Why Salon Services At Home Are Gaining Popularity In India

With the introduction of the modern industrial age, products and the provision of services have gained substantial momentum. As we can see, smartphones have gained enormous popularity, and today more than 750 million people in India have a smartphone.

This increased use of smartphones has triggered the growth of e-commerce and has led to the development of many service-driven apps. Information technology is at its peak and achieving great heights every day. The collection, analysis, and distribution of user-related information have never been this more accessible. New startups are being formed every day by deriving ideas from meaningful analysis of user information. As customers, we expect even more from companies in terms of products and services.

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Today customers expect everything at the ease of their homes. Due to this shift in the nature of demand from customers, corporate organizations are paying more and more attention to making their businesses adapt to this changing business environment. As a result, whether it is product delivery or provision of services like banking services, mobile repairing services, etc., every company is offering their product and services digitally at the doorstep of their customers. Moreover, the approach of every business is to connect with their customers as personally away as possible. Therefore businesses today are giving their customers as many facilities as possible at their doorstep.

Salon at home
Salon at home

As India went into a complete nationwide lockdown on 25th March 2020, there has been a drastic change in the lifestyle of people since then. Most of us stayed in our homes for months as a precautionary measure against the Covid-19 pandemic. We did almost everything from our homes for months, and now we are accustomed to it. This pandemic has affected our demand behaviour. Now we want more and more products and beauty services at the doorstep of our homes.

What started as a necessity has now become a new normal.

Why there is exorbitant demand for Salon services at home in India?

Hairdressers, make-up artists, and stylists already operate as independent contractors in India, and this trend is expected to continue in the approximately $11 billion beauty sector. Thus, the Indian beauty industry presents an ideal environment for on-demand services to thrive. In addition, there has been a significant increase in demand for beauty salon services at home, and the on-demand model of service offering may be here to stay.

Counting the salon services at home benefits, we can say that customers are in a win-win situation. Undoubtedly, the primary reason for the shifted demand for beauty services at home is the time efficiency of such a service. Customers can avail of the salon service at home without the need of paying a visit to the salon. Instead, the beautician would come to the customer’s home and professionally provide the services, making it more convenient for them.

However, it’s also a pain to schedule an appointment at a salon. Firstly, it isn’t as time-efficient as it may seem to you. You might not get the time slot you preferred for your appointment time and would have to adjust your schedule to accommodate it. And if your schedule is too busy to make adjustments, you might also have to postpone the appointment. You prefer neither of these options.

Salon services at home
Salon services at home

Besides, during the peak season of the salon, you have to wait in the waiting area, killing your time reading newspapers and magazines or playing games on your smartphone. The waiting time may be up to an hour or sometimes even more.

Almost every salon service that you may have at a traditional salon is available on demand. You name it; they do it: manicures, pedicures, massages, professional makeup services, and beauty treatments. Customers will not be deprived of any service if they choose to use it at the home salon. Many online service providers present consumers with discount coupons and interesting deals that they may use to save money. Customers may miss out on better bargains available at competing salons due to their loyalty to a single salon. Thanks to the rise of the on-demand service marketplace, customers may now evaluate the best offers before hiring the appropriate service provider.

With all these factors combined, it’s no surprise that the demand for beauty services at home has skyrocketed. These external factors to the business environment have contributed to the increased demand for Salon Services at home. Now people just google – “salon services at home near me” “Female services at home near me” or “Female hair services at home near me” and they get accurate results in their locality. They just make a call at their preferred salon and book their appointment. As a result, salon service providers are now booking slots for home visits to ease their customers.

Why are home salon services easier and better than going to a salon?

People have formed an opinion that home salon services are easier and better than going to a salon. However, they are not wrong in this opinion. Beauty services at home have the edge over traditional ways of going to a salon. The following are some points to prove this fact:

Benefits of salon service at home
Benefits of salon service at home
  • It saves you money that otherwise would have been spent commuting to the Salon.
  • You get more attention from your attendant in the absence of his other clients.
  • You get to interact with the beautician informally.
  • You are more comfortable at home.
  • The beautician or stylist will not hurry in giving you the services as his/her customers are not waiting outside.
  • Parlour services at home might cost you less, and you can also ask the beautician to use your products.

If customers get so much and that too by staying home, it is easier for them to avail themselves of beauty services.

How hygiene conscious are the home salon services?

Everyone who works in the salon has a responsibility to use basic hygiene procedures to prevent infection or disease transmission.

salon services at home
Best Hygiene

The most crucial way to achieve this is to ensure that they are clean and everything in the salon. It is also the salon owner’s obligation to guarantee that the salon’s working environment does not have a negative impact on the health of their employees and, most importantly, their clients.

Furthermore, salon service providers pay extra attention to the hygiene of their staff. Before their visit to a customer’s residence, they go through a temperature check to rule out any possibility of them being Covid positive. They regularly sanitize their hands. As a preventive measure against Covid-19, most of the service providers who provide beauty services at home are now using disposable equipment. In case they do not, they sterilize their equipment before every fresh use. Sterilization is a cleaning method that kills all germs and bacteria on tools or surfaces that might cause infectious diseases.

So, the answer to this question is an affirmative yes. Most Salon service providers are hygiene conscious and even ask for feedback from their customers about their overall experience of the service to have a quality control check.

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How is doorstep beauty service a top revenue generator?

Over the years, there has been an upward trend in people recognizing and shifting to the freelance profession of beautician, stylist, make-up artist, etc. For those who get attracted to this profession due to its increasing demand, it is an obvious query that comes to their mind – How is doorstep beauty service a top revenue generator? They wonder why people are opting for this profession.

In reality, during their productive working hours, freelancers frequently suffer from the impacts of “idle time.” They sign up for any e-commerce site that offers relevant services, and the on-demand model allows them to receive more reservations and increase their income significantly. Full-time professionals can also use an app or website to provide beauty-related services at home and earn extra money in addition to their core income.

Some major points that made beauty service a top revenue generator:

  • Customers frequently request aesthetic services instead of other at-home services such as electrical fittings and carpentry because the specialists have so much to offer.
  • The perception of customers is changing. Now they are more open to having beauty services at home.
  • Other services like laundry, domestic help, and repair services take substantial time to adopt, but beauty services saw a massive demand in the first month itself. This shows a better response of customers to beauty services.

As per the forecast of industry experts, the business of on-demand salon services at home will still boom in the upcoming years. This forecast is made noticing the changed behaviour of customers and an increasing interest of people to pursue the profession of beautician, hairstylist, etc. If India can encash this trend, it will be able to improve the economic condition of the country. Furthermore, the boom in the beauty industry will also employ millions of unemployed Indians facing the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

No matter what makes you homebound, you can always book salon services at home with Yes Madam.


Which is the best salon-at-home app in India?

Yes Madam is the best salon at-home app in India that gets you top-notch salon services by highly trained professionals. The utmost priority is the hygiene and safety of the customer.

Which is the best at-home salon or nearby salon for maintaining hygiene?

At-home salons are best for maintaining hygiene instead of salons or beauty parlours nearby. It is your roof and we all know that in our homes, we never compromise with hygiene. Even the professionals at Yes Madam are bound to follow the 13 steps of safety protocols. Worry not. You will get served with quality.

How is a salon at home more convenient than the traditional one?

A salon at home is more convenient in many ways. Here you can get the best and hassle-free service. You can get served at home without waiting in queues. There won’t be any laziness to go to the salon when a professional is coming to your home. It is like doing grocery shopping while sitting at home. You do not need to carry heavy loads, and the delivery boy will deliver them to your home.

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