Get Ready With Us This Lohri!

All firsts are special, be it the first time you started walking or your first cup of tea, or your first trip with your husband, and when it’s the matter of festivals the excitement gets tripled. This one is for all the newlyweds, who would be celebrating their first festival of the year, Lohri with their in-laws and family members for the first time after marriage.

Get ready for your first Lohri

The first Lohri celebrated by a new bride holds great significance in Punjabi households in specific. All family members are invited for a fun-filled, traditional feast and then exchange gifts. Once all of this is done, all family members together celebrate with traditional dancing and singing around the holy bonfire. This one is particularly for all the newlywed couples, so gear up brides for your first Lohri. What we have in store are all the tips you would need for your first Lohri makeover.

Soaking Skincare

Skincare for Lohri

Be it a festive time or not, skincare is essential at all times but it being your first Lohri after marriage makes it twice more important. It would be the first festival of the year that you’d be celebrating with your husband and in-laws and we know you would want to shine brighter than the flames of the holy fire. Keeping in mind that it’s January, keep your skin soaked in moisturizer at all times, and not only face but arms and legs as well. Dry skin is equivalent to dull and unhappy you. Use facial oils that suit your skin well and hydrate your skin appropriately time and again.

Makeup’s Magic

Getting ready for Lohri

Now that you have prepared your skin with the best skincare, it’s time to top it up a notch with a touch of your makeup wands to make it even more magical. Knowing that it is going to be a night event, plan to go all out, if you want loud, blingy, and sparkly makeup, add a tint of golden glittery eye shadow to the eyes, a touch of highlighter on the bridge of the nose and on your cheekbones, apply red or maroon lipstick and some pink blush on the cheeks and that will make you shine all night. Just one pair of classic gold earrings more and you’ll be all set.

Attractive Attires

Everyone looks forward to the occasions more because they are excited to witness the newly married couple take rounds around the holy flames, all dressed up in special outfits. You know you’re going to be the center of attention so take out that Suit set you’ve been wanting to wear ever since the marriage functions had ended. We know you miss getting dressed up in Ethnics, so now is the time. A simple suit with a heavily embroidered dupatta, or a heavily embroidered Patiala Suit, or a Sharara and kurta, any would look just perfect for this occasion.

Traditional Tresses

For a traditional outfit, let’s go for a traditional hairdo as well. While thinking of Lohri and doing Gidha around the fire what comes straight to the mind is the classic braid followed by a Paraandi at the end. It would sit perfectly with the entire outfit. And if you wish to go for some other hairstyle you can check it out here, there is a list of 7 festive hairstyles that you can choose from. And if you can’t do it on your own, click here and Yes Madam’s Hairstylists will be at your home to give you the hairstyle you want.

Follow all the above-mentioned tips, get dolled up for the grand occasion, wear a smile, and it would be more than enough to make you stand out for the entire night. Gather around the fire with your husband and enjoy the first festival of the year in full swing with your inlaws and relatives. And if you don’t have enough time to get ready, Yes Madam will be at your rescue. With just one click our professionals will be at your home to provide you with the makeover you want. Yes Madam provided all beauty services, from facials to makeup to hairstyling, one click and you would be good to go.

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