How To Begin Planning For A Wedding Beauty Routine

So he has finally proposed, and you finally said yes. The engagement has already gone, and now the time to plan your wedding finally begins. Before you begin to plan your wedding, remember that it is YOUR wedding. That means that you are the bride and the bride is the centre of attention, therefore she must look and feel at her best on the wedding day.

Apart from the normal wedding arrangements and preparations such as the wedding attire, food and decorations and other wedding paraphernalia, your skin deserves your undivided attention and careful preparation too. You need to plan a detailed and proper bridal routine for glowing skin and a bridal hair care routine. You also need to take care of pre-wedding requirements for a bride. Given below is a detailed beauty regimen and tips for the bride. Read and follow along to get the best bridal skincare routine at home.


Beauty Tips for Bride to be:

Follow the given wedding beauty tips to get the best glow and look perfect, both on camera and in reality, on the biggest and most exciting day of your life.

1- Eat a Healthy and Balanced diet:

Eat a Healthy and Balanced diet
Eat a Healthy and Balanced diet

The first and the most important step of any beauty routine is a healthy diet. This is because what we put in is reflected on our skin. Don’t just follow any diet plan that you find online. We suggest that you consult a nutritionist so that you can get a personalized diet plan that will suit your body and your needs.

However, we do recommend that you try to not consume a rich carb diet as this will leave you with low levels of energy and may reflect on your face in the form of acne or may lead to severe bloating. We recommend that you consume a diet rich in fibre and protein and include greens, vegetables and fruits as well.

2- Get Regular Facials:

Beauty Routine

The time has now come for you to get regular facials. Six months prior to your wedding is a good start in this direction. Before you schedule a facial appointment, be sure to contact your salon to ask for the availability of wedding beauty packages that you can make use of. Since these wedding beauty packages include a variety of facials, you need to get a detailed description of each one of them so that you can make the most out of the package while not damaging your skin. Consult your skin specialist to determine the risks associated with chemical facials and act as per the specialist’s recommendations. Also, read 5 beauty benefits of a facial you must know.

3- Get 7-8 hours of Good Sleep:

sleep is very important
Good Sleep

Sleep is the best medicine for your skin. We are sure you’ve heard of the phrase “ Beauty Sleep”. This is an age-old phrase, and it was relevant then; it is relevant now. A night of proper sleep will ensure that your body is well-rested, and your natural body clock will be in sync again. This will help you avoid the panda or the raccoon eyes. In other words, dark circles will be buried deep and not make an appearance on your face on the big day.

Buy a humidifier and put some essential oils in it, such as lavender or peppermint and this will help you sleep better. You can also listen to spoken sleep meditations as this helps you relax and eventually sleep better.

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4- Get a Laser Treatment:

Laser Treatment
Laser Treatment

Laser treatment can be used for the skin as well for unwanted hair removal. Laser treatment on the skin is very effective for hyperpigmentation and any form of discolouration. Laser treatment for unwanted hair has permanent effects, so we recommend that you get it done. However, since such treatments require multiple sessions, we recommend that you start at least three months before your wedding. Laser treatment should definitely be an important part of your bridal routine for glowing skin.

5- Experiment with Hair colours:

Hair colours
Hair colours

Your wedding happens only once( fingers crossed). If you have always wanted to colour your hair but never got the chance to do it, now is a perfect time. You can try out a variety of colours and see which one works for you. However, we recommend that you experiment at least six months before the wedding so that your hair is not excessively overworked. However, if you are someone who always colours your hair, we recommend that you get a good hair spa. Moreover, oil your hair regularly and eat healthy food. Moreover, you can try out hair gummies which are known to have a positive effect on hair growth. We hope by following the bridal hair care routine, you can have the most beautiful hair on your wedding day.

6- Follow a Daily Skin Care Routine:

Daily Skin Care Routine
Daily Skin Care Routine

Every day you must:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Use a mild cleanser in the morning and before going to bed.
  • Always use a hydrating serum such as a vitamin C serum.
  • Always apply sunscreen when you go out, whether it is sunny or not.
  • Apply a mask once or twice a week,
  • Get your face exfoliated. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend that you get a chemical exfoliation treatment.

7- Regular Exercise and Physical Activity:

6 months prior to your wedding, we recommend that you get into your best shape and start a fitness routine. When you are fit, your skin will naturally glow. All the adrenalin rush will help you look healthy and happy.

Follow our beauty wedding tips and bridal makeup tips to have the wedding of your dreams. You can also follow some of the bridal skincare routines at home by visiting Yes Madam. At Yesmadam, we provide beauty services at home. We understand that making time to go to the salon can be difficult, so we make sure to get you the best services at home. Visit us for more information.

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