Karva Chauth Essentials for Ladies

Every year this very special day comes when a wife gets all dolled up for her spouse. That particular day is marked as the festival of Karva Chauth in the Hindu Calendar. It is one of the most special occasions for any married woman where the wife prays for her husband’s well-being by fasting from sunrise to moonrise. For a day so special, some wives get spruced up just like a bride for their husbands by taking up the age-old tradition of Solah Shringar, where they wear 16 bridal ornaments that include sixteen steps that they follow for their beautification from head to toe.

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We have a list of ways how you can get all decked up, right before this auspicious occasion of Karva Chauth, without even stepping out.

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The all-time essential, Waxing

We know it’s time for the heavy embroidered sarees, lehengas or Kurta sets to come out for the special day. This day is no less than any wedding, the effort and dressing up are just the same, and for a day so special you wouldn’t want your hands and legs to be wrapped up in hair. To top the all essentials list with Waxing in it. And to save you from double services, we’d recommend you to go for RICA Waxing. Not only will it help get rid of body hair but will also remove all the summer tan.

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Special occasions like these, bring an opportunity for all ladies to fill their hands with the beautiful colors and intricate designs of Mehendi also known as Henna. Applying Mehendi on such a peculiar occasion holds great significance. It is said that the color of the Mehendi signifies how much the husband loves his wife, thus, the darker the color, the deeper or more intense the love of a husband for his wife. And following this ritual ensures happiness, long life, and well-being of their husbands.

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Facials for the Glow

We know there’d be enough glow because of all the excitement but adding a pinch more to it won’t be much of a hassle either, right? No extra workload, just pick up your phone, book a rejuvenating facial at-home service with Yes Madam and relax for the day. The glow will come walking to you. Also, there is a high possibility of you being caught up with rituals on that day, so make that facial appointment a few days in advance.

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Hair Care

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Pamper your hair with some hair masks or a hair spa. It will not only bring back the shine of your hair but will also help in getting rid of all that dryness and frizziness. So deciding on a hairstyle won’t be much of a fuss anymore, your natural hair will be enough to work its magic on a special day.


Makeup for Karva Chauth
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The final and the most crucial step that everyone is looking forward to is Makeup. For a special day, it will be fine if you take it up a notch. Nobody will judge you for wearing extremely heavy makeup. Go overboard if you wish, because at the end of the day it’s a festival for you and your husband and you both must have a good time. And if you want a professional to take over that department, feel free to book a makeup appointment with Yes Madam. The expert will come to you and give you the look of your choice.

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We can’t wait to scroll through our Instagram feeds and see mesmerizing pictures of all ladies glammed up in their Karva Chauth outfits. And in case you need any help in draping the saree or setting your hair or anything else, with just one click call Yes Madam’s expert home and stay tension free.

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