Split Ends: All You Need To Know

Split ends in hair are a common and natural occurrence. You will notice your hair has started to become frizzy, dull, brittle, and thinning out in ropes along the very ends or the tips of the hair length. Split ends cause hair to lose its smoothness and lustre. And if not taken care of immediately then it causes the hair to break and the split ends make way towards the root of your hair, leaving tangly, frizzy, and dull hair in its wake. Hair split ends are very natural but they cannot be restored and thus must have to be trimmed. Trimming most generally helps with hair split ends but here we have listed some ways to take care of your hair to prevent split ends and take care of your hair. We are sure you will know all about split ends by the end of this read.

What causes hair to have split ends?

There are just so many factors behind what causes split ends in your hair. Here are some factors discussed-

  1. Exposure to pollution, harsh heat, dirt and sweat buildups- Dirt and grime build along with dead skin cells on the scalp making it itchy, which then, in turn, destroys hair quality and stops hair growth. This causes thinning, dull brittle hair with split ends and also causes hair loss. So regular washing of hair, scalp cleansing and proper usage of oils is very important. The heat from a long time of sun exposure or curlers, hair straighteners and hair dryers can also cause brittle and dull hair with no moisturization.
Split ends
Split Ends
  1. Harsh shampoos, conditioners or oils with toxic chemicals and alcohol on their ingredient lists. The product might be fancy and expensive or cheap and easily available, if there is a presence of Paraben and toxic ingredients or is not FDA approved or has not been dermatologically tested, it is best to reject that product. Go for something that is toxic-free, dermatologically tested, has all-natural and medical ingredients is FDA approved and is cruelty-free.
  1. Not taking proper care of the hair can cause some serious consequences like dull brittle hair with split ends and hair loss. The following bad habits fall in the list of what you should not do to your hair- forgetting or neglecting to detangle or comb hair regularly, not applying deep conditioner on a weekly basis, not using proper nutritional hair products and moisturizing hair masks to keep the hair hydrated and well-nourished or doing the wrong treatment on your particular hair type.

How to prevent hair from damaging split ends?

split ends
Split ends solutions

Hair damaging hair splits are a pain that we have all gone through in our lives at least once and are always looking for toxic-free and natural home remedies for treating and preventing hair split ends. Here are some tips for you to prevent split ends and maintain healthy hair growth-

  1. Trim your hair regularly to prevent hair split ends.
  2. Use these most common hair tricks and tips- don’t rub your hair harshly to dry it after taking a bath and use soft cotton fabric or towel to gently rinse off the water.
  3. The heat of hot water, hairdryers, hair straighteners and curlers can also cause the lustre to disappear from your hair. Try natural hair curling or wavy hair tricks with plastic hair curlers or such.
  4. Don’t try to detangle your hair with a regular comb immediately after bathing or while it is wet. Try using a wide gaping toothed comb to detangle the hair.
  5. Use toxic-free and harsh chemical-free hair products. Check in with your dermatologist to get legitimate advice on how it would affect your hair and what type of products would suit your hair the best.
  6. Use natural homemade recipes of hair masks, hair serum, hair oils, deep moisturizing conditioners and shampoos on a timely and regular basis. But that does not mean every day.
  7. Certain hair products need to be used weekly or bi weekly depending on what type of product you are using. Regular skipping on any hair product or daily usage can have unfavourable effects on your hair quality.

So How do you Treat these?

Here are some tips and quick tricks for repairing split ends at home and getting good quality hair with no hair damage or excessive hair loss-

  1. The best and only option to treat split ends is to cut off the tips and get a proper trim. Hair split ends cannot be treated and restored and thus trimming is the only option for hair split end removal. Once these rope-like ends are gone, it becomes easier to take care of the hair and scalp to ensure better hair growth and hair quality.
Treat Split ends
Treat Split ends
  1. Hair smoothing and deeply nourishing oils, healthy and natural hair masks, split end care serums and leave-in conditioners work like magic in restoring moisture and shine to your locks.
  1. It is certainly possible to get split ends treated at home but even then it is best to take the advice and medical opinions of dermatologists and experts to know more about treating split ends naturally. And that is because even if there is an abundance of split ends home remedies on the internet, it can be a waste of time and ingredients with no positive outcome if hair care is not taken seriously or treated properly with the help of experts or professionals.
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