8 Amazing Surprise Gifts for Husband On Wedding Day

Finally, the wedding day is nearing, and here Yes Madam has brought you some cool and unique ideas for gifts for your husband on the wedding day.

Before that, we surveyed more than 100 newly wedded couples to help you find the best wedding gift for your groom-to-be.

The reason is when it comes to men, one must have incredible taste in shopping to buy something unique for them. And here is your encyclopedia.

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8 Cool Ideas for Gifts for Husband on Wedding Day

The wedding gift is all about the affection you share with your partner by putting your efforts to find something best and most thoughtful.

Therefore, a gift for your husband could be handmade, or you can buy it from the store, but it must portray your feelings. So, here we have some best bets.

Rings – Name or Date Engraved

You can buy a ring engraved with his name and wedding date. It falls among the best wedding gift for your husband. It is a thoughtful idea that will help you gift something unique to your groom-to-be. 

Gift him this ring not because men forget their wedding date, but because you want to gift something unique to your loving husband on the wedding day.

Book a Relaxing Spa Session For a Couple

It is impossible for both of you to get adequate rest during the wedding because the schedule is too hectic. Before and after the wedding, it is impossible to get undisturbed sleep.

Gifts for Husband On Wedding Day
Couple Spa

You can book a full-body massage or spa session for your groom to help him fight the stress and fatigue all over his body. Pick a suitable date and visit the Yes Madam’s website/app to gift this pampering session at your home. I can bet it will be the best surprise gift for your husband after the wedding.

Buy Him a Honeymoon Package

Planning a honeymoon package from your end is one of the best wedding gift ideas for your husband. And before booking your plane tickets, discuss your landing destination.

Honeymoon package
Honeymoon package

As I know, men love to add adventure and thrill to their tour packages. So, you can also add these activities like horse riding, jungle safari, paragliding, bungee jumping, etc. and make your honeymoon package more exciting.

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Mobile Phone

Upgrade his technology by gifting him a mobile phone. Here you can keep iPhone in the options or Samsung is also a premium brand to buy a premium gift for your husband for the wedding day. This surprise should be ready prior to the wedding day.

Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone


The photo book is a never-to-be-forgotten gift for your husband on the wedding day. Here you can paste his past photos, travel memories, and group photo with his BFFs.

The best loving surprise for your loving future husband. These memories will stay with him forever. For women who are looking for the best wedding gift for men, a photo book will not fail you.

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A Legendary Wristwatch or Smartwatch

A watch is like the wedding ring in your groom’s hand, so it must be a handpicked piece. Work on it, think about the best option, but get it from the prestigious brands. You can buy him a premium smartwatch or a Rolex.

Wristwatch for husband
Wristwatch for husband

The reason is that a watch is an essential accessory for men these days. So, to come up with a simple but unique surprise gift for your husband, buy him a luxury watch.

Grooming Kit

Groom pampers his lady, but now it’s time to pamper him with your love. Buying grooming essentials for your groom is also the best gift for your husband on the wedding day.

There is no best way to express your love other than gifting him a pampering kit. Because you both have tied the knot, it is also your duty to take proper care of your man.

Grooming kit for husband
Grooming kit for husband

You can turn this grooming or pampering kit into a loving surprise by putting a rose over the gift wrap with a handwritten note on it.

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A Romantic Surprise

Sometimes you do need not to buy gifts for your husband for the wedding day. A romantic surprise will do all the wonder you are expecting from the wedding gift.

In this romantic surprise, you will have to bag a red nighty. Give him the best surprise ever he wouldn’t have dreamt of. It is the best first-night gift for your husband he will never forget.


A wedding is an auspicious and one-time event of your life. On this day, you will start a new journey with your loving husband. There should be some heartwarming surprises from both sides to give a memorable start to your married life.

All these gift ideas for the husband, are mind-blowing. Pick any idea for your groom-to-be, but a photo book or an electronic gadget like a mobile phone or smartwatch is the best wedding gift for your husband. 

You can also give him a love card with a deep-hearted message because these things stay in the memories for life and are heartwarming gifts for a newly wedded couple. 

Tell your heart out in the love card, expressing all your love, and care for your groom. It will touch the heart of your groom.

Make this love card more special with a premium pampering session from Yes Madam. Your groom deserves special pampering to release stress and fatigue after a hectic wedding schedule. Yes Madam will make it better by sending top-notch therapists to your home.


What’s a good marriage day gift for my husband?

A customized gift hamper will be a perfect marriage day gift for your husband. You can tuck snaps of cute memories, chocolates, love notes, etc. Wrap this up with a rose.

What are some great gift ideas for your husband on the wedding night?

You can pick any of our idea discussed in this blog. All are the best and most unique gift ideas for your husband on the wedding night.

Can I gift a grooming session to my husband?

You can gift a grooming session to your future husband anytime. Also, you can book a full body spa or a massage session to help him get over the fatigue and replenish his energy levels. You can also pick a grooming kit as a first-night wedding gift.

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