Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriends

Love season is almost here, and you must be looking for the best valentine’s day gift for girlfriend to celebrate the special bond both of you share.

There is no ‘Love Bible’ that says you can’t give a stereotyped Valentine Day gift for GF. Of course, you can woo her with the universal symbol of love (Red Rose) or bring her a cute Teddy Bear to say, ‘I Love You.’

But wouldn’t it be nicer to embrace your girlfriend with some unique Valentine’s Day ideas that she can like the most? Undoubtedly, you would like to get the best valentine’s day gift for girlfriend that is as unique as your love for her, and at the same time practical.

Top 10 Valentine’s Gifts for Girlfriend

We understand as V-Day comes closer, the stress to find the best gifts for your girlfriend increases, but don’t worry! Here are the top 10 Valentine’s gifts for your girlfriend to help you guys. Let’s dive into the list.

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1. Skincare essentials

There is no better way to care for your girlfriend than to gift her something like a body spa, body wraps, body polishing and other skin care services at home. There is a reason why her skin looks so fab and flawless – she gives good care to it. Since she prioritizes her skin above all, gifting skin care services guarantees that she will appreciate it. So, no more searching for ‘Valentine day special gift for girlfriend’, buy her best skin care products or simply book skin care services from Yes Madam.

2. Beauty products

Let’s unveil the open secret. 😉 Girls are obsessed with beauty, makeup and their skincare routine. So, why not gift them something relatable to pamper that obsession? Sounds good? Gift her some LED facial treatment or other beauty services to level up her skincare game.

3. Smartwatch

Not every girl likes cute stuff, some are leaned towards tech and science too. If your lady shares an equal passion for tech stuff like you, a smartwatch can be the best Valentine’s gift for girlfriend. She can sync the smartwatch with her smartphone for daily chit-chat as well as get updates for her health checkups and beauty salon appointments.


4. Yes Madam vouchers

Gift your girl Yes Madam’s vouchers as Valentine’s day gift and show her how much you care for her. Trust us, it would be the best valentine’s day gift for girlfriend as she can book her desired pampering session at home and look her best. So, this love season, gift your girlfriend a beauty certificate. Buy Yes Madam’s gift vouchers for your lady love and you’ll be forgiven to forget anything throughout the year! 😍

5. Recreate your first date

Since Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, joy and passion, it gives a good reason to recreate your romantic memories. How about going into the flashback when you kneed down to show your romantic side and gave your relationship a beautiful name? So, take a seat, ruminate about your first date, and go the extra mile to relive the experience. To make her feel special, you can book her professional makeup services to get ready for the date. It’s the best gift for girlfriend on Valentine Day to reinforce your relationship and rekindle the romance.

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6. Hair extensions

This love season, gift her a new hair look with natural human hair extensions. Let her forget all her hair problems and flaunt long, voluminous tresses with hair extensions. She will definitely feel like a queen after getting this beautiful present and you feel like a king, seeing your queen happy. Believe us, there is no better way to make her feel special than gifting her the long, thick hair she always dreams of.

Hair Extensions

7. Massage

A day full of getting pampered, relaxed and taken care of. Exfoliated and scrubbed. Bleached and smoothed. Massaged and rejuvenated. Soaked in scented lotions and herbs. Isn’t it bliss? Do you want your girlfriend or wife to get this bliss, a day that they can remember for a very long time? Then book them some relaxing spa and massage sessions at home. A session that promises nothing but the best-in-class beauty treatments. Won’t your lady love get delighted with this beautiful V-Day gift? No wonder you can sense their excited screams already!

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8. Makeup kit

If you have seen your girl scrolling through makeup reels or doing her makeup before a ring light, take no second thought to comprehend makeup is her true passion. Your girlfriend is fond of doing makeup and deserves something special to honour that talent. So, why not give your girl a break from her regular makeup routine and book her professional makeup service on Valentine’s Day?


9. Get some quality couple time

The greatest gift on Valentine’s Day is to get some quality ‘Me Time’ together. It will help rekindle your love and reconnect with one another. Also, there is no better way to spend some relaxing time with the love of your life. You can book a table for two at her favourite restaurant to make the most of this time. However, if you want to do something extraordinary and make her feel heavenly, book the services of Male Massage for you and Female Spa for her. It would be so relaxing and rejuvenating!

10. Mani-pedi

No woman can ever say ‘No’ to smooth skin and beautiful nails. So, why not surprise your girl by getting her manicure and pedicure done at home with some cool love symbols like Valentine’s day theme, sassy designs and accessories?

mani pedi

Valentine’s Day gift for singles

Single? No worries! Don’t dishearten that there is no one to make you feel special during the love season. Be your own valentine! After all, Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you should have someone to love and be loved – love yourself and gift yourself a day of celebration full of relaxation, pampering, and rejuvenation. Take it as “Me Day” rather than “V Day”.

Why book Yes Madam salon services this Valentine’s Day

Flowers fade and chocolates get over quickly but hours of pampering sessions leave a lasting effect on one’s brain and body. This year, choose Yes Madam home salon as a Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend and make her feel divine. She will remember this day for the rest of the year. What an amazing gift it’ll be, and you will be the hero of her life forever!

Watch your tired girlfriend getting some home salon sessions and looking like a diva for V-Day!

Go ahead guys – grab the opportunity to reward yourself as the best boyfriend/husband of the year.

FAQs on Valentine’s Day Gifts

What is the best valentine’s gift for an Indian girl?

There can be no better Valentine’s day gift for girlfriend than a bag full of beauty products or a relaxing salon session at home.

What valentine’s gift for your girlfriend on amazon will be good?

Girls like nothing more than cosmetics, makeup, beauty and skin care products. So, buy her Organica Da Roma beauty range from Amazon and she will love it as she loves you.

What is the most common gift given on valentine’s day?

Roses, Chocolates, Teddy Bears and Beauty services are the most common gifts given on valentine’s day. You can find a variety of other ideas via browsing ‘valentine’s gift for girlfriend online shopping, ‘valentine’s gift for girlfriend’ and other such relatable terms.

How can I surprise my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?

You can surprise your girlfriend on valentine’s day by making her feel special through some much-needed pampering sessions at home. If unsure how to do it, you can book her facial services, massage session, mani-pedi, spa, hair services or any salon service at home from Yes Madam.

What are typical Valentine’s Day gifts?

Roses are the most typical way to say I Love You on valentine’s day. That’s why most of the boys prefer Roses over anything as good valentine’s day gifts for her.

What are the best gift valentine’s day ideas for long distance girlfriend?

No matter whether your girlfriend is in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad or any such place, you can surprise your lady love by booking her some at home pampering sessions from Yes Madam. Since we offer salon at home in more than 30 cities in India, finding the best valentine’s day gift for long distance girlfriend will not be a stress for you.

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