Party Hairstyles For Short, Medium, And Long Hair

HO HO HO! It is party time, and you must be very excited to doll up in your party eve outfits. Once you are done with extravaganza shopping, it is time you decide on the perfect hairstyle for the occasion. Due to the newly found culture of working from home, most of us have forgotten how to style our hair in different ways. These holidays are a perfect excuse to break up with our go-to messy buns for something a little more festive and blingy. Meeting your loved and dear ones after a long time, you must make sure that you nail that party look. While 2021 may have been lacking in a few departments, hair inspiration abounds. But before you start deciding on your perfect hairstyle for the much-awaited eve, we would like you to bring your attention to your hair health. It is important to moisturize hair roots. Healthy and glowing hair just adds to the beauty of your hairstyle ten times. Hence, you must book yourself a keratin spa treatment or head massage service at your home from Yes Madam’s exclusive range of services.

From classic french knotted braids to contemporary braids and twisties, we have jotted down the suitable hairstyles for all types of hair lengths- long, short and medium. Read on for the best party hairstyles to try all season long.

Get Your Hair Colored Green

party hairstyles for all
Hair coloring for party

If you want to be the center of attention at a Christmas party and new year’s eve party without being too vulgar and extravagant, you should try this one. Experimenting with your hair by dying them all green can bring party vibes to your life.

Unleash The Sporty In You

Are you planning to get the sleekest look this 25th? We have a great hairstyle idea for you. Opt for a slick tight braid and adorn it with a cocktail dress to grab everyone’s attention.

Go Retro

Retro party hairstye
retro look for parties

Try something different this time and bring back the magic of the late 1900s. Go for a matching oversized hairband for a bit of drama.

Christmas Tree Braid

Compliment your attire for the evening by using a combination of braids, a green ribbon, and a butterfly hairclip to impersonate the appearance of a Christmas tree.

Go Free With Curls

If you have sleek straight hair and want to try something different for the occasion, hit the hair spa and then get your hair blow-dried. This will not only change your daily look but also increase your excitement to see the reactions of your loved ones to your new avatar.

Double Braid

double braid hairstyle for party
Double braid hairstyles for party

Some things are better when are present in pairs like peanut butter and jam. A hairstyle looks way harder than it is; it is time you change your routine braid style to a double braid one.

Mermaid Braid

French braiding technique, this hairstyle is the epitome of simplicity and elegance in itself. Hit this hairstyle if you want to bring in a touch of France in your overall look.

Make a Bow Out Of Your Hair

Get a little extra drama by tieing a huge bow out of your medium-length hair to match the Christmas vibes at your party.

Twist It Up

party hairstyles for all
Twisted bun hairstyles

Go for a twisted bun that is easy to make and so elegant to look at. Add suitable accessories to match your attire, and you are ready to rock the celebrations!

Thrones Style Braid

Are you a game of thrones fan? Then you must be eager to try one of the epic hairstyles of the series and flaunt your long hair at the party. Get a hair spa before the occasion, as it will make your braids look moisturized and frizz-free.

Twisted Braid

twisted braid hairstyle for party
Twisted braid hairstyle

Replace the usual three-strand braid of your medium-length hair with a twisted braid that resembles a rope. Some complementing hairpins and loose hair strands will surely leave everyone speechless after looking at you.

Cornrows and Twisties

Do you have a bob cut? This hairstyle will truly do justice to your haircut and enhance your beauty. Go for front styling by cornrows and twisties to add to the festive theme.

High Buns

high buns hairstyle
High buns hairstyle for party

This hairstyle is the best way for your long hair to get that chic yet classic look. High buns will keep your hair out of your face, and you will be left to enjoy all the compliments for your new look!

Side Partition Your Hair For A While

Little differences can actually make huge impacts when it is about styling short hair. Slay your party look by shifting your hair partying to the side. Add some accessories to enhance the party look.


As the sun sets, make a statement with a totally out-of-the-box hairstyle. This hairstyle will look perfect on all types of lengths of hair, giving some model vibes.

Try the Retro Braid For Your Long Hair

Everyone loves a little bit of drama in their life. Get this hairstyle on Christmas eve to be the head-turner at the party.

Get Yourself A Crown Braid

party hairstyles for all
crown braid hairstyle

Give out major royal vibes at the occasion with this crown braid hairstyle. Use some hairpins and a budget-friendly hairspray to ace this look.

Waves With Hairpins

Try your hands on the most effortless hairstyles of the season. If you have straight hair, this is your time to change the look and go chic with a slick look. Compliment them with some fancy hairpins to amuse everyone.

Fishtail Crown

This is the crown that never fails to make you feel like royalty. Try this look to capture the hearts of passersby.

Cashback Banner 2

20 Low Pony

Flaunt your collar bones and backless evening gown with a super-sleek low ponytail. This party hairstyle is a perfect way to revamp your appearance.

The most affordable and best quality services in town bring you great deals to revitalize the scalp and improve hair growth. This is the time you stop filling your search history with a haircutting salon near me and replace it with hair styling at-home services. Yes Madam is at your service to provide you with the most relaxing hair spa of all time. Thinking why you should get these services done? Well, we have the most satisfying answers to your question. Getting a keratin home treatment is not only about making you look beautiful and festive ready, but it also boosts your confidence and makes your hair Shinier & frizz-free.

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