How to form the best skin care routine for men?

It’s never too early or too late to start the skin care routine for men or reform the one you already have. Following a skincare routine is like an investment in your health, hair, skin and self-confidence as a skincare routine also includes the steps like eating healthy, sleeping right, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly. And these are the habits which help you stay alive and kicking from the inside out.

Hopefully, this skincare guide helps you figure out the best skin care routine for men. If you begin with this guide, you will be miles ahead of many men. It is a great place to kick-start a male skin care routine.

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A quick chart to understand skin care routine for men

Skin Care ProductsFacial CleanserExfoliationNight cream
Skin Care ProductsEye CreamTonerSpot Treatments
Skin Care ProductsMoisturizerSerumFacial
Skin Care ProductsSunscreenFace MaskPrescription cream (Optional)

Skincare routine for beginners:

Cleansing face

Facial Cleansers:

When a man has to cleanse his face, soap is the first thing he prefers to choose. But soap tends to leave a squeaky-clean and dry feeling, which indicates that your skin is over-cleansed, and its protective barrier is disrupted.

It means soaps strip away the good oil that keeps the skin hydrated and nourished. So, ditch your daily hand soap and pick a facial cleanser that is specifically designed for your skin type.

Make sure to cleanse your face twice a day (after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night) to form the best face care routine.

Eye Cream:

The skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest skin on your face. So, it tends to lose moisturizer quickly and show ageing signs soon. So, an eye cream is essential. Eye cream is like a magic wand that can fix a whole lot of skin problems alone.

Dark circles? Puffy bags? Wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes? Pick an eye cream to combat them all!

An eye cream not only helps you address these concerns but also leave your eyes looking fresh. Use an eye cream every morning and night after cleansing your face.


One of the biggest skincare mistakes I find guys often do is to skip moisturizers, especially men with oily skin. They don’t like how it feels to have greasy and sticky skin.

But you know the solution is not skipping the moisturizer but finding the right one as per your skin type. There are many lightweight formulas that prevent your skin from feeling sticky and maintain moisture too.


No matter what your skin tone or type is, don’t miss wearing SPF daily. Even if you are not in direct contact with the sun, wearing sunscreen is a must-follow step of every skin care routine for men.

Seriously, UV rays are very harmful to our skin that not only damage skin texture but can also cause many skin ailments including skin cancer.

You know sunscreen and moisturizers are two of the most effective anti-ageing products of every skincare routine.

Skin care routine for intermediate

Congrats you have learnt all about beginners’ morning skin care routine for men and moved a level forward!

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Regular exfoliation is essential as it helps unclog pores and remove dead skin cells, revealing smoother, brighter and softer skin whilst preventing breakouts.

Before you say, exfoliation should be an important part of a beginner skincare routine, let me tell you it is at the intermediate level because you need not exfoliate daily. Twice a week is more than enough to remove dead skin cells. Also, you are advised to exfoliate at night after cleansing and before moisturizing so that your skin can recover when you sleep.

To exfoliate your skin, you can use either homemade scrub or a chemical exfoliant.  

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Toners are used to deep cleanse the skin or extract impurities left behind from cleansing. It also helps rebalance PH Levels, rehydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of pores.

If you have dry skin, toners can be invaluable skin care products to restore much-needed moisture. If you have oily skin or struggling with acne breakouts, toners help keep your skin clear and shine-free.


Serum should be part of your daily skincare routine if you want to target any specific skin concerns like ageing signs, blemishes, pores etc. It simply means that you can skip using serum if you are not dealing with any skin concerns.

Serums are meant to target your skin problems by imparting active ingredients and nutrients to the skin. The best part is no matter your skin type and your skin concerns, there is a serum for you. But finding the one for you is a little hard as you are often unsure what you need. So, the best thing you can do while choosing a serum is to look for one that addresses a variety of issues.

If you add serum to your daily skincare routine, it should go like a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Face Mask:

Face masks work like serums to target specific skin concerns by infusing concentrated ingredients into the skin.

There are several different types of face masks available in the skincare market. So, you can easily find one that does almost anything – deep cleansing, hydrating, nourishing, exfoliating and so on. No matter your skincare aim, there’s a mask for that. All you need to do is to find one as per your skin type and the specific skin concerns you want to target.

Face masks are meant to supplement our core skincare routines. But like exfoliants, you need not add a face mask to your daily skin care routine for men. Use it once or twice a week to get healthy glowing skin.

Advanced skin care routine for men

This is where things turn a bit serious. The advanced-level skin care routine is more focused on an ingredient-centered approach. Typically, this level includes night creams, prescriptions from the dermatologist and regular facial services.

Professional facial for men, regular services,
Professional facial for men

Night Cream:

Using a separate moisturizer for the night may seem like a crazy deal for many men out there but if you do so, your skin will thank you. Night moisturizers are packed with active and age-defying ingredients that help your skin rebuild itself when you rest.

Using your morning moisturizer for the night too is fine but having a separate place for a night cream in your skincare routine is the real pro move. For added benefits, find a night cream with gentle exfoliating acids or anti-ageing retinol that works overnight.

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Spot Treatments: 

Dealing with skin issues like hyperpigmentation, acne, scars etc.? Then spot treatment should be an essential part of your night skin care routine for men.

This step of skin care routine for men helps heal acne marks, disappear stubborn pimples, lighten hyperpigmentation, and remove scars. You can find a spot treatment cream to address your skin concerns.

Facial Services:

Honestly telling regular facials is one of the most important skin care routine steps. Even beginners should go for regular facial services to get healthy radiance and maintain younger-looking skin for longer. It is also a way to give yourself some much need pampering and ‘Me Time.’

I can understand, in today’s hectic work schedule, you don’t get enough time for regular salon visits to get facials or other male grooming services. No worries, with Yes Madam, you can call the salon at home and get a facial at your doorstep.

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Now, no more excuses to keep men’s facial routines on the back burner. Book at home facials for men now with Yes Madam.

FAQs on Skin care routine for men

Do most men have a skincare routine?
Typically, men don’t follow a skin care routine. Cleansing and shaving are just two of the essential steps of their skin care routine.
Should guys have a skincare routine?
Yes, every guy must have a skin care routine as per his skin type.
What are men’s skin care routine steps?
Daily skin care routine steps for men should go like
Is beard trimming once a week necessary?
Yes, to stay a well-groomed man, you must go for a beard-trimming service at least once a week. You can book Yes Madam’s male grooming services for the best result.
How does Yes Madam help men’s grooming at home?
Yes Madam provides various male grooming and facial services for men at home. You can book these services on regular basis to complement your skin care routine for men.
What is included in men’s skincare routine?
Spot treatment, exfoliation, face mask, retinol and professional facial services are some of the most important steps of every man’s skincare routine.
Is a dermatologist-recommended men’s skin care routine good?
Yes, if you are dealing with any serious skin concerns, you must consult your dermatologist to form a skin care routine for men that can benefit you and address your specific skin concerns.

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