Tips and Tricks for Managing Curly Hair

Everyone likes those luscious curly locks until it comes to taking care of them. If you have curly hair, you sure are god’s favorite because that is like having a cool hairstyle 24×7 as long as you enjoy the compliments, having curly hair is like a fairytale, but when it comes to their care, the reality hits, and oh dear, we know you dread it. Sure it comes with problems of its own, and it’s not an easy task to manage a curly mane, but with the right steps, you can live in your hair fairytale forever. So we are here to give solutions to the ultimate question of how to maintain curly hair. Here are some great tips and tricks to keep your curly locks on point while keeping away all the frizz and flyaways.

1. Choose your haircare wisely.

The one-shot answer to the question of how to manage curls is by choosing an appropriate curly hair care routine. The first step is choosing nourishing hair care products to keep that frizz away. Try choosing products with fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients. You should invest in products like leave-in conditioners, hair masks, serums, hair oils, etc. You need these commodities to help smooth out curly hair because the hair texture can feel dry and coarse, particularly immediately after a wash. A little tip here you can mix and match products to get the right hair care kit for you, like opting for an anti-frizz serum, smoothening masque, and strengthening and hydrating shampoo.

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2. Stay away from the heating treatments

Curly hair is prone to frizz, and heating further damages the hair. Heat treatment is not the right choice for curly hair, so you should stay away from heat styling. If that’s too necessary, make sure you generously apply pre-styling nourishing serums and follow up with a good hair pampering session. Utilize a heat protection spray or cream to guard your hair before using a flat iron or blow dryer.

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3. Comb with care

Are you thinking about how to manage thick curly hair? One of the remedies and prevention to manage your curly crown is a good comb and practicing the right combing technique. Well, for you that means, using a wide-tooth comb and preferably a wooden one. Stay away from close-knitted combs and brushes. The right technique is always to start combing your hair from the bottom and then ride up to the top. Also, detangle your hair using fingers after a hair wash and comb them pre-shower for minimal breakage.

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4. Keep a check on your shampoo routine

 If you are a curly hair gang, your frequency of hair wash matters more than you think.  For starters, never wash your hair daily as it will just make them more prone to frizz. No one likes unmanageable hair or, for that fact dirty, shampoo 2-4 times a week, depending on your schedule. If you need to wash your hair often, use a gentle shampoo. One thing that is non-negotiable while shampooing your curly crown is the usage of cold water. You should always use cold water to wash your hair. The best treatment for curly hair or any type of hair for that matter is maintaining a healthy, clean, and nourished scalp.

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5. Pamper your curls

A little pampering never hurts, and dear, you deserve this. So book yourself that long-pending hair massage, or a hair spa, or any other hair treatment for healthy hair. This will increase blood circulation in your scalp, nourish your locks, stimulate growth and promote strong, healthy, and shiny hair in the longer run. Always make sure you go for regular trims to avoid split ends. A curly hair care routine must include pampering. You can also go for some DIYs if you don’t want to step out.

6. A healthy lifestyle is a key to healthy hair

Do you want to know the best tip to maintain curly hair? Well, it’s the evergreen solution to every problem. Your hair health is a mirror of your lifestyle. Always take a balanced diet full of vitamins, and make sure you take your protein. Protein, omega acids, vitamins, and minerals are literally the building blocks of your hair, and you might not want to skip them. Also, not skipping some regular exercises to maintain blood flow throughout the body promotes strong hair. You can do anything, but you need to move. Keep your hydration in check and drink loads of water. One should at least drink 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day. Make sure you follow a proper sleep pattern and get at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep daily. Pro tip: Use a satin pillow cover to reduce hair friction while sleeping. Also, don’t forget to smile and be happy because being happy leads to happy hair.

If you want healthy hair, maintain a healthy diet. Check out your hair diet!

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