Do’s And Don’ts After Body Waxing

We all love summers but what we hate is getting waxed. We love looking pretty in our short dresses and cute crop tops but we hate the pain it cost us. During winters we might just match our legs with our brothers and fathers but it doesn’t go along with our friends be it the 20th century. We always think of how soft our skin will look because we know razors are not the right substitute. Body waxing at home can be easy only if you are helping others because when it comes to doing it on your right hand all your expertise is over.

To make sure you all are doing it the right way and keeping your skin healthy. We came up with a blog on do’s and don’ts of Body waxing at home.

DOs of body waxing at home

1. Exfoliate The Dirt

It is really very important that you start off with exfoliating. As your pores get lots of dirt and dust on regular basis and can get clogged too. Start exfoliating your legs or any part of your body with the help of a scrubber. It will help you to remove the dust and will clean the pore from deep. Also, it will give you smooth and fine legs.

Body waxing at home
Waxing – Beautician Removing Unwanted Hair from Female Leg with Wax Strips in a Beauty Salon

2. Apply Powder

Some people have very oily skin so it gets important for them to apply powder on their skin so that the glands don’t ruin it. If your body will start leaking the oil it will make waxing difficult and painful. You will not be able to pull off your hair all at once. Some baby powder will stop the greasiness and will allow easy pulling.

powder before waxing
beautician sprinkles talcum powder

3. Hold It Together

When you are pulling the strip try to hold the extra skin which is just floating as that grip will make it less painful. Try to stretch your skin as much as possible and hold the body part right before pulling the strip. The skin will allow you to get rid of hair easily as it will expand the pores.

Press the area you just waxed so that you can feel less of the pain.

4. Opposite Pulling

This is the most important tip if you are doing body waxing at home as it will help you get rid of hair from the roots. You have to pull the strip opposite of your hair direction. For example, if your hair is going downwards try to pull off the strip upwards to get it all clear. This helps you to get rid of roots from the hair follicle and it also promotes the slow regrowing of hair. If you will pull the hair in the same direction it will not give you the best and the smooth look.

Don’ts of body waxing at home

1. Avoid the Sun

Say bye to the sun for at least 24 hours or hi to a jacket or covers that can cover you from the harsh sun. Your skin becomes really sensitive after waxing and it becomes more prone to tan and irritation or even burns. Direct sun can harm your skin as your pores are open from the process of waxing. If you are waxing at home and you are not confident about this you can simply book a professional from Yes Madam.

2. Never Moisturize Before Waxing

If you are moisturizing your skin before waxing, thinking that it will reduce the pain it will make it worse. Oil on the skin makes it difficult for you to get rid of hair as oil does not promote good and smooth waxing. There will be a lot of patches that will be left after waxing and that will take double your time. It can cause inflammation on your skin and makes it more painful.

3. No Appointments On Periods

Your body has been going through a huge process of pain. It will not be good for you if you will get waxed on the same day as it will give you bad pains. Try to avoid scheduling on your period days. Your body is already in a pain and is not ready for another segment. So, give it a break and wait till it ends.

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4. Don’t Pull It Slow

If you are doing body waxing at home by yourself do not do this as it will give you major pains. If you think that pulling the strip slowly will make it less painful that is just a thought of yours as it will give you major pains. Just try to pull it quickly grabbing it tightly will make it less painful. This will not create much pain but pulling it slowly will be no less than receiving death threats.


1. Is it safe to body wax at home?

It is not a very safe process to do body wax at home. Follow the above steps to have a safe wax or you can book waxing near me service.

2. How can I wax myself at home?

First, start off with exfoliating and then apply some baby powder for the smooth wax and pull the strip in opposite direction and that’s all you are done.

3. Is waxing better than shaving?

Yes, it is as it might not be painful like waxing but it doesn’t give you smoothness as waxing does. Also, it promotes speedy growth as it does not take the hair from the roots.

You can also book a professional for any kind of beauty and wellness service at Yes madam.

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