 lockdown. In addition, people are hesitant to go to a public barbershop because of covid. So while a haircut can be self-done, it is very difficult and risky. But with YesMadam’s male grooming services, getting a professional haircut at the comfort of your home has become easier than ever.

15 Tips On How To Groom Your Man Like A Pro on Valentine's

2. Signature Scent:

This valentines, find your man his perfect signature scent. Classic aftershaves are a better investment instead of having many average colognes. You can buy him a lighter citrusy fragrance in the summer and spring seasons, and for the winter season, a spicy, woody scent would be the best. His smell plays a vital role in boosting his confidence in a man.

3. The Right Hair Products:

Get you man hair products that suit his hair. The right kind of hair products can make a big difference in his appearance. For example, if a man has thick hair, you can use waxes and pomades to style his hair. You can discuss hair products’ different types and qualities for your man with the styling and grooming experts at YesMadam.

4. Manscaping:

We knew how much you appreciate a neat look for your man. However, it is important to remember that Men should use different devices for facial hair and other body parts. There are various types of electric body groomers in the market that you can use to groom your man. You can also take the experts’ help at YesMadam with their male grooming services.

5. Dental Hygiene:

First, two things that people notice in a man are his smile and shoes. Scheduling dental appointments and brushing twice every day are very important. If your man has bad breath, you can get him a good mouthwash because dental problems should not be allowed to become too hard to handle.

15 Tips On How To Groom Your Man Like A Pro on Valentine's

6. Managing Facial Hair:

When you look at your man, facial hair is the first thing that will catch your immediate attention. However, a man needs to maintain and team his facial hair properly. You can get your man facial hair managing products, whether a beard trimmer or facial hair products like beard wax, beard, and beard oil.

7. Face Grooming:

There are various facial grooming services you can give your man on Valentine’s Day. These services include facial, face clean up up, peel off mask, sheet mask, cream massage, and so on. These facial services will give your man an instant fresh and rejuvenating look. You can do this from the comfort of your home with YesMadam’s male grooming services.

15 Tips On How To Groom Your Man Like A Pro on Valentine's

8. Shaving and Trimming:

A proper shaving routine takes ample time and practice, which is impossible at home. Knowing the basics for a good shave is very important so that the razor doesn’t leave any cuts. The same goes for trimming. It is good to opt for professional shaving and beard trimming services every once in a while. YesMadam’s beard grooming services at home are a great time saver.

9. Dark Circle Removal:

If your man doesn’t get enough sleep, you can notice dark circles or penis under his eyes. These are the signs of lack of rest, and they can be encountered with eye creams. Ensure that your man uses eye creams in his heavenly packed working schedule.

10. Proper Foot Care Routine:

When you are trying to groom your man like a pro on Valentine, a proper foot care routine plays a vital role. The best time for a foot care routine is just after showering. After showering, the skin turns very soft, and You can easily remove the dead skin cells with a pumice stone.

11. Proper Hand Care Routine:

Your man needs to trim his nails every week after showering. You can apply a bit of moisturizer on the skin along the nail bed to make it smooth.

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12. Trimming The Eyebrows:

In the face, eyebrows are a prominent feature for men and women. Unfortunately, men rarely take care of their eyebrows, and some hairs are often meeting in the middle. You can give his eyebrows a proper shape by trimming or plucking the extra hair.

13. Sunscreen:

Applying sunscreen is very effective in protecting your man’s skin from UV rays. In your grooming routine for your man, you can apply SPF30 sunscreen on him nourishing and protecting his skin. YesMadam’s male grooming services may come in handy.

14. Face Wash:

A man’s face collects many pollutants and dirt during the day. With YesMadam’s male grooming services, you can help your man have a clean face. It is better to wash his face with ice-cold water before doing a face wash. A scrub is also suitable for exfoliating the skin.

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15. Moisturizing:

If you want your man’s skin to feel soft and supple, regular use of a moisturizer should do the job.

15 Tips On How To Groom Your Man Like A Pro on Valentine's

This Valentine’s Day, give your man the best grooming at home with YesMadam’s male grooming services and beard grooming services at home. At a budget price, you will get professional help from experts that will prepare your man for the special day, that too from the comfort of your home.

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