Wedding Makeup Tips For Destination Wedding

The day you get married is an important day not just for you, but for everyone around you. From the destination to the makeup, everything needs to be picture-perfect. This is the day when all eyes are on you. Therefore, it becomes crucial to look your best and outshine everyone. But a slight mishap in your appearance can ruin the day for you. (Learn about 11 common beauty mistakes to avoid). Hence, it is important to have a makeup trial by experienced professionals.

Planning a destination wedding? Your daily makeup routine might ruin the day for you. Before your big day, take a tour of the venue to know the weather. No one wants a melting foundation or smeared lipstick. So, have a makeup trial by experienced professionals to save the big day.


Searching for the best makeup artist to be a part of your big day might be tough. But not impossible! To save you the trouble of finding the perfect beautician, we recommend YES MADAM. YES MADAM is an in-home salon that has a team of professional beauticians. Choose YES MADAM to have a makeup trial by experienced professionals. Remember! The vital aspect of a memorable destination wedding makeup is to accept the environment. Make sure you communicate with your makeup artist to avoid any hassle.

destination wedding tips

The day of the wedding is accompanied by lots of hustle-bustle. Be it the destination, the wedding dress, or makeup. Everything requires lots of precision. Whether you plan an indoor or outdoor wedding, you need to pamper your skin. YES MADAM offers the best pre-bridal packages. So, you can get soft milky skin for an even application of the products. Their pre-bridal packages include sessions of various sittings. These sittings offer de-tan, bleach, hair spa, mani-pedi, facial, and so much more. With the best pre-bridal packages from YES MADAM, you can get soft and smooth skin.

Useful Tips For Destination Wedding Makeup

makeup tips for destination wedding

Choosing the best makeup product for your destination wedding can be tough. The main reason for this is the new environment and surroundings. To avoid any blunder, use waterproof products and pamper your skin beforehand. It is also important that you consult with your makeup artist in advance.

Whatever the destination, read further to know about useful makeup tips. So, you can adapt to the makeup routine and the environment. Replace your ordinary products with waterproof products. Use waterproof products for your makeup to last all day long.

Choosing The Right Products

You are the star and centre of attention on your wedding day. It is essential to choose the best makeup artist for your special day. If you plan an outdoor wedding during the day, choose your makeup wisely. Make sure you use waterproof products. It is because the bright sunlight makes you feel hotter, causing your makeup to melt.


destination wedding makeup tips

It doesn’t matter if you have an indoor or outdoor wedding. Blush is a must as it enhances your looks. Blush gives you the glow that makes you look fresh and healthy.

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Lipstick/lip colour

Lipsticks help add a lovely, natural glow to your face. While choosing the lip color, make sure to use waterproof products. Using waterproof lipstick will give you a long-lasting effect.


makeup tips for destination wedding

Foundation is one of the most important makeup products. It is essential because it provides an even tone to your face. Make sure your foundation is a perfect match while buying.

A lightweight foundation is better for applying makeup. With a lightweight foundation, it is easy to avoid a cakey look. Get a waterproof foundation as it will help you hold the look together. Make sure your foundation is a perfect match and lightweight before buying.


A highlighter is a powerful tool to accent the areas of your face. It also makes your skin glow and attractive. You can use the highlighter on the tip of your nose, cheekbones, and just above the lips and chin. Make sure your foundation is a perfect match with the highlighter.

Eyeliner and Lashes

Eyeliner, when applied professionally, gives the illusion of bigger eyes. Choose YES MADAM for the wedding makeup package for your wedding. YES MADAM has a team of skilled makeup artists. They will make your dream of having the perfect makeup come true.

Lashes, if not done properly, can make your eyes look droopy. While buying mascara, make sure to use waterproof mascara that will last long. Also, read how to do eye makeup and get ready to slay every day after the wedding.

Moisturize your skin before a self-tan

The initial step before applying makeup is to prepare your skin. Your skin must feel soft and comfortable before applying makeup. Make sure you moisturize your skin before a self-tan. You don’t want to look burned up on your big day, right?

If you skip moisturizing your skin, your makeup won’t hold for long. Make sure to cleanse and exfoliate your skin of any dead cells. Apply moisturizer before you self-tan or face cream for hydration.

Final Touches

Final touches of your makeup are as vital as prepping your skin. A setting powder and fixing spray are perfect for securing everything in place. They mattify the skin and provide a natural glow for your big day.

YES MADAM is the perfect destination if you are looking for a wedding makeup package. With their team of professionals, they provide the best services. Contact YES MADAM to book an appointment now!

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