Cakey Makeup- The Fix You Have Been Looking For

Cake and cakey-ness look better in the profession of bakers, not with the makeup artist. Cakey makeup is hated by everyone and it creeps you out, even more, when you have been doing the makeup for the last 1 hour. Instead of creasing it up let’s glam it up with a few tips and tricks to fix cakey makeup. Shhh! Come closer we are going to reveal some untold secrets.

Be it a drug cosmetic or a high-end product, the bottom line is what you do to control the process and how you do it. To achieve the smooth and glass look you need to follow some before and after tips to fix that makeup getting cakey.

Reasons Why Your Makeup Gets Cakey

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Excess of anything hits hard. Similarly, excess usage of products can cause damage and can make it look bad all over the face. We understand you need full coverage but that concept does not promote over usage of makeup that creates cakey-ness. 

Time is the key to a perfect base. If you are not taking the proper time to fix the makeup and it is getting all in one place, it can get patchy and your goal will not be accomplished. Be easy on yourself and enjoy the process of dabbing as it should be therapeutic. 

12 Tips To Prevent Cakey Makeup 

  • Apply less makeup on the crease, as less is always more
  • Mix your foundation with the right amount of primer to achieve a glass look
  • Dip your beauty blender with water and squeeze out the extra to fill the breakouts
  • Apply face oil to get an extra shine
  • Hydrate your skin before applying makeup
  • Spread the product evenly 
  • Dab off the excess makeup product
  • Always use a setting powder to give it a smooth finishing look 
  • Try to use more cream products if you have a dry skin type
  • Dip your face in ice water to close all the pores
  • Be light and gentle to your skin don’t rub or brush vigorously. That can harm your skin 
  • Use blotting paper to get rid of any oil deposits on your skin (tip for oily skin)

How To Fix Cakey Makeup On Nose

A wet sponge works like a wonder to remove the patch in the inner corners and the nose is a part that has to be perfect as it holds loads of importance.

So you can apply less makeup on your nose or if you are experiencing issues just dab your nose with a wet beauty blender and it will be fixed. 

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Best Non-Cakey Foundation

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The game is all about the ingredients used in the foundation as it differs with your skin type. If you have oily skin, a non-comedogenic and oil-free formula will work wonders for you. If you have dry skin, use a creamy foundation to keep your skin hydrated and glossy so that it would be easy for you to prevent the cake-ness.

So even after spending hours on makeup, if you are not achieving what you had in mind then boys and girls, these are for you. We know you want to thank us a ton but let’s keep that for later and make your base and let it ace. These beauty tricks will help you avoid cakey makeup and will make you look like an absolute doll. And other than that, we give you an even more convenient option, that is to book with Yes Madam. We guarantee our magic makeup wands will give you the makeup of your dreams, and there won’t be any scope of cakey-ness.

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