Blackheads & Whiteheads – Causes, Prevention & Treatment Tips

Acne is the most common skin concern, typically faced by adolescents and young adults. There are several types of acne but two of the most common types are blackheads and whiteheads.

What are blackheads & whiteheads?

As obvious from the name, blackheads are the tiny black dots on your nose, cheeks and other areas of your skin whereas whiteheads are the white dots often found on your back, face and shoulders. Blackheads are known as open comedones and whiteheads are closed comedones. Both these types of acne not only deform one’s physical appearance but also cause psychological concerns such as stress, anxiety, and poor self-image.

Blackheads and whiteheads

What causes blackheads & whiteheads?

There are a number of reasons that can clog pores and aggregate the production of whiteheads and blackheads on the face. Genetic, stress, hormonal changes, inheritance, cosmetics, smoking, caffeine, alcohol, and unclear skin are to name a few of the accountable factors that form all types of acne, including blackheads and whiteheads.

Before we talk about what to do to get rid of that ugly acne and regain clear, brighter skin; let’s first see what not to do to worsen the condition.

What to avoid for acne prevention?

People often misunderstand blackheads as dirt in the deep layer of skin which needs to be extracted. As a result, they often end up removing blackheads in the wrong way, making conditions worse than before instead of clearing it. Therefore, people with such types of acne are strictly advised to avoid squeezing, popping, rubbing, picking or even touching the affected areas. If you do so, it will spread the acne-causing bacteria onto the other areas of your skin, which leads to more breakouts, scarring, discolouration, irritation, itching, redness and pain.

How to remove blackheads & whiteheads breakouts?

While both blackheads & whiteheads form differently, they often require similar care and treatment approaches. Listed below are a few common methods that can help you control the problems and prevent their occurrence.  

Use over-the-counter products:

To treat blackheads and whiteheads, you can use over-the-counter products that contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, tea tree oil etc. These ingredients help remove dead skin cells and excess oil that clog pores. So, any skincare products like face wash, creams etc. that contain these ingredients can help remove blackheads, whiteheads and other mild forms of acne.

Eat right:

There are some pieces of evidence that confirm whey protein, skim milk and sugary foods can cause acne breakouts. Therefore, people at the risk of blackheads flare should avoid taking such foods. Taking a healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet that contains plenty of vegetables and fruits can help reduce inflammation and remove blackheads, whiteheads and acne. Also, fish and foods high in vitamin C can help you get rid of the problem effectively.

Trust in natural remedies:

There are some home remedies for blackheads and whiteheads that help you clear pores and get smoother skin. You can give a try tomato wash, lemon scrub, toothpaste rub, baking soda mask, honey massage, oatmeal pack, egg wash, cinnamon paste etc. to get rid of such milder forms of acne naturally and effectively.

Go for facial services:

facial for blackheads, whiteheads,
Blackheads and whiteheads

Whether you deal with the issue of blackheads, whiteheads or any such types of mild acne, getting facial services like LED face treatment, hydra facial, face brightening etc. can help remove blackheads, whiteheads and other acne types. Such facial treatments help clear trapped debris and then nourish the skin with needed hydration.

Skin Care:

The road to beautiful and smooth skin starts with skincare. There is no magic wand that can treat the issue overnight. You need to follow a certain skincare routine as per your skin type to avoid experiencing any skin concerns and regain the healthier glow of your dreams.

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Do’s & don’ts for blackheads & whiteheads removal:

Use mild soap to clean your face.Avoid washing your face with too hot or too cold water.
Go for oil-free beauty products.Don’t use pore-clogging makeup products.
Make sure to remove your makeup before going to bed.Don’t go to bed with your makeup on.
Use gel-based and water-based products.Avoid touching yourself and rubbing your face.
Use dermatologists’ suggested OTC products.Stay away from harsh chemical-based products.
Try blackhead remover like pore stripsPopping, squeezing, and picking are a big no.


Does chocolate cause acne?

Studies confirm that certain foods like whey protein, skim milk and sugary beverages can contribute to acne flares. But there is no evidence that Chocolate is linked to acne flares.

Why do so many teenagers get acne?

Hormonal change, specifically Testosterone, is one of the most accountable factors for causing acne breakouts. These hormones are at their peak during the age of puberty or teen years. Therefore, girls and boys in their teenage are at a higher risk of experiencing acne flares.

What causes whiteheads and blackheads?

Whiteheads and blackheads are often formed due to the buildup of dead skin cells and sebum in the pores of the skin.

What is the best and easiest way to prevent acne occurrence?

The best way to prevent acne occurrence is to gently wash your face with mild soap and warm water.

Is there a facial that removes blackheads and whiteheads?

We at Yes Madam provide several types of at-home facial services including LED therapy that helps remove blackheads and whiteheads. All our facial treatments are safe and non-invasive, and all ages and genders of people can take them.

How to remove blackheads at home?

Many home remedies for blackheads can help you get rid of the problem.

Do blackheads leave holes?

If you are struggling with acne, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads or any other types of acne, they are most likely to leave scars and holes behind after they are gone.

Follow the measures mentioned above to prevent the occurrence of blackheads and whiteheads. Don’t forget to get Yes Madam’s beauty and makeup services at home to regain clearer and healthier skin.    

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