Hard wax and soft wax: Difference, pros and cons

Going to the new party in town with your friends? Or perhaps you have to go to the most awaited marriage of your loved ones; waxing is the foremost thing that comes to a woman’s mind!

Waxing is considered the safest and cleanest way to get rid of pesky body hair and have smooth and soft skin to enjoy wearing short clothes to the fullest. 

Since ancient times, waxing has been used by women to remove undesired hair. Through the ages, the practice of waxing has been refined further to make it less unpleasant and more effective to make it easier to get long-lasting aid from body hair.

There are two main categories of wax available in the market: hard and soft wax. Both choices are prevalent among the ladies for convenient hair removal; however, soft wax is considered a better choice for delicate areas of the body.

We will guide you to the specifics of hard and soft wax, and you can decide what’s the best for you and have long-lasting and desirable results!

Hard wax Vs Soft wax; what’s the big difference?

A huge variety of waxes are obtainable in the market, out of which hard and soft wax are the most basic ones. When you think of body waxing, soft wax is what comes into one’s mind. It is applied on the exterior of the skin using a spatula and pulling the body hair out with the help of a muslin cloth. Soft wax is suitable for larger areas such as legs, armpits, and so on.

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On the other hand, hard wax takes more skill to use and is thicker than soft wax. The skin is covered with the hard wax using a spatula, and without the need for a waxing strip, it is removed on hardening. Hard wax is most commonly used while getting rid of facial hair such as upper lips. It is also recommended to use hard wax in sensitive areas since it delivers less pain and discomfort and reduces the chances of irritation.

Hard wax

The name says it all. Hard wax is wax that is simply hard and is customarily prepared in the form of hard wax beads. These beads are to be filled in a fitting wax warmer to melt them completely and make them fit to be used in the waxing session.

Since the warmer can melt the wax to a high temperature, it’s better to check the hotness of the wax by applying a little bit to your wrist so it doesn’t burn the client’s skin. It is also advised not to use hot wax on open injuries, scars, or wounds.

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Hard wax works best on rough hair and meagerer sections. It is also popularly known as a Brazilian wax, and because it contracts and wraps itself onto the hair, it is best for smaller facial hair and nose hair.

Pros of Hard Wax

  • Hard wax is very comfortable and less painful in comparison to soft wax.
  • It is also much easier to clean up since it doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue on the skin.
  • The hotness of the hard wax opens up the skin pores, making it easier to pull out the hair.
  • Hard wax wraps onto the shorter hair, eliminating the need to wax twice on the same area.

Cons of Hard Wax

  • If used in larger areas, hard wax will break, so it is preferably used on the smaller areas and takes time to cover larger ones.
  • It is costlier than expensive compared to soft wax making it scarce in regular saloons.
  • Hard wax takes quite some time to heat up and match the temperature that will suit the client’s skin.
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Soft wax

As the name suggests, unlike hard wax, soft wax is in melted form from the get-go. It is more commonly used than hard wax and removes the hair from its follicles, making it very effective for larger areas.

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Soft wax is your go-to if you want to get rid of body hair from larger areas. It is usually applied using a spatula to spread the wax on the skin, and once it hardens, it is removed with the help of a muslin strip.

This wax is commonly used in regular saloons and is the type everyone is familiar with. It is an effective and convenient waxing method for ladies looking to achieve the perfect smooth and soft legs and arms without any body hair.

Pros of Soft Wax

  • Soft wax hair grabs and hangs onto the hair completely, making it very efficient to cover larger areas.
  • It is less painful on sensitive areas such as armpits or facial hair.
  • Soft wax is less sticky in comparison
  • to hard wax and takes next to no time to get ready to use.
  • It is also more common since it is cheaper and more affordable than hard wax                         
  • Soft wax can’t be applied to the same area more than once since it exterminates the dead skin, unlike hard wax.

Cons of Soft Wax

  • Compared to hard wax, it is more painful when used.
  • Soft wax applied more than once to the same spot can cause irritation and redness on the skin.
  • It might leave a wound or scar if not used properly.

You should also check the correct way of waxing if you are planning to attempt it at home! Find out which wax is best for your skin type and then choose it. 

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