Everything You Need To Know About Common Hair Spa Myths And Hair Care Tips

Let us assume you have a glamorous party to go to, and you have to look your best and stand out from the crowd. What is the first thing you tend to do? Yes, the answer is simple, it is your hair! Your hair is something that adds an essential touch to you as a person and your personality. A woman’s hair graces her beauty, and most people even judge one’s personality based on what kind of hair she has! And as they say, the first impression is the last one. Our hair is a prominent part of one’s look, and a good hair care routine is crucial. Good hair can boost your self-esteem in itself and even affect your health overall. Vibrant hair is possible only with a sign of good health and an appropriate diet. Since hair holds so much importance in one’s life, one might hear many discussions and hair care myths and facts that might just end up ruining your hair instead of rejuvenating them. Taboos like your hair get used to the shampoo you use, rinsing them with cold hair makes it shiner, and many more are some common misconceptions that people assume while looking for hair care tips. But worry not! We will provide you with only pure facts on how to take the best care of your hair and make you shine too.

Can I Use Oil After A Hair Spa?

Applying oil right after a spa session is a common hair spa misconception. Hair spa includes shampooing, hair mask, massage, and streaming, which altogether is enough to provide your hair with all the benefits it requires. Applying extra oil after the spa will not give any special treatment to them since oil and lotion are massaged into your hair through a deep moisturiser. This is why it is recommended to apply oil in 3-4 days after getting a hair spa, and your hair will ultimately become soft right after the hair spa.

Oil After A Hair Spa
Oil After A Hair Spa

What Should I Do After A Hair Spa?

You come out of your parlour flaunting your rejuvenated and beautiful hair, but what do you have to do after to make sure your hair receives the full hair spa benefits? You just have to follow some simple hair care tips to do so. First, gently rinse your hair with hot water, avoid towel drying and make sure not to use a conditioner if your hair is dry since that can make them worse. Then, leave your hair open and let them rest for 8-9 hours so that it can absorb all the nutrients and nourishment. This will allow your hair to get the full benefits of the hair spa and make them the hair you always dreamt of having!

Can I Use A Conditioner After A Hair Spa?

Another common hair spa misconception is to wash hair with conditioner right after getting a hair spa, but is it necessary? The answer is no. Hair spa delivers adequate care and treatment to your hair to keep them healthy and clean for a while. However, if one is exposed to a lot of dust frequently or has an oily scalp, they can always opt out of washing their scalp with a conditioner in a few days. Keep in mind, apply the conditioner to your scalp and not your hair, and you are good to go!

 Conditioner After A Hair Spa
Conditioner After A Hair Spa

Which Hair Spa Is The Best?

One cannot choose the best hair spa for an expected crowd. There are many kinds of hair spa for females treatments available that suit different hair varieties, so it is essential to choose one based on your hair type.

The common types of Hair Spa Treatments are:

  1. Collagen hair spa treatment
  2. Colour bloom hair spa treatment
  3. Deep conditioning hair spa treatment
  4. Detoxifying hair spa treatment.

 All four of them are suited for different needs of different hair problems, and only you know your hair best, so go ahead and choose the most desirable hair spa treatment for your hair care!

Does Hair Spa Straighten Hair?

Many people have this hair spa myth planted in their minds that a hair spa will ultimately straighten their hair, but that is not the case. Instead, a hair replenished all the proteins that were lacking in your hair and repairs damaged hair. It removes the impurities from your hair, and instead of making them straight, they make it easier to handle and gives somewhat of a refined look than delivering straightened hair ultimately.

Hair Spa
Hair Spa

These are some common hair spa misconceptions covered which people might assume while choosing their hair care and end up in a disastrous situation. A hair spa not only benefits your hair but also provides relaxation to your body and reduces stress. That’s why one should consider getting a hair spa once in a while, be it to shine at a glamorous party or look your best at a special event, make your hair be healthy and let it shine!

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