How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You Are Single?

It’s soon to be that day of the year when there will really be love in the air. Yes, we are talking about 14th February, Valentine’s Day, when you will see couples celebrating their love and togetherness. Though, of course, love is celebrated all year round, 14th February is always a special day for most of us.

But if you are single this year, you might be feeling left out. A couple of pictures on social media and date ideas in media and advertisements can really induce the fear of missing out on you if you are not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. There might be tons of reasons why you are single on Valentine’s Day. Whether you are not interested in a relationship and have chosen to be single or you have other reasons to be single, you must remember it is valid and you must do what makes you happy. However, to tackle the problem of you feeling alone, we have got some ideas up our sleeve!

The best way to deal with any loneliness that you might experience is by shifting your focus and being happy with everything that you have already got. Moreover, in this day and age, prioritizing yourself is one of the most important things and Valentine’s Day is a perfectly valid day to celebrate self-love. SO here are some of the ways you can do so.

20 ways to celebrate self-love on Valentine’s Day

1. Rendezvous with your long-lost hobby or pastime

In the hustle of our busy lives, we often forget or give up the things that made us happy at one time. Remember that sketch pad or the hot glue gun with which you used to make such beautiful arts and crafts, but haven’t touched in years? What better way to celebrate self-love on Valentine’s Day than by bringing back the stuff that made you happy. So on this day make a date with your creativity and it will be a Valentine’s Day well-spent.

Self Love is important
Self Love is important

2. Make your favourite dishes or snacks for a happy soul

If you love cooking as well as eating, celebrate Valentine’s Day by making a spread of delicious dishes and snacks for yourself. While these snacks can be as easy as homemade pizza or garlic bread, you must remember this day is all about you and you can make anything that feeds your soul.

Make your favourite dishes
Make your favourite dishes

3. Explore pretty places in your town

Staying at home or in bed all day will make you more bored and sad than if you go out. Take the opportunity that Valentine’s Day presents to explore the pretty places in your town that you have never been before. Not only will this refresh your mind and soul, but you will also feel great afterwards. Moreover, you never know what hidden gems you might find in your path!

4. Get transported to a different time

If you have always been intrigued by history or by distant times, take this day as an opportunity for you to get transported to a distant time. You can do this by watching series and movies that intrigue you. You can binge-watch series like The Crown, Bridergerton, Downton Abbey, etc, all available on Netflix.

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day When You Are Single?
Watch series and movies that intrigue you

5. Make plans with your friends or family

Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love, talk, and make plans with someone who truly understands you and who you can be yourself with. Whether it’s your mom or a best friend, making plans or just talking to a loved one will lift your mood and make you feel loved. Having meaningful and loving relationships also boosts your mental and physical health.

6. Make solo travelling plans

 There must be someplace or city that you have been longing to visit for ages. Now that you have got a day to yourself, research budget-friendly trips you can go on solo and check off one of the many things on your bucket list!

solo trips
Make solo travelling plans

7. Repair or clean things around your home that may have been irking you

Self-love can be celebrated in many forms and one of the ways is by organizing your living space. This also includes cleaning and repairing the things that have been irking you but you have put off. Whether it is a loose hinge in your bedroom door or an unorganized living room, clean and decorate your house as you want it to, on this Valentine’s Day.

8. Make plans for an evening of pampering yourself

Self-love is incomplete without you treating or pampering yourself. So plan out a nice, relaxing evening at home with a warm, bubbly bath with scented candles, bath bombs, or get a spa session at home. We, at Yes Madam, offer amazing spa services right in the comforts of your home by trained and experienced professionals. So if you opt for our services, rest assured you enjoy the multiple benefits of a premium spa experience on Valentine’s Day!

Pamper yourself
Pamper yourself

9. Try baking new things for your loved ones

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for you to try your hand at baking new things. You don’t have to try anything elaborate but you could always whip up something with the spirit of love like an oreo cheesecake, chocolate chip, or hot cocoa cookies. You can share these with your friends and family or donate them to a neighbour in need or to charity.

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10. Start learning a new skill

If you think about it, you will see that you have plenty of things you thought about learning but never seemed to have the time to start learning. Whether it is learning a language, coding, or knitting, Valentine’s day is the perfect day to upskill yourself.


Since this day is all about you, it would be a good idea for you to disconnect from social media for the day and make this day all about celebrating self-love in whatever way you prefer. We hope you found some good tips to make this day count from the list we have prepared above. You might think about ignoring this day if you don’t have a romantic partner in your life but you must remember love comes in all forms. Having meaningful relationships with yourself and your friends and family are worth celebrating too and that’s what you should do on this beautiful day.

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