Ways To Make Your Wedding Memorable In This Pandemic

A wedding is one of the most special days in the life of any person. It is equally important for the parents, siblings, relatives as it is for the bride and the groom. When planning a wedding, we put our heart and soul into making it a memorable day. Keeping in mind the culture and traditions, weddings can utilize all your savings. Due to the pandemic and lockdown rules, the wedding style has taken a drastic turn. But don’t let it ruin your chances of getting the bridal glow up. (Read how to ace up bridal makeup with these bridal makeup tips). Go for the beauty parlor services at home option. It is not just pocket-friendly but also you get experienced & premium beauty professionals.

The epidemic period introduced the idea of lockdown weddings. Although this has made weddings cost-effective, it has restricted our amenities. It may have hindered your salon tours and your chances to get the makeover. But don’t worry! You can now go for beauty parlor services at home option. It is not just pocket-friendly but also you get experienced & premium beauty professionals.

YES MADAM the in-home salon brings to you their services amidst the pandemic. Not just the bride, but grooms can avail of our services with just one click. Book an appointment to get a personalized session with our professionals. You can choose premium therapy services to refresh the energy system. The therapy services include Swedish massage, deep-tissue sports massage, etc. . These therapy sessions with our experts help you recover the sore muscles. The premium therapy services release stress and help balance the body’s energy.

With the pandemic, our lives changed in many profound ways. It was a year of uncertainty and loss to many of us. But it also adapted us to find happiness and joy in small things. Despite the global pandemic, people worked hard and celebrated milestones. A wedding is one such milestone that was achieved by many of us. But don’t let the pandemic top you from looking your best. If you are unable to visit the parlour, let the parlour visit you.

YES MADAM with their best pre-bridal packages allows you to get the desired look. The in-home salon gives you the freedom to book appointments at your convenience. You can choose the best amongst the assorted packages to pamper yourself. The best pre-bridal packages give you the ultimate glow and shine. Also, learn about pre-wedding requirements for a bride.



Unsure how to celebrate your big day? Here are a few lockdown wedding trends to make your wedding memorable:

Live Wedding
Live Wedding

DIY Wedding Planner

wedding location
DIY Wedding Planner

A wedding is an extensive situation that includes several preparations simultaneously. With post-pandemic weddings being small-scale, save your money and efforts. Organize a close function with family and friends.

On your big day, invest in pampering yourself with the best pre-bridal packages. Book an appointment with our professional beauticians to get the perfect glow. You can also opt for male grooming packages for your beloved. Celebrate your day with your close friends and family.

Yes Madam Banner 2

Minimal Guests

wedding at the time of covid
Minimal Guests

Having your wedding during a pandemic means minimal guests. For the safety of yourself and others, restrict the number of invitees. This will not only help you protect your savings. But you can invest it in something better, like yourself!

Surprise your partner with the best male grooming packages from YES MADAM. With this package, you can convey your love to your partner. You can book an online appointment from YES MADAM, the in-home salon. Our male grooming packages haircuts, massages, hair spa, etc.

Off-Season Weddings

pandemic wedding
Off-Season Weddings

Choosing a date during the off-season is perfect to make your wedding memorable. Things like venues, caterers, decorations are available at huge discounts. The money saved can be spent on pampering yourself. The best way is to go for beauty parlor services at home option. It’s just not only pocket-friendly but also you get experienced & premium beauty professionals.

YES MADAM is an in-home beauty salon that offers you its services. You can book a session online to show love to your skin. You can also book male grooming packages for your beloved partner.

Digital Invites

digital invites
Digital Invite

Digital invites are a great way to save time and confine the blowout of the virus. Sending digital invites helps you cut costs and save money. Digital or e-invites are more striking than ordinary paper cards. You can customize them with messages, images, videos, etc.

YES MADAM the in-home salon offers bountiful services. You can choose services for yourself or your better half. With a wide range of services like de-tan, mani-pedi, spa, etc, you can nourish your skin. YES MADAM provides you with all the salon services right at your doorstep. With YES MADAM you get the benefit of choosing sessions at your convenience.

With their team of trained professionals, you receive top-notch services. Keeping in mind all the protocols amidst the pandemic. You get sanitized tools to exclude any chance of contamination. Book your session now to fall in love with yourself!

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