Gorgeous Styles To Coordinate Bride and Groom Outfits

One of the most important days in a person’s life is the one on which they get married. A bride especially wants to plan every small detail of her wedding and starts planning for months if not years. Besides the venue, jewels and decorations, the most important pre-wedding things a bride is concerned with are her makeup and outfit. After all, the photographs need to look bomb! But that is not quite possible if the bride and groom do not look fabulous.

If you want to look jaw-dropping gorgeous on your wedding day, there is an easy way to do that- coordinated outfits for the bride and groom! Matching pre-wedding and wedding ensembles will bring the whole thing together and you will have amazing photos from your big day. There are also many ways that you could coordinate outfits with your significant other. Keep reading further to find out more.


Ways to coordinate the bride and groom’s outfits

bride and groom matching outfit

1. Matching Dupattas

This is the most subtle way that you can match outfits on your wedding day. The trick is to wear a dupatta that matches the one your significant other wears. While the bride could don a particular colour dupatta on her head, the groom could get a dupatta of the same colour for draping it over his shoulder on his sherwani. This would celebrate the special bond between you and the photos would turn out great as well.

2. Pick similar embroidery work or prints

The one thing that you can most definitely find common between a wedding lehenga and sherwani are the prints or embroidery because no one would wear a plain lehenga or sherwani on D-Day. This is where you can be creative and make the most out of embroidery or zari work to coordinate your outfits. It would be better if you avoid going floral and opt for silver or gold zari work instead as these look chic and high-fashion.

3. Match your Dupatta with the groom’s Safa or Pagri

bride and groom combination outfit

If it so happens that you are unable to coordinate the entire outfit, here’s a last-minute tip that would help you coordinate and have amazing wedding photos. You would know that the bride usually has one dupatta around her lehenga and one on her head. To coordinate your outfit, you could have dupattas that match your groom’s safa or pagri. This is one of the best ways to rock coordinated wedding outfits.

4. Match the Nehru Jacket and Lehenga

Besides the wedding itself, the pre-wedding ceremonies and the related photoshoots are also quite important. To look your best in these ceremonies and those photos, you could coordinate your lehenga with your fiance’s Nehru jacket for a great ensemble.

5. Coordinate the Jewelry pieces

If you and your fiance have different preferences when it comes to the fabrics and colours of your wedding outfits, another great way to coordinate your looks is by wearing jewellery pieces. You could each don on such jewellery that matches the other’s outfit to get an overall coordinated ensemble.

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Some ideas for colour-coordinated outfits

1. Amazing Printed Maroon outfits combination

Simple outfits can be elegant too and this is one way to make your ensemble that. You and your fiance could go for matching outfits of maroon colour which is a delightful colour and will not only help you make a fashion statement but would look great in photos too.

2. Take a stroll in Emerald Green

bride and groom combination outfit

 Most couples these days are options for unique colours than the traditional ones. If you and your fiance are people who love bold and unique colours, this emerald green combination could be the one for you. Try out a mirror work emerald green lehenga where your groom could choose a sherwani with emerald green embroidery or floral work. You would look like a match made in heaven!

3. Western combo outfits of matching colours

Since we are talking about straying outside the traditional territory, you could opt for matching western outfits for your photoshoots. The bride could wear a beautiful gown and the groom could don a kurta-pyjama with a Nehru jacket of the chosen colour for coordinated outfits.

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4. Abstract Art printed outfit combination

Sometimes when you don’t want to go down the route of floral or embroidery work, you could choose coordinated outfits featuring abstract art. Not only is this super unique, but it will also make you look extraordinary on your big day. You and your fiance can get mind-blowing photos on your D-day.

5. Golden combination, the golden couple

bride and groom similar outfit

Golden is that one colour for wedding day outfits that you simply cannot go wrong with. Besides the many options you will get for lehengas from the golden palette (for example- rose-gold), a golden kurta-pyjama with a contrasting colour Sadri, such as turquoise-blue, would also work wonders for your ensemble.

6. Peach Coordinated Outfit Combination

If you do not want the exact same colour for your outfits for your wedding, you could go for matching shades of the same colour palette. For example, your fiance could wear a peach coloured kurta while you could wear an off-white lehenga with your choice of embroidery.

7. Aqua Blue is always in style

Aqua blue is a gorgeous colour and looks very pleasing to the eyes. Thus, this makes it an amazing colour choice for your wedding outfits, While the groom could wear an aqua-blue sherwani with floral prints or embroidery, the bride could flaunt a gorgeous aqua-blue lehenga with heavy embroidery or glitter to add the wedding-day glam.

8. Champagne for your big day

Yet another unique colour for matching outfits on your big day is champagne colour. Not only does this colour look very chic and high-fashion, but you would also get lots of options in the champagne colour palette. For example, while the bride can wear a darker shade of champagne lehenga with heavy embroidery, the groom could wear a sherwani of a lighter shade of champagne.


Twinning with your favourite person on your big day would certainly be fun beyond words and this makes it of utmost importance that you make the choice of outfits carefully. Above we have listed several ways how you can celebrate your big day with the best-ever bride and groom combination outfits. We hope you find these helpful.

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