Waxing Mistakes You Should Never Make At Home

It is everyone’s dream to have beautiful glowing skin. To get rid of unwanted hair so many methods have been used since ancient times. In the olden days, various types of Ubtans were used to apply for this purpose. Laser treatment is done for permanent hair removal but it is quite expensive. Hence waxing is a common process and ostensibly affordable to each stratum of people. Waxing makes our skin fair and glowing. It enhances our beauty and helps in maintaining body hygiene as well. Salon charges are high for waxing. To add beauty and a refreshing feel it is required at regular intervals, therefore, it becomes unaffordable to all to pay a handsome amount to beauty parlours on a regular basis. 

So, waxing at home service has become a widely opted option. In the COVID-19 pandemic, this trend became the necessity of the masses. But being unprofessional we often make some mistakes during waxing at home. We should avoid the following waxing mistakes at home:

● Avoid using enough Hot and Cold Wax-

Before applying to the skin you must ensure that the temperature of the wax is adequate. It should be neither too hot nor too cold. If it is too hot it will burn your skin. While waxing at home we often use microwaved wax. It is warm enough to burn the skin. On the other, hand if we use cold wax it turns patchy and when waxing strips are pulled they may cause cuts and wounds.

Waxing Mistakes You Should Never Make At Home

● Don’t apply Wax in the wrong direction-

A common waxing mistake is repeatedly committed at home. We don’t notice the application of wax in the correct direction. We often apply wax in the opposite direction of hair growth and this consequently provokes her growth.

● Waxing of sensitive area yourself may cause injury-

If your skin is perspiration prone, it may cause an unpleasant body odor and you need regular underarm waxing. If you are waxing at home of your underarms, it is difficult enough and there is a high risk of injury. Read to learn all things about a bikini wax.

There are some tips you should follow during waxing at home:

  1. First of all, prepare your skin for waxing– First, clean the areas opted for waxing properly, pat till it becomes dry, and apply talcum powder thoroughly; now, you can apply wax in the direction of hair growth.
  2. Use Chocolate wax for the best result- Nowadays, Chocolate wax R is very common. It helps in hair removal and de-tanning the skin simultaneously. Read about chocolate wax and its benefits.
  3. Choose wax according to your skin type- Everyone doesn’t have a similar skin type. Some have very sensitive skin, so they should choose wax very carefully. They can choose Rica wax for better results. Read Rica vs. normal wax, to find out your preferred wax.
  4. Full body waxing at home services is very common nowadays and keeps you free from all hazards that you usually face during waxing yourself. You can call a professional at your doorstep at your convenience. Even while body waxing for women has been in vogue, home services for full body waxing for men have, of late, been a popular choice among modern men in metro and tier-one cities. Beauty and hygiene are not only the prerogative of women, but men equally want to look well-groomed. Both can book a professional online to get the services at home. Those of you living in the capital city can now book Waxing Services Online in Delhi.
  5. Waxing near me in Delhi- If you reside in Delhi, you can search for the professionals around Delhi as and when you need them. The beauty professionals provide home services of body waxing for women and full body waxing for men also. Irrespective of their location, customers can search for full body waxing.
  6. Book waxing services online in Delhi- One can book waxing services online in Delhi as per need. Online booking for waxing services saves your time. You can call the professional according to your weekly off day or on holiday.
waxing mistakes to avoid

If you are a male customer, you can book online for full body waxing for men and home services. Residing in the national capital gives you the advantage of getting male full body waxing in Delhi.

Hence, full-body waxing at home services for both men and women are available at your doorstep in any part of Delhi. Such services are given for the convenience of customers to maintain their sophisticated, beautiful look and a feeling of coziness as well. For those of you concerned about COVID-19 infection, you may rest assured of getting a hygienic and safe waxing within the comforts of your home. The beauticians are professionals and maintain utmost hygiene. They also take all precautions for sanitizing all the articles that they carry with them. These include wearing sanitized gloves and wearing masks.

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Now you can book yourself a waxing session right in the comfort of your home in Hyderabad also, with Yes Madam, and get smooth, hair-free skin in the comfort of your home.

waxing mistakes to avoid

Also, read about the correct ways of waxing: do’s and don’ts.

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