7 Most Common Habits That Are Damaging Your Skin

Talking about health has been something which we don’t enjoy much because it starts with the word avoiding. Such things disappoint us and give a thought to movies, which only promote how we only live once. We might take this seriously but the main talk is that we have to take care of our health. This leads to many new skin problems.

It does not destroy our bodies or organs but also our face and skin (now you might want to listen). Such things can cause you skin problems and that can be dangerous.

skin problems
Acne and face skin problems

Things That Wreck Your Skin

1. Smoking

The first and the foremost thing that destroys you from the inside and the results are seen on the outside. Enjoying smoking might look cool but it isn’t as it reduces your life and not only that but also takes away all the goods from inside. It harms your lungs, kidney, and whatnot. Your lips will start turning black and your teeth will be yellow.

The skin gets thin, dull, and wrinkled and it does not repair as fast as normal peoples do. It makes you dependent on it and will lead to some serious addiction.

2. Phone Chatter

Constant chatting on the phone can invite a load of bacteria and that can lead to unhealthy skin problems. Even if your screen is clean it can still bring some unwanted germs that can lead to breakouts and some serious pimple problems. Acne can be one of the problems that can harm your skin due to over chatting on the phone as you sweat a lot due to the heat and it sticks on your face and ears. That is totally obnoxious.

3. Dirty Makeup Brushes

Using dirty brushes can harm your face as the makeup that is stuck on it can harm your skin. All the bacterias get a door to go in your pores and stay there as it gets into your skin. Never keep your brushes uncovered or uncleaned as they attract a lot of bacteria and fungus that lead to common skin diseases. You can use micellar water or soap to clean all of the extra makeup from the brushes.

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4. Ignoring Neck and Chest

We often do 10-step skincare but we forget our most exposed body parts which are the neck and chest. We generally never take extra efforts to take care of them and they get extreme heat and dust all day long. They are very important body parts and require full attention just like you give to your face. It can lead to new and different skin problems. Clean your neck nicely and your chest, scrub them properly and make them all clean and shiny.

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5. Exfoliating Dry Skin

Over Exfoliation can damage your skin as it can tear your skin and can take off the essential skin oils that are actually beneficial. There is some oil that is good for your skin and is healthy but over-exfoliation, can take all of it and can leave your skin dry and flaky. It can lead to instant breakouts and your skin will no longer be smooth and glowy but flaky and dry. Such skin problems can be difficult to cure. It increases the chances of skin issues and harms your body.

skin problems
dry skin from hand

6. Alcohol Consumption

Excess drinking can be bad and can cause some serious damage to your internal organs. It might be not serious to you but it is as it destroys the person slowly and kills the person from inside. It takes all your nutrients and makes your skin look dull. Over drinking also leads to ageing as it makes the process a lot faster and will get wrinkles saggy eyes and lips. It should scare you as it not only invites skin problems but also serious organ damage.

7. Excess Intake Of Sugar

Excess sugar is also very bad for the body as it speeds up the aging process and makes it worst by giving all the wrinkles, saggy eyes, and mature skin and it also can lead to diabetes an incurable disease. You have to take care of the amount of sugar you are intaking daily as it can be bad for your skin. You can cut on sugar like in coffee, tea, and bread as that can be the one way to reduce the amount of sugar intake.


What are the three habits that can keep a healthy skin?

The major three things that can keep your skin healthy are:-
Take proper sleep
Clean your face
Stop drinking and smoking

What foods damage the skin?

Intake of excess sugar and junk food harms your skin very badly.

What foods damage the skin?

Yes, If your diet includes a lot of junk food it can definitely bring some serious skin problems and that can be harmful to your skin.

Is milk good for the skin?

Yes, it is one of the best ways of getting clear skin naturally as it contains antioxidants that help your skin to restore easily and fast.

Can I wash my face with milk?

Yes, you can wash your face with raw milk and you can also keep it overnight to get glowy and plump skin in the morning.

Is honey good for your skin?

Yes, as it can be really very good for people who have oily skin and are acne-prone as its antioxidants help to fight against pimples.

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