Difference Between Spa And Massage

What is a Massage?

Massages are very underrated but we would like to suggest that you must try them once after a tiring day. Your stress can only be lightened by a good massage. There is nothing in the world that can match the vibe and help you feel back in the clouds. Massages help to regulate the blood all over your body. They are done in a proper environment with dim lights, soothing sound, and you giving all your thoughts rest and a break from the busy life. The room fills with energy that will automatically help you to go back to sleep and RELAX.

The hand movements are done in a way to promote blood circulation that will distribute an equal amount of blood to your body parts and you will start feeling light like cotton.
Massages help your sore muscles to relax which helps you to drop the stress by 30 percent. Those muscles basically tighten your body and take a lot of effort to make any movement and that is what takes your energy and you start feeling tired and stressed.

The people who believe in energy and want to clean the aura around them can help you. Fragrances and scents make your mood light and you feel surrounded by good and positive vibes all the way through.
Such things should be added to your schedule so that you can do better than what you plan for in your “plan my day diary”. You can improve your day by booking yourself a pampering session.

Spa and massage
Pampering Session

Types of Massage

Swedish Massage

In this massage, you will feel relaxed and happy. Swedish massage is basically good for beginners who just want to take a break from their busy schedule and want to release all the good hormones.
This will provide the kneading of your body and the whole process is of 60 to 90 minutes long. It is great for the people who want to get rid of all the stress of their lives.

Aromatherapy Massage

During Aromatherapy massage, you will inhale the scent of your choice and that will help you to imagine the scenario that can help you to have a day in your own imagination with no obstacles.
This massage is basically for stress relief and to boost your mood a bit. The duration of the massage is 60 to 90 mins.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage has more pressure than Swedish massage. This massage is good for people who have sore muscles, chronic pain, or some injury as the pressure will be given to your bones so as to make them all greasy for easy movements.
After the massage, you should not feel any sore muscles or pain in your body. The duration of this massage is 60-90 mins.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage helps you to gain flexibility in the body as it consists of high pressure, compression, and high acupressure. After this, the joints will allow you to work freely as it allows you to get elasticity in your muscles and bones. The duration of this massage is 60-90 minutes.

What is a Spa?

Spas can be relaxing too. They basically focus on your face, hair, or body but not all at once. The treatment for different parts is done or treated differently. It can be an LED treatment, it can body polishing or many more.
Facial spa treatments can be good for your skin as it helps to clean the pores and if you have entered into 40’s you can add this to your schedule as it helps you to tighten your skin and will help you to look younger.

The massages done are for the fact to relax and to maintain the healthy lifestyle as the stress cannot help you to make the next move. Body spas are basically for the polishing of your body to make it look clean and fresh.
The spa is to make your skin brighter and freshers as it will not help you to release anybody’s pain or any sore muscle but can give you some psychological benefits.

what is the difference between spa and massage
–Spa at Home

Types of Spa-

LED Facial Spa

This LED spa focuses on blemishes or acne. The laser light helps you to reduce the dark spots and makes your skin radiant. Thus treatment is taken by people who have acne marks or pimple marks to make them look lighter. The light helps to reduce redness from the skin and wrinkles get better.

Oxygen Facial

The steam is given to the customer to open the pores and deep clean them so that they could get rid of dust and pimples easily. It promotes clean skin and a glowy look after the spa is given to everyone.

Benefits of Wholesome Spa

Body Polishing

This includes 9 Steps Body Polishing that gives Radiant & Glowing Skin and helps you to reduce tan from the body.
This also comes with the factor of rejuvenating from the sun-damaged skin. Removes dead skin cells from the skin.
Helps restore the moisture of the skin and removes dead skin cells from the skin. The face is not included in body polishing.
It helps you in rebalancing the body’s energy, refreshing the energy systems & reconnecting the mind and body

HNS –Head,Neck and Shoulder

The massage helps you to get rid of tired & stressed body, also relaxes the mind. It soothes the mind with peace and will give your good mental health a good check. It also helps to rebalance the body, refreshing the mind and helping the mind to connect with the body well.

The duration of this spa is 40-60 mins.

Difference between Spa and Massage

massages at home
Massages at Home

The major difference between spa and massage is that spa does not include high pressure and also does not give your body a release from stress. But with massage, the person feels light from the mind and from the body as it helps to grease the body part by the process of kneading that promotes happiness and a light mind.

Massages can be taken on the basis of your body requirements like how hard your body needs pressure and energy whereas in the spa it depends upon your need for skin and the problems you need to be resolved.


1. Can I take a massage after eating?

You should never go empty stomach as the sessions are long enough and you will feel hungry at that time and you will not be able to enjoy the session. So eat light food before you go for the session.

2. What is the full form of SPA?

The full form of Spa is Sanus Per Aquam. The meaning ‘health by or through water’ as it is only about water and its superpowers to your body.

3. What are the dos and don’ts of massage?


  • Eat light food
  • Drink water (no excess)


  • Go empty stomach
  • Drink loads of water
  • Consume alcohol
  • Exercise a lot after the session
  • Take the service when sick

4. Which oil is best for body massage?

These are a few oils that can refresh your mind:-

  • Frankincense
  • Geranium
  • Lavender
  • Coriander

Taking Spas and Massages regularly can help in good digestion and improves blood circulation. In the world of sleepless nights get some relaxing sleep and start your day without heavy shoulders and eyes. This can lead to bad health and can decrease your life expectancy as stress can be bad for you and your skin. If you don’t want to age in stress, book yourself a pampering session with Yes Madam to get the spa at home or get a massage at your home so that you could feel light and fresh. There is no harm in getting a Spa or Massage as it only helps you to lighten the stress, anxiety, and panic that leads to health problems. So from now age like fine wine, with a fresh and relaxed mind.

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  1. Thank you so much for your tips on what to do before a massage. Simply drinking water and having a light snack beforehand sounds very doable for my wife so she can be prepared for her long procedure. I’ll remind her about this for sure when we get her treatment from a medical spa in the area.

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