The Correct Ways To Use Razors

Today! we will talk about a very common weekly activity that is shaving. Women are obsessed with this method as it helps you get rid of body hair very conveniently without pain except you are doing it all right. Noone basically teaches you or gives you a tutorial on “How to Use Razers” so here is a basic guide for you, so that you never cut yourself again.

Razors might look dangerous at first but honestly, they become your reliable friends in your 20s. But we observe that the results might cause flaky skin sometimes due to bad pre-preparation of skin. 

We have heard a few myths about shaving that it causes bad growth and extreme hair but it is not possible as the roots will not get multiplied from this method as it is not possible. These myths are going to be shaved in this blog as we will disclose a few prepping ideas to promote healthy legs as summer has already taken the seat in the weather. 

How To Prep Your Skin Before Shaving

Razor for women

1. Exfoliate- The major step is to exfoliate the legs and arms, to deep clean the skin so that all the dirt takes the exist and leaves behind the clear one.

It will help you to clear off the dead skin cells which will give a radiate skin after shaving.

Use can use some mild scrub that includes the walnut, apricot, or any other substance which can solve the purpose. 

2. Shave on Wet Legs- The thumb rule is to shave on wet legs as on dry legs there are chances to get cuts as the blade will not glide properly and will cause serious damage to your skin.

3. Use foam- Soap is not the real deal for shaving as it can not give you the finishing that you are aiming for. Shaving cream has that density to get you the hair out easily and will leave softer skin behind. 

4. Right Razor- Always use your razors those are recommended for women’s use as other razors do not contain the gel base beneath the blades which can harm your soft skin and can cause blemishes and cuts which will not lead to healthy legs.

Some Post Do’s To Get Flawless Skin

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1. Moisturize- This step is a must as you need to moisturize your skin right after the shave as it will close your pores so that no dust particles can enter into the follicle and harm your skin.

2. Dry your Legs- Pat dry your skin with a soft towel or a cotton T-shirt to prevent any harshness to your skin as you might have cut your skin but couldn’t realize it.

So to prevent any Ouch moments dry your skin gently.

Best Razors For Women To Use

There are a few goods and recommended brands that are pocket friendly and will not cost you a fortune. Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Razor is a good razor also Nylea FlexShave 6-Blade Razor can also give you smooth results.

 Face Shaving Do’s And Dont’s 

how to use razors
Hair Removal for women


Always prep your skin by exfoliating it to get rid of dirt.

Start your shaving process with the application of cream or aloe vera gets to glide the razor smooth on your skin and prevent any cuts.

Always wash your razor after a single stroke to keep the blade clean and hygienic.

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Keep your leg razor and face razor separate to avoid any hygiene issues. Don’t be harsh on your skin if your skin gets irritated with the process that means it is not for you.

We would not recommend you the shaving part as it does not provide you the finishing as the waxing does in the process of shaving you have the risk of cutting your skin or damaging it as it can leave the roots in a bad condition. There can be redness and pimples which cause dark marks and make the skin look darker and too clean. And we love strawberries in smoothies, not on legs as it just takes away the glowy look.

Whereas waxing is the best hair removal option as we have heard the ” no pain no gain” so it is the best and the most recommended option for hair removal.

To get a flawless legs and arms book Yes Madam for the best waxing deals.

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