Worried About How To Get Flawless Skin This Valentine’s Day?

The excitement of meeting our loved ones always brings butterflies to our stomachs and one will hardly shy away from buying expensive beauty products to get the glow you want. With valentine’s day fast approaching, YES MADAM brings to you the best skin-care routine that will give you the flawless skin this valentine’s day that you desire

You can choose the best night skin-care routine and prep your skin with the goodness of skincare products. If you are one of the busy bees then YES MADAM brings you the minimal skincare routine and facial treatments right at the comfort of your home, that will make you fall in love with your skin.

Be it the harsh winters or the dreaded sun, your skin needs constant care and pampering. To maintain the natural glow of your face and your skin health, you must include essential skincare steps in your skincare regime. If you are still worried about how to get flawless skin, YES MADAM offers you their self-care services like waxing, facials, eye potli relaxation, and many more that will help you shine this valentine’s day.

How To Get Flawless Skin | Basic Skincare Steps To Include In Your Skincare Routine

Skin is the most exposed part of the body that bears the harshness of the winter and the prolonged exposure to the scorching sun. With your skin being unprotected from these harsh conditions, it becomes important to follow a proper night skin-care routine and a daily skincare routine, to give your skin the care it deserves. You can also invest in getting your skin pampered by an expert from YES MADAM that will leave you with soft and smooth skin.

Mentioned below are several skincare routine treatments that you can try from the comfort of your home:



Cleansing is the most important step that you must include in your daily skincare regime. Including this step in your skincare routine will leave your skin fresh and glowy.


Exfoliating your skin is effective if you complain of having dull and clogged skin. Exfoliation will remove all the dead cells and excess sebum accumulation leaving you with a natural glow. It is one of the most important skincare steps and must be done every alternate day.


Rosewater for skin
Rosewater for skin

Including rose water in your daily regime hydrates, strengthens, and regenerates skin cells that will give help you retain the glow on Valentine’s day. Rosewater can also be included in your night skin-care routine to calm and soothe your skin.


Moisturizer is one of the most important skincare steps. Moisturizers also soothe, whitens, and hydrate your skin and make it ready for you to apply makeup on your face.

Simple Makeup Tips | Makeup Tips For Beginners To Shine On This Valentine’s Day

It is important to know your skin type and accordingly prep your skin before applying makeup. if you have a sensitive skin type or love wearing makeup regularly, then opt for natural and organic skincare products to avoid any skin-related issues. YES MADAM provides you with simple makeup tips and natural products so you don’t have to worry about how to get flawless skin.

Simple Makeup Tips 1: Prep your face with a Face Primer

Makeup tips for Valentine's Day
Prep your face with a Face Primer

Applying primer is the foremost step while applying makeup as it sets the base for your makeup and makes it long-lasting giving you a smooth appearance. One of the most important makeup tips for beginners is to mix your primer or bb cream with sunscreen to protect your face from prolonged sun exposure.

Simple makeup tips 2: Conceal Dark Circles and Blemishes

The next of the many makeup tips for beginners is to use a concealer that will cover skin issues like dark circles, large pores, dark spots, and blemishes. one of the most common makeup tips for beginners is to use a concealer that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone to give your skin a natural and refreshed look.

Simple makeup tips 3: Apply Foundation Evenly

Using the right kind of foundation is crucial as it helps to even out the skin tone without making it look too cakey. One of the simple makeup tips while using a foundation is to apply it to your face with the help of a brush or a sponge for an even application of foundation to your face.

Simple makeup tips 4: Use blush for a natural tint

Makeup for Valentine's Day
Makeup brush

Bored of your ordinary blush palette? Add a pop of colour to your cheeks and grab the attention of your beloved on this valentine’s day.

One of the best makeup tips for beginners is to use organic products so your skin is safe from all the harsh chemicals and toxic substances.

Services Offered By Yes Madam To Get Flawless Skin This Valentine’s Day

Mentioned below are a few bestseller services offered by YES MADAM to help you shine like a star:

Premium therapy:

With premium therapy, YES MADAM offers services like body polishing, daytime delight, urban oasis, and full body treatment to balance the body’s energy. It also removes the dead skin cells and helps in blood circulation.

LED face treatment:

LED face treatment
LED face treatment

LED face treatment comes with an LED photo facial mask that includes an O3+ skin lifting photo facial and an O3+ bridal photo facial that is effective in stimulating the growth of collagen, tightening pores, reducing dark spots, and balancing the ph level of the skin.

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Eye potli relaxation:

Eye potli relaxation service by YES MADAM is effective in decreasing puffiness and aids in providing relief from sinus and cold pains, migraines, allergies, and provides a relaxing effect.

YES MADAM is an at-home salon and wellness service provider that brings to the comfort of your home self-care services like waxing, facials, clean-up, mani-pedi, de-tan/bleach, hair colour, keratin hair spa, and so much more! Contact us to know more!

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