Hello Beginners! Apply Makeup With Easy Steps

Are you the kind of person who starts watching a makeup video with “how” and ends the video with the same “how”?Tired of watching makeup tutorials and still have no learning? Everything seems confusing and irritating but not anymore, we got you a guide on How to do makeup for beginners.

If your question still remains the same on how to start, you have landed on the right page beauties. Let’s take the James Charles from inside and rock every look you ever wanted to achieve.

There are a few easy steps that you need to follow to get great results without hassling with your thoughts midway.

Guide On Makeup For Beginners

1. Moisturize

The first step is to moisturize your skin completely with a good moisturizer or cream. It is really important as this step will decide your final touch. If you will not follow this, your makeup will look cakey and powdery.

All the products you will apply will not glide on your skin as they will sit in one place and will create a patch. Always rub the product in your palms to activate the product and then apply it to your face. Spread the moisturizer evenly on your skin and try to cover your neck too.

This step will bring some extra glow to your skin and will give you a glide move when you will apply foundation.

Beginners makeup

2. Prime Your Skin

Our wish never changes as it starts with it “staying a little longer” be it with the makeup too. To make it sit longer on your face without getting cracked for that you can prep your skin with primer.

It really makes a big difference as the primers help the makeup to stay on the face for longer, on your busy and warm days. In the guide on “Makeup For Beginners”, it is really important to follow the initial steps as this could bring the fine makeup at the end.

All these things are essential in makeup to get good and fine results.

Step by step makeup for beginners
Step by step makeup for beginners

3. Foundation

Choosing a foundation can be risky and difficult at the same time but to ace the base, the shade should be right. And to know more about it, go through the blog “How To Choose Correct Foundation Shade According To Your Skin Tone”. All your queries will be solved from this. Giving time to this process is the key to a flawless base after choosing the right shade.

As blending here is the major game and you have to be very patient during the dabbing time. It is very important to blend and spread the foundation evenly on your skin to make your face even-toned.

After dabbing the foundation apply some to your neck too so that you don’t get different shades on your face. To make it look natural cover your ears neck properly.

4. Concealer

Conceal to heal! Apply concealer on your pigmented areas and on areas where you want extra coverage. You can use a brush, sponge, or even your fingers to dab the product. It is like a foundation but it is one or two shades lighter than your shade of foundation.

Basically, concealer not only conceals the dark or uneven areas on your face few people also use it to highlight their areas on the face to bring some light on them. Blend it perfectly if it will not blend nicely it will leave spots and that can ruin your makeup.

5. Compact Powder

You always wonder how they get a matte finish look at home but the secret is out now because it’s all compact that is giving matte look to your makeup. It helps your makeup to stay a bit longer on your busy long days. The power it holds is magnificent as it makes your makeup transfer-proof and gives a bold matty look.

To the people who have oily skin and it destroys your glam, compact powder is the best solution for it as it looks like oil and makes your makeup sweat-proof, and helps it to stay longer as it is.

6. Eyelids

Who doesn’t like glittery eys and colorful lids and your eyes hold all the drama. Making your makeup look good and attractive it is important to make your eyes look shiny or colorful. Choosing color is all up to you and on your OOTD.

Fill your eyes with the look you want to achieve for a better application apply moisturizer and primer on your lids to make the makeup glide on your eyes. Also if you suffer from the lines try to fill them with primer and powder so that you don’t get creasy eyes.

7. Highlighter

It’s high time as in high light your areas that can bring a lot of attention and some glam to your face. Always apply a highlighter with your finger or with the fan brush to make it look sharp on your face.

There are areas that need to be highlighted as are: nose, the middle of the lips, and your cheekbones or your chin too.

They bring the spotlight to your face and it will help your makeup to look more defined.

Step by step beginners makeup
Applying blush on cheeks

8. Blush

Pink cheeks are so cute that just make everything look better. Giving color to your cheeks balance out all the flaws and makes you look younger and cuter of course. Just smile when you apply the blush as it sits perfectly in the right space on your face and looks best.

9. Eyeliner

Eyeliner helps your eyes to define and stand out from your makeup. As a simple line can make a lot of difference and can bring a whole lot of attention. Eyeliners can be according to your choice it can be a simple line, drama or eye cat, or any other you would like to go with.

But it should be smooth and one line as breakage in it can make your eyes look shabby and untidy. such things can bring you one step back to achieve the glam look in the end.

To add some volume to your lashes you can either go with mascara or false eyelashes that look amazing and makes your eye look bigger and prettier.

 Applying lipstick
Applying lipstick

10. Lipstick

Choose the right shade of your lip color as it should complement both your dress and your eye makeup as it holds a good position in makeup and can make your face look bright or dull. So choose your shade wisely and before you apply anything on your lips moisturize them with cream or petroleum jelly or with any lip balm.

It will not chap your lipstick and the application would be smooth and cool.

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11. Makeup Fixer

This step is very important as it will make your makeup stay for long and can also make it waterproof. Your foundation and base will stick to your face and it will not get transferred to your cup, clothes, or tissue. The makeup fixer has to be sprayed at least one arm’s distance just not to harm your eyes.

3-to 4 pumps of fixer are good to go as that much will be enough to make it last longer.

These are a few steps to ace the Makeup For Beginners and after that, you will not wonder or will search for any other tutorial because now you go the basics with you.


How do you do a natural makeup look for beginners?

There are a few steps but the first and most important one is to prep your skin nicely and deeply.

What should beginners wear for makeup?

Face primer, foundation, liner, compact powder, lipstick, and blush for beginners’ makeup.

What concealer should I use?

Go with the two shades lighter than your foundation as that would be a perfect shade.

To know more about makeup read our blog on Last Minute Makeup Techniques.

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