Gift Your Mom A Special Beauty Service On This Mother’s Day [2022]

Some bonds are just impeccable and cannot be justified in words and one such bond is a mother-daughter bond. Girls might be their daddy’s little girl or princess but are their mom’s Lady Loves! On the very special occasion of Mother’s Day 2022.

Mothers never fail to impress us or surprise us on our special days, so it becomes important for us to make their day special with memories, laughs, joy, and a pampering session.

Mother's Day 2022
Happy mother’s day!

Things You Can Do To Make Them Feel Special

Mothers are one gem that you never want to lose and are a big part of your lives. They teach you your most important firsts like your first word, first step, first bicycle ride, etc., and make everything the best not only the first time but every day. So, it’s your turn to pay a tribute to your lovely moms who do all the selfless jobs for you to make it the best day of your life.

1. Pampering Session

You can make them feel refreshed and relaxed with some beauty and wellness services at your doorstep. As it is an effortless effort because you just have to pick up your phone and select the package and there you go, you just booked your mom, a good relaxing day.

2. No Time For Wax

We all know how big a superwoman everyone’s mother is, doing household, office, cooking, takes care of everyone but always forgets about herself. For that, you can get her booked an at-home waxing session and can choose her favorite wax too. Make her a cup of coffee, tea, or juice and ask her to sit back and relax because she needs to be rewarded for what she does all the time for the family.

3. Bake Her A Cake

Cakes are the best thing to celebrate as it is a symbol of celebration. Watch out few recipes and make her a mouth-watering cake of her favorite flavor. Decorate it with her favorite toppings and colors. Make it memory worthy. Take a decision to make this mother’s day 2022 as special to her as she made all these years for you.

4. Dazzle Up A Little

Give her hands a medal by giving them a cool and relaxing manicure and her feet a break from duties with a very special pedicure. You can book a combination of them with Yes Madam. Spend quality time with your mother and make her feel like a queen. For a better experience, you can watch her favorite series, just not skip her favorite part of the day. You can book or go to our new store in Indirapuram, Habitat Center if you live in Delhi for the amazing nail and eyelash extensions.

Mother's Day 2022
Pamper together this mother’s day

5. Best Wishes Card

We love our mother so much but we always fail to express our feelings to her and if you are a boy it is the hardest part to confess things. So this mother’s day 2022 write your heart out and tell her how important she is and how much she means to you. Gift her your words this time, you can also attach a coupon or a reservation for a pampering session with it so that it soothes her more.

6. New Crockery

You have disappointed your mother by destroying her 6 piece glass set to make that thing up you can gift her some new crockery and make a promise of not destroying them this time, at least try not to. You can match the set properly and can wrap it up nicely. Try to make dinner too and then present the new plates to her because when you can cook with youtube then why give empty plates.

7. A Day Off

Give her rest from all the work and spend some time with her or be a helping hand to her. Surprise her by filling all the bottles and keeping them in the fridge. That would be one thing she would praise you the most for haha. Listen to her talks and indulge yourself because she needs a good listener to lighten her heart. Be her supporter not only on the special days but always.

This mother’s day 2022, makes it the most memorable and pampered day of her life.

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