De-tan your skin with natural ingredients at home

Everybody experiences tanning problems from time to time. The harmful rays of the sun are the cause of many of our skin problems.

Direct sun exposure tans and dulls our skin. Although we receive beneficial vitamin D from the sun, ultraviolet rays can cause skin problems like sunburn. Even mild exposure to the sun is enough to increase the synthesis of vitamin D in the body.

A person’s sensitivity to sunlight can vary depending on how much sun exposure they receive. Even though sunscreen protects your skin from the sun to some extent, it does not completely shield you from the sun rays, causing your skin to tan over time. In addition, by exposure to harmful rays of the sun, your skin loses its lustre.

Taking care of your skin is even more critical in a country like India, where the sun shines all year long. So if your skin has become tanned due to your recent trip to the beaches or just your weekly or daily routine, we have just the right solution for you!

Check out these excellent home remedies for removing that suntan and getting radiant skin back.

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8 Natural Ingredients to De-tan your skin at home

● Milk and turmeric

Milk and turmeric for detaining
Milk and turmeric for detaining

The combination of milk and turmeric for skincare has been proven time and again as an effective way to remove tans, tone your skin, and keep it looking fresh.

Raw milk protects the skin from sun damage with its natural sunscreen properties. It reverses the effects of tan and is a natural skin protectant. In addition, milk acts as a powerful agent for improving the skin’s brightness by inhibiting the production of the tyrosine hormone. By controlling your body’s tyrosine levels, raw milk can improve your complexion.

A mixture of turmeric and raw milk is the best way to remove sun-tanned skin. This face mask removes tan while also providing your face with a golden glow. It only takes some raw milk and a pinch of turmeric in a bowl. You can add half a lemon for some added benefits. Now, apply this mixture evenly on the face for about 5 minutes, then let it dry. Finally, wash it off with regular water. This face pack works wonders on the skin and leaves it looking soft and glowing.

● Sugar Scrub Made With Raw Milk

Sugar Scrub Made With Raw Milk
Sugar Scrub Made With Raw Milk

Scrubbing removes sun tan more effectively than anything else. You can scrub your tan away with raw milk when you mix it with a bit of sugar. You should let the sugar soak into the raw milk for about two minutes. Then squeeze in half a lemon.

This paste can also be applied on your hands, feet, and legs. Using a gentle motion, scrub until the sugar melts and the scrub starts to dry. After it has dried completely, wash it off with cold water. The scrub is the fastest way to remove a tan. Skin is also left glowing after using this natural exfoliant.

You can read in detail about the benefits of scrubbing here.

● Fresh Milk And Cucumber Pack

Fresh Milk And Cucumber Pack
Fresh Milk And Cucumber Pack

Cucumber and milk are both cooling agents, making this face pack an excellent solution to summer tans. In addition, cucumber contains Vitamin C that soothes the skin, and raw milk can remove excessive tan.

Make the pack by blending a cucumber with about two tablespoons of raw milk until it is paste. Apply this to all areas of concern, such as the face, hands, and legs. As the face pack is runny, it is likely to spill, so apply a little at a time. Your skin should become dry after you’ve let it sit for a few minutes. You can now wash it with cold water for a soothing sensation.

● Aloe vera gel

Aloevera gel

Studies show that aloe vera gel on the skin helps to replenish its natural moisture while acting like a protective layer against the environment. When you are tanned, it is highly beneficial for your skin. Mix some aloe vera and lemon juice and apply some on your face. It is best to leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

Aloe vera isn’t just beneficial for your skin. Read about how you can incorporate aloe vera for hair care in your routine.

● Tomatoes

Pureed tomatoes are gentle on the skin and helpful for removing tans. It also helps to make dry skin bright and luminous; it replenishes skin with oils as well. Additionally, you can apply it to the hair for some extra shine, and it can also protect hair from the sun.

Detan your face
Detan your face

● Curd and honey pack

Curd provides your body with many essential nutrients. It not only offers health benefits; it also helps to eliminate facial tan, which makes the skin appear clear and beautiful. In addition, having lactic acid in yoghurt has several skin benefits, including reducing the appearance of summer complexions, keeping skin glowing, and boosting collagen production.

To De-tan your skin, combine two tablespoons of curd with one tablespoon of honey in a small mixing bowl to get a smooth, lump-free mixture. Before applying makeup, wash your face gently with a natural cleanser and pat dry with a towel. The mixture should be applied to the front and left on for 20 minutes. Then, it should be cleaned with some cold water and dried with a soft towel. Get the best results by using it once a week.

● Potatoes

It is a well-known fact that potatoes have healing powers in any form, whether mashed, peeled, or juiced. You can make a thick potato juice by blending potato with lemon juice and applying it to your skin. Be sure to let it sit for 30 to 45 minutes before rinsing. 

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● Curd and gram flour pack

Combine one tablespoon of curd with one tablespoon of gram flour. After mixing the ingredients well, apply the mixture to a cleansed face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. To achieve the best results, use the pack one or two times a week.

It takes time for natural ingredients to work their magic. Therefore, follow the recipes mentioned and follow them as instructed. The results will become evident after a few weeks.

If you don’t want the hassle that comes with mixing ingredients and applying them to your skin, contact YesMadam and receive the best de-tan service at home.

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