Makeup Tips For Brides Planning For Winter Weddings

December rounds up each year with Christmas festivities and brings in the wedding bells ringing. Thus, every year is wrapped up with celebrations going all around. However, for brides-to-be, amidst the euphoria could lie an ounce of dread– dry skin, dry lips, and dehydrated hair. These are some significant factors to be looked after to have your pictures look beautiful and vibrant. Below are some tips you can keep in mind.

Makeup and skincare tips

1. Be hydrated

tips for brides planning for winter weddings

Water is like your best friend. The key to glowing and radiant skin is lots of water. Not only does it make your skin more even, but it also releases the toxins in your body that can be the reason behind the acne you have. In addition, it helps make your skin look fresher.

2. Moisturise

This is one important step that we should never skip, no matter the season. Moisturising is a significant step in the skincare regime. Winters tend to dry out our skin, and water can only do so much for you. So, it is important to lock in the moisture and not let your skin turn dry and flaky. An excellent hydrating moisturizer will help make your skin look dewier and enable a smoother makeup application. Thus, on your D-day, your skin will retain its radiance and make you look flawless.

3. The importance of lip care and lip makeup tips

lip care is crucial in winters

Winter brings along with it chapped lips and even if you have the best brand of lipstick to apply, never forget to apply a layer of lip balm before your lipstick application. This is because dry lips tend to look pretty cracked, which would be a big no-no for any bride. Thus, this step must be kept in mind to avoid cracks and make your lips look fuller and plump. You can follow some lip makeup tips: Classic red or deep mauves are usually the best-suited shades for winter.

4. The sunscreen is only for summer myth busted

Be it summer, monsoon or winter, SPF is undoubtedly important. Our skin comes in contact with UV rays all the time, even if we are at home. Even if the rays are not as strong in winter, you can still have wrinkles, premature age spots and the like if you do not take proper care. A hydrating, water-resistant sunscreen is a good option that will retain your skin glow even on your big day.

5. Choose your makeup wisely

makeup selection for winters

Cream-based and liquid-formulated makeup seems to be the best fit for this season as it will keep your face hydrated for longer hours and provide a good amount of coverage. December is all about the metallics and the smoky-eyed looks that stay longer than the other shades and help you stand out. The base you use should provide a good amount of hydration and be picked according to your skin tone.

6. Waterproof makeup is the key

Whether it’s the emotional part where everyone sheds a tear or two, or the hours in front of the yellow lights that can make you sweat, waterproof makeup is the best to invest for this occasion. It will help prevent your makeup from smudging and stay put throughout your functions.

7. The eyes

The eyes are the window to one’s soul, or so they say, which is quite thorough because they showcase a variety of emotions. Making them pop out is super easy – a classic winged liner with arched brows makes your whole face look lifted. Don’t forget to add a dash of mascara to your eyes as well.

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Hairstyling and hair care tips

1. Hydrate your hair

tips for brides planning a winter wedding

Just like your skin, your hair needs as much hydration to keep it looking glossy and prevent it from turning brittle. Give your scalp a good massage with oil and rinse it nicely to keep them soft and healthy all through the cold weather. A hair spa before the big day can help prep your hair for all the extensive styling it will have to undergo.

 2. Avoid hot water showers

Hot water can cause a lot of damage to your scalp and make your hair turn brittle and frizzy. Coldwater might not be an option in winter, but you can shower with lukewarm water to prevent your hair from getting extremely damaged. Avoid using any harsh products, and the aftermath might be a lot to deal with. A gentle shampoo and conditioner can help cleanse your scalp and keep it healthy.

3. A healthy diet

healthy diet for brides

Yes, weddings and food are a duo one cannot separate but maintaining a healthy diet before your D-day is essential to keep your locks looking luscious and leaving everyone in awe. Foods like eggs, amlas, nuts, avocados, and yogurt will promote hair growth and repair damaged and frizzy hair.

4. Avoid combing wet hair

Wet hair is prone to breakage, and it is best to let it dry completely before running a comb through it. This helps reduce any hair fall from taking place that you certainly do not want.

5. Reduce the amount of heat you use to style your hair

tips for brides planning a winter wedding

Of course, this does not mean avoiding getting your hair styled during functions. But just keeping that in mind, your hair will already be going through extensive styling and be under the heat. So it is best to cut down on your daily heat routine if you are the one to use a straightener or a curler often.

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