Easy Tips & Tricks For Taking Care Of Your Newly Dyed Hair

Who doesn’t love colours!! Everyone just wants colours in their outfits and shoes and when they got to know about hair dyes then they opted for a big. We never thought we could add colours to hair. But as we know that dyed hair needs special attention and care to maintain its smoothness and strength in hair.

There few important things that you can keep in mind and can maintain the charm.

Dyed hair
Dyed hair

5 Tips That You Can Use

1. Wash Your Hair Twice A Week

Don’t wash your hair very frequently as it will wash off your hair colour. The more you wash the fast it will get fade and your colour will be not there. Try to wash your hair only twice a week and if you need to soap your roots you can use dry shampoo in your roots and that would be a perfect go.

2. Pick the right shampoo

Never use your regular shampoo as it can damage your hair. In regular shampoos, there is a huge amount of sulphate and that can destroy your hair colour. Shampoo should not have sulphate as they are friends of your dyed hair and they will take care of them very well. As that will keep the hair colour right and bright and will not destroy your shade.

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dyed hair
Dry Shampoo

3. Heat Protection

You should never skip on a heat protector even if you’re hair is not dyed as it is really effective and helps your layer by covering your hair with a shield. This helps your dyed hair from getting lighter and faded as you have already messed up a bit of hair by dying them. It becomes important to make sure they won’t get any damage.

4. Use Cold Water

Hot water damages the hair very badly as it destroys the roots by getting swell and they do not allow the growth of the hair. Also causes dryness and makes it rough. We generally think that what would hot water does to our hair but we are doing wrong. It fades the dyed hair and makes it even worse. It also takes the shine and the glow from the hair that makes them look frizzy and dry. Always wash your hair with cold water as it allows hair to grow fast and healthy as give the roots a chance of spreading better.

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5. Blow Dry Correctly

If you cannot go out without a blow dry and your hair demand a proper set-up. You need to follow some steps to make sure you reduce the chances of getting hair damage. Always keep the hairdryer a few inches away as you don’t need to blow them off. The second most important thing is that always protects your strands with a heat protector or with some serum that can reduce the risk of hair damage.


1. How do I take care of my newly dyed hair?

Wash your hair less frequently
Skip straight to conditioner
Use the right shampoo

2. How do you keep dyed hair from fading?

After colouring, You have to wait for at least 72 hrs before shampooing
Switch to sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
Add some dye to your conditioner to keep it a little longer

3. How do you sleep with freshly dyed hair?

Let your hair get dry before your bedtime or cover them with some towel or cloth to avoid any transfer.

4. Does conditioner affect hair dye?

No, you should use conditioner every time after the shampoo.

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