Some Easy Tips To Stay Hydrated This Summer

Summers are the best weather to explore nature but the scorching heat makes the trips difficult. To relax this summer and not get faint you can follow such simple tricks and you are good to go. You can stay hydrated by drinking a good amount of water or with the help of fruits or smoothies which are rich in nutrients and are best friends of summers. These things will allow you to spend the summers with fewer worries and more berries.

These things are very light and are easily digestible also they promote good health and benefit you not in just summers but in other weathers also.

How to Stay Hydrated

1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is the best way to keep yourself hydrated. One should at least drink 7-10 liters of water daily. You can start drinking water right after you wake up or go to bed. Try to consume water after every meal that keeps your body light and hydrated. In summers never keep your body dehydrated as it can cause many diseases and is not at all healthy.

2. Don’t ignore the signs of water

If you are feeling nauseous or getting any headaches that can be a major sign. Itchy scalp, dryness, feeling cramps, and fainting all are the reasons for dehydration. To stay hydrated you need to add some coolers and water to your diet that will help your body to stay nourished and hydrated. If you are urinating and it’s yellow that is another sign of not b being nourished or hydrated.

If you’re observing all these problems then you should consult your doctor once as it is not normal. To neglect these signs

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3. Check your urine.

This might sound unreal or very eww to read but this is one more sign that you can check, the level of your hydration. If your urine is pale then it means you are hydrated and it is yellow or darker then you need immediate water consumption.

4. Eat foods with high water content.

The human body is 80% and the other 20% is food. To m maintain that ratio you should choose those food types that contains a good amount of water so that your tummy is also full and the need for water is also filled. There are so many food items that fall in this category like water cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, radishes, peppers, cauliflower, watermelon, and strawberries. They all contain 90 percent water or higher.

 stay hydrated
Eating fruits

5. Frozen Popsicles

If you do not like eating fruits or are too busy to hop on them you can have e some fruit popsicles. Frozen fruits are considered to be more nutrients as they are a rich and healthy source of water. You can freeze them and enjoy them in the summers as they will help you stay hydrated and keep you cool.

stay hydrated
Drinking water

6. Coconut Water

It is the best way to stay hydrated as coconut water is very good for hydration and it benefits your body with good n nutrients. This includes sugar so there is no requirement to add extra. The best part is that you can drink this anytime and anywhere you don’t have to prepare it or make it.

7. Milk

this might sound weird but it is more hydrating than the water itself. As milk contains loads of good nutrients that help your body to stay hydrated as it includes carbohydrates, protein, calcium, and many other things which are good for your health. It also has sodium which stays in your body long enough as it does not precipitate.


What is the best thing to drink in hot weather?

Juice, smoothies, coconut water, and many other drinks keep your body hydrated for a long and are rich in nutrients.

How do you stay hydrated in the sun?

Check your urine color if it’s yellow then you need to drink more water.
Try to avoid alcohol, sugary drinks, and caffeine that are too hot for bodies.

Does lemon water reduce body heat?

Lemons consist of vitamin C which helps your body to keep hydrated and it is the best way to stay hydrated and to stay cool in hot weather.

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