Tips For Waxing: A Guide To Waxing Before and After

Body hair is a natural part of our body. Many of us like to have body hair and are attracted to other people’s body hair. At the same time, many people like their bodies to look clean and smooth. It is entirely up to you if you want to get rid of all your body hair. You can go for razors as they are the easiest to use, but they leave a stubble. Waxing is the best choice for you if you want the results to last for weeks without any rough growth. Many precautions are needed to be taken if you do not wish for infection and injury-free waxing. This is where Yes Madam comes to the rescue with their budget-friendly waxing services at home. Yes Madam’s beauty experts provide the best waxing experience keeping in mind all the precautions from the comfort of your home. This article will discuss the steps you can take before and after waxing for the best results and smooth skin.

In waxing, the body hair is pulled out by the root, which results in open hair follicles. The open hair follicles are prone to germs and other foreign pathogens. Waxing also removes the top layer of skin made out of dry and dead skin cells. While this makes your skin feel smoother, it makes your skin vulnerable to irritation. That is why following proper steps before and after waxing is essential. Follow these steps to remove body hair and enjoy the results safely.

Steps Before waxing:

1. Exfoliate Your Skin:

exfoliate before waxing
Exfoliating before Waxing

The hair follicles of your body hair are surrounded by dead skin cells. It is important that you gently exfoliate your skin with a loofah or mild scrub a day or two before waxing. It helps in loosening the ingrown hairs and improves your waxing results significantly. Just keep in mind to exfoliate gently. If you are too harsh on your skin, it will only cause detrimental effects which are not ideal for waxing.

2. Clean Your Skin:

You should always start your waxing session with properly washed skin. It would be best to ensure that there are no germs, oil, makeup, or any dirt on the area you will wax. Oily skin can cause the wax not to stick, and grime can cause irritation, resulting in infected bumps on the skin. You can try Yes Madam’s facial services at home to ensure clean skin.

3. Trim Your Hair:

guide to waxing
Roll-on wax

The minimum length of your hair for waxing needs to be one-fourth of an inch. However, if your body hair is too long, waxing can cause a lot of pain. We recommend that you trim your hair to at least three-fourths of an inch before waxing. You can use your grooming tools like safety scissors and even an electric razor. If you plan to wax your face and are unsure how to approach it, you can also try face grooming services at home.

4. Dry Your Hair and Skin:

Before waxing, it is essential to dry the area well because wax doesn’t stick to wet hair and skin. Adding a bit of talcum powder helps in absorbing the moisture. It is natural to sweat from heat or humidity or even nervousness about waxing. Using talcum powder also helps in protecting your skin during wax pulls.

After Waxing:

1. Remove Wax Residue:

Wax residue

Whether waxing yourself or having waxing services at home, removing the leftover wax stuck to your skin is essential. You can use pretreated wipes, or even some olive oil or jojoba oil should work. You can use tweezers to remove any remaining wax bits or left-out hair missed during waxing.

2. Apply Aftercare Products:

After waxing, your skin is prone to both infection and irritation. It would be best to use something that will soothe your skin, fight bacteria, and prevent infections. Skin products with moisturizers and tree oils are a good choice. You should apply it regularly so that irritation from sweat and friction from clothes does not bother you. You can also opt for facial services at home to take better care of your skin.

Tips For Waxing: A Guide To Waxing Before and After
Hot wax

3. Exfoliate after 24 Hours:

Exfoliation kit

You should exfoliate your skin after waxing to prevent any ingrowths. Regular exfoliation in between waxing sessions help in keeping your skin clean and healthy. You need to keep in mind to wait for one day after your wax because the skin is irritable right after waxing. You can try face grooming services at home for exfoliation by experts.

It is not uncommon to have mild infections such as folliculitis, boils, ingrown hair cyst, and molluscum contagiosum. The best way of avoiding these infections is to prepare your skin correctly before waxing. It is also essential to wax yourself using clean equipment and clean space. You can apply disinfecting oils or even use an antibiotic ointment in case of conditions. They usually subside within a few days. It would be best to avoid tight clothing and friction on the area to prevent further irritation. While waxing, if you feel a minor burn of any size, you should cool the room with cold water for about 5 to 10 minutes. Aloe vera gel is an excellent relief for burns, and you can also apply an antibiotic ointment. Irrespective of the type of wax, you should always check the temperature before using it. Waxing all by yourself the first time can be pretty troublesome. You can easily avoid all these by taking the help of experts at Yes Madam with their waxing services at home.

Why roll-on wax is better than hair wax strips

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Waxing may seem quite a complex process with many things to keep in mind. It may have many complications like infections and injuries. Still, when done by professionals, you have nothing to worry about. Suppose you think that you cannot afford the expensive waxing at parlours, or if you feel that going out during the Codvid-19 pandemic is a hassle, you should try Yes Madam’s waxing services at home. The beauty experts at Yes Madam are experienced, and you can trust your beautiful skin to be treated well. So book your first wax job at home today from Yes Madam!

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