A Guide To Picking The Best Shampoo For You

Stepping into the shampoo aisle at your local supermarket, what do you see? Well, actually you see too much. Because you’re basically bombarded with so many options to choose from! Now, choices are considered to be a good thing from the consumer’s point of view. The more choices, the more liberal a consumer is thought to be. But what good does it do, when you don’t know how to make a choice? How do I know which shampoo is right for me?

Well, this is the point where we step in, to help you choose the right shampoo. So, the next time you visit the store, you just head straight for “your” shampoo. Now, the Ultimate question is, “How to Choose the Right Shampoo?”

Here are some expert tips to help you choose the right shampoo without having to experiment with every single bottle in that aisle!

Best Shampoo for Everyday Use

Dry hair

right shampoo for your hair
the right shampoo for your hair

Having dry hair means that they tend to break easily. In that case, you should be looking for a product that can offer more conditioning and moisture.

The common ingredients that you can find in these shampoos are natural oils and silicone to coat your hair and lock in moisture.‌

Oily hair

Does your scalp appear to be oily soon after you wash your hair? If yes, then need to tend your hair with a special shampoo. The focus of this shampoo should be on removing the excess oil.

Look for shampoos with limited moisturizing ingredients that will also not weigh down your hair.

Neutral hair

Natural hair
Natural hair

Now, you know what to do if you’ve got oily hair, you know what to do with dry hair. But, what if you find yourself somewhere in the middle of both?

In that case, just go with a gentle shampoo that does not add too much residue and does not contain a lot of additives.

You know what? You can even go for a baby shampoo as well! Yes, Baby shampoo is gentle enough for you to use every day without having to worry about your hair.

Best Shampoos for Dandruff

Oily scalp is the reason why you can’t get rid of dandruff. And, an oily scalp may lead to yeast or fungus growth. To avoid this, you should go for products that contain zinc pyrithione and selenium sulfide, and salicylic acid.  

Best Shampoo for Hair Fall or Hair Loss

Best Shampoo for Hair Fall or Hair Loss
Best Shampoo for Hair Fall or Hair Loss

If you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning then your focus should be on exfoliation.

Make sure you look for the word “Sulfur” in the ingredients. If it is there, it’s a red flag. Sulfur will only worsen the hair fall.

Also, hair loss shampoos containing hydrocortisone 1% or ketoconazole 1% could be worth a try.

Best Shampoo for Hair Growth

A Guide To Picking The Best Shampoo For You
Best Shampoo for Hair Growth

Here are the top 4 ingredients you should look for in shampoo to induce natural hair growth:

Biotin – A form of vitamin B that provides support in maintaining our skin, nails, and hair health.

Niacin – A common ingredient in most hair growth products. Niacin, which is a B3 vitamin, transports the energy from foods to the body cells.

Caffeine – This may stimulate weakened hair roots and protect them from testosterone.

Zinc – Promotes hair growth by fighting dandruff and keeping the scalp clean and healthy.

The Takeaway

Be practical while choosing a shampoo. Not all the “best” shampoos are good for you.

Identify your hair type. And, then match the shampoo’s qualities with your hair needs. With Yes Madam you can try hair care services at home also.

Also, read – hair care tips for the winter season.

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    There are so many options out there for Shampoo For Curly Hair, It is hard to find the best for my hair. Therefore, I filter my options based on whether the product is sulfate-free.

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