5 Hair Care Tips For The Winter Season

Hair not only enhances your beauty but also reflects your scalp health. All of us dream about having long and strong hair. But owing to several factors, we tend to lose hair, and with that, the dream of having long hair. If you suffer from the same problem, we have a solution right at hand. YES MADAM brings you their hair care services. With YES MADAM, you can get the desired long and thick hair.

One of the easiest ways to curb hair fall is to massage your scalp. Massaging your scalp promotes blood circulation. It is also effective to stimulate general wellness and hair health. YES MADAM offers their head massage service at home. YES MADAM is an in-home salon that saves you both time and money. Booking an online appointment has never been easier. With YES MADAM, choose the time and date to pamper yourself. Read further to know about the various hair care services from YES MADAM.

5 Easy Ways To Care For Your Hair This Winters

The hair care routine is altered as per different hair types. But a few hair care tips remain common for all. Mentioned below are hair care tips for curly, thin, oily, dry, or any other type of hair. If you are a couch potato, you can choose YES MADAM, the in-home salon. YES MADAM provides you hair care services like head massage service at home. Read further to know the universal hair care tips for this winter season.

Get Regular Trims

As much as you want your hair to grow long, it needs trimming. Trimming hair regularly helps keep it healthy. Getting regular trims reduces split ends. (Also learn everything about split ends and how to get rid of them). It also boosts hair growth and improves hair texture.


The most efficient way to get regular trims is by a hairdresser. YES MADAM offers a ‘haircut and blow-dry’ to give you a glam look. They consist of a team of professional hairdressers and disinfectant tools. Book an appointment now to get regular trims for healthy hair.

Avoid Heat Styling

A blowout or heat styling can make your hair picture perfect. But extreme heat styling damages your hair if done carelessly. Read how does heat damages your hair. If you are unsure of the procedure, avoid heat styling and contact a professional.

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YES MADAM- the in-home salon is the best when looking for hair care salons. They provide several hair care services to help you pamper your hair. Apart from hair care services, it offers other amenities. You can choose the head, neck, and shoulder massage. It is effective to reduce migraine, stress, and anxiety. It also aids in recovering muscle soreness and balancing the body’s energy.

Hair-care services include henna application and touch-up using your products. You can book an online appointment with YES MADAM to pamper yourself.

Deep Condition Once A Week

Conditioner should not be skipped from your haircare routine. When applying conditioner, avoid applying it near the roots. The best way to apply conditioner is from mid-lengths to ends. It is essential to use a deep condition once a week. Deep conditioning your hair prevents breakage and dry hair. It also keeps your hair nourished for a longer period.

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Deep conditioning benefits hair of all types, textures, and tints. It helps restore hair health without leaving any residue. Although effective, one should consider only deep conditions once a week.

Commit To A Weekly Hair Mask

A hair mask treatment is sure to leave your hair extra smooth and lustrous. Hair masks hydrate the hair strands without leaving residue on your scalp. It is beneficial to commit to a weekly hair mask. It also prevents dandruff and curbs the production of excessive oil. A hair mask must be applied from the ends up to the roots. If you commit to a weekly hair mask, leave it for 10-15 minutes. Use lukewarm water to rinse your hair thoroughly. Read how to boost the health of your hair with banana hair masks.

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Avoid Frequent Hair Washes

Washing your hair often curbs the production of natural oils. This leads to the increased growth of bad bacteria and fungi. This results in inflammation and other hair-related issues. Avoid frequent hair washes to maintain the neutrality of microbes. It is also recommended to cleanse the scalp 2-3 times per week gently. Taking proper measures while washing hair help remove excess sebum.

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It is also advisable to avoid frequent hair washes as it weakens the hair root. This leads to hair thinning. Washing your hair daily makes them dry as they are not devoid of oils.

Confused and worried about your hair? YES MADAM, the in-home salon, brings to you head massage service at home. Take time off from your busy schedule to pamper yourself. You can also choose hair care services to treat dry and damaged hair. Book an appointment with YES MADAM NOW to get the desired hair.

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