Spa Treatments: Is There a Science to It?

The healing and soothing properties of spas have drawn much attention in modern times. However, have you ever wondered whether there is science behind these spa treatments?

Several studies indicate that spa therapies are beneficial to the human body on a psychological level, which is far beyond relaxation while visiting a spa. What does a spa do to the body? It helps your body to regain balance, improve general blood flow, relieve sore muscles, and distress, stimulate the lymphatic system, release serotonin hormone, and lots more.

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Is Body Spa good for health?

There are several benefits that your body gets from spas and touch therapies. Both of these are intrinsically connected. Listed below are some of the benefits that you can achieve through these therapeutic massages:

Spa Treatments at home

● A calming Massage session helps you calm down and de-stress.

● It helps in improving blood circulation while delivering a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients to all the blood cells.

● A good massage helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and helps you get rid of the waste products.

● Spa and health treatments that work according to science say that a massage can help you release a hormone called serotonin which further enhances the state of your body and mind.

● Most professional athletes and fitness freaks look for physical pampering after a long day’s workout. These massages help them ease muscle tensions and cramps.

● A massage can be helpful during the prenatal and postnatal periods of a woman.

● In chronic conditions like arthritis sciatica or muscle spasm, these therapies can help you manage pains.

● One can also get rid of those extra pounds by availing of body contouring services at the spa.

● A spa also provides body polishing services that gently exfoliate your skin and help in cell renovation, and refining pores.

● Water treatments used in spas help to feed the soul.

● Spa services include heat treatments that stimulate blood circulation and the initial purifying process. In contrast to this treatment, cold water or ice may also be applied to stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic and immune systems.

● Spas promote personalized facial therapy massages and skincare sessions to give you a youthful look and make you feel confident.

A question may arise, what treatments can you get at a spa? Here are some of them:

Spa treatment with essential oils

At home Spa Treatment

A little essential oil used for treatment can calm your mental state. A study was conducted in Taiwan, with over 100 healthy young people measured their heart rate and blood pressure after applying essential oils. It was found that their blood pressure was reduced and so was their heart rate. Thus essential oils help to relieve distress.

Automatic body therapy is a popular spot treatment that utilizes the power of pure essential oils. Do spas really work? Yes, it does. The use of essential oils in spa treatments soothes the mind, body, and soul. The gentle massage strokes focus on restorative properties instead of physical pressure. It reduces stress, promotes good sleep, and detoxifies the body.

A variety of massages

Massage helps to improve the blood flow in an individual and improve cardiovascular health. A 2012 study demonstrated that regular massage therapy helps to reduce inflammation and improves cell growth in skeletal muscles. Later, another study by an expert at the University of Alabama suggested that massage therapy includes better cardiovascular health, improves the immune system, and reduces stress.

Balinese massage:

This is a high-pressure and deep tissue treatment. It utilizes gentle stretching strokes, pump pressure, acupuncture, and aromatic essential oils. This massage stimulates the flow of blood, oxygen, and energy in the body. The blood circulation in your body is boosted which reduces stress and rebalances the body.

Swedish massage:

This is a medium-pressure therapy. The main aim is to make an individual feel relaxed and content. It uses a variety of techniques like stroking, gliding, rubbing, kneading, tapping, and pounding. Swedish massage helps you relieve tense muscles and tight areas in the body. It helps to improve the immunity levels by manipulating muscles over the bone structure.

Lomi-Lomi therapy:

Spa Treatment

This is a Hawaiian massage therapy that is highly effective in stress-relieving. It uses long and continuous strokes of deep tissue massage and utilizes pump, macadamia, and coconut oils as moisturizers to keep the strokes smooth while nourishing the skin.


It is also known as zone therapy. Pressure is applied to the feet, ears, or hands that send a calming message from the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system. It helps to adjust the tension levels in the body along with reducing pain and stress.

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This includes the application of water either externally or internally. It is characterized by three effects that include mechanical and thermal. All these hydrotherapy applications are beneficial for your body as it relieves muscle tension and pain, help in the rehabilitation of injured muscles, encourage detoxification, enhance the body’s immune system, and relieves stress.

To know the spa science evidence behind the therapies you need to understand the impact of therapy on your body. For better understanding, you can visit a spa or get help from a home-spa treatment expert.

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