The benefits & reasons for getting spa treatments for men

The history of spa therapy

Spa treatment has become one of the most popular ways to pamper yourself. The Belgians discovered in 1326 that the spa had several therapeutic benefits beyond sanitation. The benefits of spa treatments are endless. As a result, spas began to spring up all over the world, gaining rapid popularity. It is both physically and mentally beneficial to visit a spa. Back pain and arthritis are two ailments for which spa therapy is increasingly used as a medical treatment. Spas are defined by the International Spa Association as “entities” devoted to enhancing overall wellbeing through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body, and Spirit.”

The Benefits of Spa Treatment for Men

Spa for men is a relatively new phenomenon for guys as the term ‘spa’ is mostly related to females only. Despite all the benefits that spa therapy offers to all genders, the spa is often restricted to women only. However, spa treatments are observed to be more tailored to men than women.

Here are a few reasons why men need spa therapy:

Men Spa
Spa therapy

1. Relaxation:

Relaxation is the biggest takeaway from a spa day, and relaxation is a human need. The products used in spas are gender-neutral. The spa has a variety of products for various skin types and men can easily choose the products best suited for their skin type. Men can greatly benefit from facial treatments, they use significantly less moisturizing products on their faces than women. According to several studies, men need moisturizing too, since they are constantly shaving their faces. A good facial can dramatically improve a man’s skin on a spa day.

2. Waxing:

Waxing is one of the services offered at spas and men can benefit a lot from it. Waxing the chest and back can be tricky. This is taken care of at a spa and the results stay for a longer period.

3. Massage:

Massages are the best way to relieve stress. After a long day of sitting behind your computer and working or after an intense workout at the gym, massage for men is the best way to get all the tightness and stress out of your system. It untangles muscle knots and releases tension, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

4. Manicure and Pedicure

The manicure and pedicure services are essential to maintaining good hygiene. Our hands and feet come in contact with dirt the most. Having clean and trimmed nails and healthy cuticles not only for the appearance but also for health. Most men are completely unaware of the importance of men grooming services. Occasional spa visits can be of great help to them.

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Some other benefits of Spa therapy

  • Spending time at the spa with your loved one is a wonderful experience. With special packages made for couples, it is a great bonding activity for them.
  • Spa therapy reinforces the bond between couples. Couples can unwind together and de-stress after a long week by spending quality time together.
  • Also, spas are said to be directly linked to happiness and self-esteem. A well-groomed appearance and relaxed appearance positively impact our self-esteem and that’s what spa therapy offers to men and women.
  • It helps increase the secretion of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. Thus, it helps relieve anxiety and live a stress-free life.
  • Spa therapy also boosts energy levels and restores balance so that we are better equipped to handle stressful situations.
Male Massage
Male Massage

Recent changes in the spa industry

Although it’s better for both sexes to take care of their physical and mental health in order to be happy and healthy, wellness is viewed as a feminine endeavour. However, there have been improvements in terms of un-gendering in the wellness and beauty industries in recent years. With the intensification of globalization, the concept of beauty and the need for beauty has undergone evolutionary changes.

In the present day, men and women tend to spend more time, energy, and money on beauty treatments in beauty salons and spas. In the past decade, the male spa-goer population has jumped from 31% to 47%, according to Consumer Snapshot studies. Men are also becoming more aware of the importance of self-care and are taking steps towards it. Increasingly, people are realizing that spas are not just about beauty and pampering, but also about their health and overall well-being. Due to the rat race and constant competition of today’s world, it becomes necessary to take a break from our mundane routines.

In response to the growing male clientele, spas are also coming up with innovative ways to make their male clients feel comfortable and welcome.

While many spas still utilize hyper-feminine décor and fragrances, they are quickly adopting a gender-neutral ambience that appeals to both men and women. The subtle but significant change is indicative of the spa business’s growing concern and attention to the needs of its male clients.

Male spa at home service
Benefits of Spa for men

Additionally, the industry of men’s grooming has seen steady growth. In the last few years, this industry has grown to be worth billions of dollars, breaking gender and beauty stereotypes constantly. This has contributed to the growth of unisex services. In order to make the spa unisex, men must also feel welcome. Creating packages and offers for men can effectively encourage more men to take advantage of the service.

We see many spa pictures in magazines and on billboards of women relaxing. The inclusion of males in advertisements is also necessary. It is possible to make male clients feel more comfortable by hiring men as massage therapists. By doing this, we will establish trust and a professional reputation with the men, breaking the stigma that wellness is a feminine concept.

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Spa treatments for men FAQs

1. What do guys do at a spa?

A men’s spa will help men trim their facial hair, cut their nails, and attain other grooming services. It will help them look stylish and healthy. People are taking better care of their skin and grooming themselves because social media is becoming stronger and influencing them to look perfect. So, the men’s spa has witnessed a sudden spike in recent years.

2. What are the most popular spa treatments for men?

If you have never experienced a spa session, you haven’t tasted the real taste of life. If you get attended by professionals, the spa session will be a heaven-like experience. The Spa for men will furnish many rejuvenating spa treatments for men.
Facials: Crucial step in a skincare routine, rebuilds blood flow and keeps your skin glowing and healthy.
Deep tissue massage: Relieves anxiety, stress, and pain entirely.
Sauna or steam room: Deep cleansing of skin and detoxification.
Spa for men offers various services. And you can try Yes Madam’s spa services at home rather than looking for spa services nearby.

3. What are the benefits of a body spa treatment for men?

Firstly, you can’t count the blessings of a body spa. Still, I will tell you why men should go to a body spa. A men’s spa session will not furnish the benefits just but the power your body and skin demand.
1. De-stress yourself to calm your mind deeply,
2. Skin becomes brighter and more vibrant,
3. Produces serotonin and dopamine to bring positive vibes to your body and mind,
4. Slows down the ageing process,
5. The panacea to solve the issue of pain.

4. What is the difference between a body massage and a body spa?

A body massage will help with injuries, pain, and many more things in your body. The deep tissue massage targets the pain that painkillers or often sprays can’t heal, whereas a body spa will help your skin and body, too. But in a body spa session, the therapist’s goal is to de-stress the customer rather than heal the ailment.

5. Which men’s spa near me is the best and most affordable?

We all have smartphones, and it is your key that will open the door to the best male body spa parlour near you. Type YES MADAM into your phone, and it will redirect you to its official website. Go, and book spa services at home rather than looking for nearby spa services. Here the trained professionals will come to serve you.

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