What are the best skincare products for dry skin?

Dry skin can be a serious concern as it does not stay alone but breeds an abundance of other problems like itching, scaling, cracking, rashes, red spots, fine lines, wrinkles and a lot more. No wonder you suffer from eczema due to your dry skin. Having dry skin is a real pain and managing the same involves so much struggle. But do you know you can easily get rid of all your dry skin problems by just following a proper skincare routine? And when it comes to following a good skincare routine, we can’t overlook the importance of using the right skincare products.

However, finding the best products as per your skin type is not so easy as today’s marketplace is filled with several kinds of products claiming to work wonders for your skin. Worry not! Here are some of the best skincare products for dry skin, which will help you heal your dry skin problems and have the healthier skin of your dreams.

Before we throw light on the dry skin care routines and products, let’s first understand what causes dry skin.

What are the causes of dry skin?

As skin dries, it shrinks and causes cracks, which get painful and begin to bleed over time. These cracks allow germs to enter the body and lead to infection. There are a number of factors that cause these dry skin problems such as:

  • Hard water
  • Use of harsh soaps
  • Bathing habits.
  • Excessive Washing
  • Environment
  • Genetics
  • Exposure To Irritants
  • Humidity
  • Medical Conditions like diabetes, hypothyroidism etc.

Best skincare routine for dry skin:

While there are a number of factors that cause dry skin problems, anyone with such issues should practice a skin care routine to have healthier and nourished skin.

To follow a simple and standard practice, you can add these 5 skin care products to your daily skincare routine.

Cleanser for dry skin

Cleanser, toner,
Dry skin cleanser

Kickstart your morning routine using a mild face wash for dry skin. Add a hydrating cleanser to your daily skincare routine which gently cleanses the skin without disrupting the outer cells.

The best cleanser for dry skin is a non-foaming, lather-free, gentle formula that does its job without causing any skin disruption. If you find a fragrance-free formula with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and glycerin, it will be an added bonus.

Toner for dry skin

After cleansing, it’s time to use an alcohol-free toner to balance the pH level of the skin. Toner works as a double cleanser as it clears pores and removes deep-seated dirt. But be cautious while choosing a toner for dry skin as most of the toners on the market contain alcohol, which makes skin more dehydrated and drier.

The best toner for dry skin is one with hydrating agents like Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid etc. as they do their job without stripping the skin and drying it out.

Serum for dry skin

serum, dry skin serum,
Dry skin serum

The problems of every person with dry skin are not the same. Target your specific skin concerns with a serum, particularly made to target your skin woes like wrinkles, fine lines, dry patches, red spots, acne, hyperpigmentation etc.  Focus on finding a pure hyaluronic acid serum.

The best serum for dry skin is often enriched with the goodness of hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, A and C that leave your skin feeling soft and supple without preventing collagen breakdown.

Moisturizer for dry skin

Moisturizer, face cream,
Dry skin moisturizer

The next important step to your dry skin care routine is moisturization. To lock in hydration and provide skin with the needed nourishment, choose a moisturizer that is specifically made for the face. It is best to pick one with “non-comedogenic” on the label.

The best moisturizer for dry skin is one with lightweight formula with the goodness of Rosehip Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that effectively nourishes the skin without weighing it down.

Sunscreen for dry skin

Cap your morning skincare routine with a broad-spectrum sunscreen for maximum sun protection as people with dry skin are more prone to sun damage. Therefore, to stay protected against harmful UVA/UVB rays, make sure to safeguard your skin by wearing SPF daily. Don’t forget to reapply your SPF after every 2 hours when in the sun.

The best sunscreen for dry skin contains nourishing ingredients like ceramides or/and hyaluronic acid.

Do’s and don’ts for dry skin:

Make sure to buy the best products for dry skin with lightweight and sulfate-free formulations.Avoid using heavy skincare and beauty products like oil-based moisturizers, foundation, sunscreen etc.
Cleanse your face only once a day. Over cleansing can strips the natural oils of your skin, making it more dry and dehydrated.Go easy on exfoliating your skin. Don’t over-exfoliate as it can dry and damage the skin.
Look for products with hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid and glycerin.Avoid using the products with drying agents like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.
It would be great if you find one with ‘non-comedogenic’ on the label.Don’t go for the products with artificial fragrances, dyes and alcohol as they can be irritating to sensitive skin.

Skin care tips for dry skin:

  • Keep a distance from hot showers and long showers. Go closer to a lukewarm bath instead.
  • This is because hot water strips the natural oil of your skin, making it really dry and dehydrated.
  • Do you know AC can create havoc on dry skin, making it more prone to damage and dehydration? So, try to avoid air conditioning as much as possible.
  • Keep your skin well moisturized all the time. make sure to reapply your face cream, moisturizer or face oil after every 2-3 hours.
  • For maximum hydration, add some skincare products with the goodness of Vitamin E, Argan oil and Jojoba oil to your skincare regimen. It will leave your skin feeling fresh and looking luminous all the time.
  • Look for liquid or cream-based makeup that contains oil and other hydrating elements. It will help prevent your makeup from looking uneven and patchy.
  • For soft and lustrous lips, scrub off your lips with a mixture of sugar and honey.
  • Along with using winter cream for dry skin, incorporate a humidifier into your winter skincare routine. It will help keep your skin hydrated all the time.
  • Switch to organic skincare and makeup products to heal your skin naturally.
  • Lastly, don’t miss drinking plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.


What is the dry skincare routine for men?

Good News! It’s the same. A dry skincare routine for men is the same as for women. However, while dry skin care for men and women is similar, men can choose the skincare products as per their unique preferences varying in terms of packaging and fragrances.

What do dermatologists recommend for dry skin?

Dermatologists recommend you use skincare products that contain hydrating ingredients like urea, ceramides, lactic acid, or glycerol in the right proportion. The right mix of the right ingredients helps heal and hydrate your skin.

What products should I use on my dry face?

You can use cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen with active ingredients that help lock in moisture and provides your skin with the needed hydration.

Is vitamin C serum good for dry skin?

Vitamin C helps reduce water loss and improve skin barrier function to prevent dryness. Thus, Vitamin C serum can be a good choice for people with dry skin. 

Is Cetaphil for dry skin?

Cetaphil is specifically formulated for sensitive and dry skin. If you have oily skin, look for Cetaphil, designed not to clog pores.

What is Yes Madam’s solution for dry skin?

We at Yes Madam offer several types of facial, body polishing and massage service to hydrate your face and entire body. To make sure which one will best suit you, connect with our customer support team now.

How can I incorporate face oils into my skin care routine?

Layer your moisturizer with face oil. Don’t use face oil beneath moisturizer as due to the oil barrier, your moisturizer won’t be able to penetrate deep into the skin. Alternatively, you can mix a few drops of the best facial oil for dry skin in your moisturizer and apply the same on your face, neck, and hand.

Now that you know the causes, skincare routine and the best skin care products for dry skin, it is time to take some beauty services for dry skin. Book Yes Madam’s recommended beauty and makeup services at home to get started.

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