Groom Makeup Guide: Top Tips & Essential Services

This may sound a bit unusual, but the grooms also have the right to look their best, after all, it’s their wedding too! Wearing makeup (groom makeup) on the wedding day isn’t just limited to women anymore. Even the guys put on minimal makeup to have that natural glow all day long. Men also need to pamper themselves by taking salon services to smile for the perfect wedding pictures. Other than that, men can follow other steps to look handsome and fresh for their special day. Get an insight into how grooms can ace their looks for their marriage with Yes Madam’s groom makeup guide. Follow these easy tips to get it perfect!


Top tips for grooms to follow to get that charming look:

1. Get plenty of good quality sleep:

groom makeup guide
Sleep well

No makeup can look good on that dull face and puffed eyes. Grooms need to have enough sleep at least a week before marriage to avoid tiredness. Often, wedding chores get hectic, especially for the bride and groom, resulting in sleepless nights. At the end of the day, makeup won’t cover your dullness hence, it is crucial to have a natural glow on the wedding day. Ensure this by sleeping like a baby the night before your wedding.

2. Go all-natural to detox your skin

Say no to chemicals! Chemicals such as phthalates and parabens are present in your commercial face wash, creams, and other skin-related products. Instead, go all desi! Apply natural homemade scrubs or pastes made of milk, Haldi, Besan, or other products. While chemicals take away the natural sheen from your skin, these homemade scrubs are your go-to products to create flawless skin so that less makeup is to be applied and you have a natural glow at your wedding. Apply these scrubs once a day starting a month before your wedding to get the best results.

3. Manage stress

stress management
Manage stress

Wedding weeks can become highly stressful and hectic at times, especially as d-day comes close and maybe when you have to manage your office work too. It is obvious that the bride and groom will stress out during these times. However, it is very important to manage stress. You do not want to miss out on making memories and having the best of time while stressing about things. So sit back and relax, breathe. Think about everything with a peaceful mind, and you will figure it all out. Get Yes Madam’s Premium Male Massage done to eliminate all the stress and exhaustion.

4. Prep your hair

While you are busy selecting the outfits for the wedding, reception, and other activities, one thing is skipped from your mind. The hair and the hairstyle! Talk to your hairstylist or salon expert about your wedding day preparation for hair.

The best time to trim and style your hair is 7 to 10 days before the wedding, so the hair can adjust and come to the best shape to compliment your look on the wedding day.

5. Start exercising

Wedding is all about looking picture-perfect and exercising is one of the top-notch options that bring you on the road to recovery for a dream physique. Hire a professional trainer to manage your fat and to carve a pleasant physique. Join the gym or start exercising 6 months before the wedding to grab the best physique.

6. Pay attention to your diet

Keep the delicious layered creamy chocolate wedding cake for the end and start eating healthy food. Increase your intake of protein and vitamins by consuming green vegetables, healthy fruits, whole grains, and other healthy food products for that healthy glow. Do not mess up your health with junk food. You do not want to lay on the bed resting and missing out on all the fun preps for your wedding. Trust us with this; eating healthy will make a huge difference. So get going!

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Which Yes Madam salon services grooms should experience?

1. Shaving Services At Home

grooming for the wedding day

Makeup isn’t complete without a perfect trendy beard. Your beard is an important aspect of your facial look and therefore brings a balance between your face and reduces the need for makeup if done properly. Check out Yes Madam’s Beard Trimming and Styling package to enhance your personality and remove unwanted hair for your marriage day. Get a clean and glowy face ready since all eyes will be rolling over you at your wedding.

2. Male Face Grooming Services

For a more smooth and more relaxed face, grooms can get a facial done to rescue themselves from dull and tired faces. Since the camera and guests will focus on you, make sure to have a delighted face. Yes Madam offers you a wide range of facial packages like the L’oreal-Cheryl’s Tan-Clear Facial and the Fruit Facia to make your skin lighter, softer and radiant. You can also try out other services such as Botanica Sheet Mask, which fights premature ageing and wrinkles, accompanied by a Face And Neck Massage to get an even skin tone by enhancing the skin cells.

groom Makeup guide

Following these easy and simple steps in our groom makeup guide will not only make your face glow but will also make your soul happy. You will be able to truly enjoy your wedding day while you step into a new journey with your better half. Choose Yes Madam as your happiness agent.

Yes Madam offers you a salon at your doorstep with exclusive packages at the best rate. We have well-trained experts who will provide you with the best experience of at-home salon services. We believe in building a friendly relationship with our customers by providing them with the best treatment and suggestions for their problems. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Try our services, and you won’t regret it!

PRO TIP: Use gel or wax for the perfect styling of your hair. They will prevent your hair from falling down or getting messed up.


What is a skincare routine for men?

The basic skincare routine for men is cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. To get better results, add exfoliation and a face mask also. Every man should follow a skincare routine as men produce more sebum and collagen.

Is makeup essential for men?

Makeup is not a necessity, but a way to look well-groomed. Groom makeup enhances your personality and adds more taste to your looks. You can easily cover dark circles, spots, dark lips, and more with makeup.

What is the difference between makeup for men and women?

The makeup products and steps remain the same for everyone, irrespective of gender. However, the way of applying makeup differs. How deep you want your makeup differs. So, the preferences can differ, but the groom makeup and the bride makeup holds no difference.

Can I book men’s grooming services at home?

You can book men’s grooming services at home Yes Madam and get served by top-class professionals in your comfort zone at the best prices.

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