Tips to Choose the Best Lipstick Colors for Every Skin Tone

It’s difficult to choose the best lipstick shade since there are literally hundreds of options available. You do end up unknowingly collecting a dozen red lipsticks in the hope of finding the perfect shade.

Understanding your undertone can streamline the search for the right lipstick. Hopefully, this lipstick guide for skin tones will enable you to find the right shade for you!

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Getting To Know Your Undertone

Every person’s skin has a distinct undertone, regardless of their skin colour. This is the pigment beneath your skin colour that creates your true skin tone. Undertones of skin can be cold, neutral, or warm.

A glance at your wrist veins will allow you to determine the undertone of your skin. Your undertone is likely to be cool if your veins appear blue. You likely have a warm undertone if they appear greener. When you don’t see either blue or green, your skin’s undertone is most likely neutral. Knowing the undertone of your skin helps you save a considerable amount of money because you know what to buy. You can also use the Munsell colour chart for more accurate results.

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Shades For Cool Undertones

A cool undertone is either a red, pink, or bluish undertone to the skin. Those with cool undertones are prone to sunburn and rarely tan. People with fair skin will usually have a cool undertone to their skin. Blue or purple-coloured lipsticks are recommended for people with cool undertones. Please do not confuse this with an actual violet or blue lipstick, though they are equally beautiful. You might prefer to go for deep bluish-reds like cherry red over orange-tinted ones when you are wearing a red lip. A rosy pink nude can enhance the flush of your lips, while a taupe beige will make your lips appear more subtle. With a tinted balm, you can adjust the colour of your lips and achieve a variety of looks, and it also hydrates your lips.

Lipstick Shades For Warm Undertones

Warm skin undertones do not only pertain to darker skin tones. They can also appear golden, sweet, or olive. Warm undertones are sometimes visible on fair-skinned people. The best jewelry for warm skin tones is gold rather than silver. Those who tan easily and rarely burn tend to have warm undertones. Lip colours in warm tones are ideal for lips with warm undertones. Consider terracotta browns, brick reds, and oranges as suitable lipsticks for warm undertones. It’s a good rule of thumb to match your lipstick shade to your skin tone when choosing a nude lipstick. When you have light skin, choose a paler nude; when you have darker skin, choose a richer nude.

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Shades Of Lipstick For Neutral Undertones

You’re neutral-toned if you have a mix of pink and yellow at the base of your skin.

Silver and gold jewellery both work well with neutral undertones. Fortunately, a wide spectrum of colours is complementary to this undertone. When it comes to choosing lipstick colours, a neutral skin undertone means that you don’t have to worry about shade families.

To be on the safe side, rose gold shades will look great on virtually anyone.

The best lipstick colour for fair skin could be the subtle pinks that give your complexion more colour and enhance it. For medium skin tones, mauves and nude lipsticks complement deep berries.

Choose From Dark, Bright, Or Nude Colours

Going to a special occasion that is perfect for a classic red lip? Trying to recreate the nude look? If the undertones in the lip colour match those in the skin, then any skin tone can wear virtually any colour. The following steps will help you find your match.

Dark Lip Shades

Those with fair skin shouldn’t assume they can’t try a dark, vampy red or deep, dark plum, and those with darker skin shouldn’t assume they are limited to these colours as well.

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Make sure the colour of your lips complements your skin’s undertone. Using deep purple or royal blue undertones creates an intense look and accentuates cool undertones. Purple and red colours such as violet, red-based brown, and plum hues are good options for neutral undertones. The darker the shade, the better it looks on warm undertones. Dark purples, berries, and deeper reds are better choices. It can seem intimidating to wear dark lipstick, but you don’t have to be intimidated by it. By exfoliating your lips, hydrating them deeply, and using lip liner, you will ensure your lip colour stays on and is comfortable.

Bright Lip Shades

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If you match the undertones of the colour to your skin, you can wear blue or violet lips and even hot pink. There is no limit to cool undertones. Fair-skinned people and those with cooler undertones look good in bright colours. Try electric blues, vivid violets, and shades of pink that don’t have an orange base. Try a red lipstick shade, an orange one, or even an electric yellow one if your undertones are neutral. Consider shades that are slightly more purple, such as magenta, if you want to try a bright pink. Orange looks great with warm undertones. Metallic colours with copper undertones and metallic purples can also be used for warm undertones.

Nude Lip Shades

You can draw attention to the eyes or simply dress up an outfit with neutral lip colours. Choosing the wrong nude, on the other hand, can make you look pale and sickly.

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Don’t overdo the beige if you’re going for cool undertones. Stay on the pink side of the spectrum for your naked lip colour to avoid looking pasty. Nude lip colours are usually one to two shades darker than natural lip colours. A caramel colour like coffee or taupe is suitable for neutral undertones. Light pink glosses are also an excellent choice for keeping lips moisturized. To get the best results with warm undertones, select nudes with shimmers and golden tones, making sure they have enough colour to stand out. You will appear washed out when your nude colour matches your skin tone too closely.

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Every shade of skin is beautiful, so don’t let your skin colour limit the colour of your family that you can wear. If you choose colours that complement your skin’s undertones, you can wear a rainbow of colours on your lips.


How to choose a lipstick colour?

Understanding your undertone can streamline the search for the right lipstick. Hopefully, this lipstick guide for skin tones will enable you to find the right shade for you.

Which is the best lipstick for fair skin with blue undertones?

Best lipstick for fair skin with black undertones could be pink shade.  A pink lip shade will give your fair skin tone with a natural-looking flush.

Do brown lipstick shades for indian skin work?

Warmer brown lipstick shades like coffee, tan, and pink make excellent nudes and suit dark-skinned ladies with warm undertones.

Which are natural-looking lipstick shades for indian skin?

Natural-looking lipstick shades for Indian complexion include nude, red, coffee, and berries. 

Which is the best lipstick shade for an indian medium skin tone?

A lovely shade of brown with a pinkish undertone is ideal for medium skin tones such as nudes, orange, mauve, pink, and plum.

Which lipstick shades for college girls work?

If you’re a college student, choose a nude, pink and peach lipstick tone. 

How to know which lipstick shade suits you?

With our tips to Choose the Best Lipstick Colors for Every Skin Tone, you can find a perfect lipstick shade for you.

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