Is Keratin A Natural Treatment?

Tired of frizzy and unmanageable hair? A keratin hair treatment might be your way out. A keratin hair treatment makes your hair sleeker and smoother. Read this article to be well-informed about keratin hair treatment!

What is Keratin | Why is Keratin important?

Keratin falls under the family of fibrous structural proteins. It is an important substance that helps form nails and skin. It is also the key ingredient that makes up the strands of your hair.

keratin hair treatment
What is Keratin

Due to pollution, sun exposure, and harsh chemicals, the keratin content in our hair reduces. The keratin or keratin-based product helps protect hair strands. They also deliver an internal structure to your hair, improving your hair health. However, in curly hair, protein is weaker. This may often lead to hair drying and getting fizzy. Keratin, therefore, is effective in making hair strong and lustrous.

A keratin treatment is a type of chemical process to treat your hair. Professionals coat hair strands with protein to give them a smooth shiny texture. These keratin treatments work by diving into the hair follicle. This infuses the follicles with keratin to make hair smooth and healthier.

However, keratin alone is not able to tame frizz. Frizz is treated by adding formaldehyde to the keratin formula. The keratin treatment locks the chain of keratin into a straight line. The product is applied to the hair strands, avoiding the scalp. The next step is to blow-dry and flat-iron the hair. This leaves the hair overly straight for the next few days.

Results of a keratin treatment usually last for 5-6 months. A few salons/professionals customize products to suit your hair type. The treatment takes 2-4 hours on average. It also depends on your hair length, texture, and the formula being used. Going out and spending 2-3 hours can be a tiring process for many. To save your time and effort, we bring to you an at-home salon.

YES MADAM is an at-home salon with a team of professionals. They provide you with the best hair care services right at your doorstep. You can easily book an online appointment at your convenience. Avail of their services to get soft and lustrous hair.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment:

is keratin a natural treatment
Keratin hair treatment

Unsure whether to get keratin or not? Don’t worry. We got you covered. We have listed the benefits that come along with keratin. You can book sessions from YES MADAM for effective results. Read further to know the benefits keratin treatment provides:

Makes your hair healthy

Factors like dust and pollution can rip off keratin from your hair. This leads to several pores forming on your follicles. Keratin is infused into your follicles to fill the pores. This in turn makes your hair healthy and strong.

‘YES MADAM’ offers Up to Shoulder – Keratin Hair Spa Treatment. This keratin spa treatment restores dry, dull & damaged hair. It is also safe to use on sensitive or chemically-treated hair. It does not mix with the colored hair and keeps your highlights fresh.

Makes your hair manageable

Makes your hair manageable
Makes your hair manageable

Healthy hair is lustrous and frizz-free that doesn’t require regular combing. It is also not prone to breaking or drying. With healthy hair, you don’t need to worry about hair concerns. Keratin heals your hair from the roots, making them manageable.

The next keratin treatment by YES MADAM is best for long hair. The Below Waist – Keratin Hair Treatment stimulates hair growth and thickening. It also fights frizz, split ends, and protects hair from heat damage. By dealing with hair issues, this treatment makes your hair easy to manage.

Retains Moisture

is keratin a natural treatment
Retains Moisture

Keratin treatment fills up the lost keratin in the hair. This makes the hair strands smooth and thick. It also helps the strands retain moisture, preventing dryness. Keratin makes the hair strong, which helps strands retain the natural oils.


Keratin Treatment makes up for the lost keratin from your hair strands. Filling up the keratin deficit, the treatment makes the hair healthy. Healthy hair can retain lots of moisture that prevents dryness or frizz. As a result, you get smooth and lustrous hair.

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Cuts down on time taken to style your hair

When you have smooth and silky hair, it gest easy to style. It cuts down the costs of daily hair maintenance to smooth out the frizz. It also increases hair density, making it easy to style.

Looking for a salon to trust with your hair and keratin treatment? YES MADAM is just the place you want. Keratin treatment can often shake your financial chart, but not with YES MADAM. It offers you cost-effective hair care services that are worth the money right at the comfort of your home. Their keratin treatment boosts hair thickening and increases hair volume. It also repairs, strengthens, and retains shine and moisture in the strands. Book your appointment to pamper yourself with the services offered by ‘YES MADAM’.

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