Prioritize Pampering This Women’s Day

Don’t we all have a girl gang who we hardly ever get to meet because of the everyday work cycle? Well, 8th March is going to be THE day then. We have a fun plan in mind for you, for this Women’s day. Take the day off because, why not!!! Drop-in a text in your girl’s WhatsApp group, decide a venue, catch up on where you’d left and pamper yourself for the whole day. We’ll make the pampering part easier for you because, with one click, our Service Professionals will be there for you and your squad with the entire “Pampering” setup.

A girl’s date cannot be complete without talking about hair and nails and that’s exactly what you can do this Women’s day. Take a break ladies, it’s your day to take a breather and relax for a bit.

Life isn’t perfect, but Nails can be!

A nails date along with catching up on all the gossip with the girls, sounds like the best plan, doesn’t it? Well, we’ll make it work for you, our service professional will be there right where you are and give you the nails, right how you want them.

Prioritize Pampering This Women's Day
Women’s day

Love is in the Hair

Girls are obsessed with their hair, and nobody can argue about that. Hair has to be A1 at all times, but for that, they also need some pampering and care. Take this special day to give your hair the care they need. A Hair spa or even a simple trim can change your hair game, don’t overthink and just go for it because love really is in the “Hair”.

women's day pampering
women’s day pampering

Skincare is Essential

Just like most people follow a religion, people nowadays have started following skincare. Over time, skincare has turned into a religion, its importance has raised exponentially which is great. Skincare is a necessity, to keep our skin glowing and healthy, and so are regular facials. And not to forget that facials with the girl gang are just another level of fun. So take this chance to give you skin the pampering along with some catching up with the girls.

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Makeup is an Art

Prioritize Pampering This Women's Day
Makeup is an Art

Be it the girls or guys, makeup has been everyone’s favorite lately. After a full skin and hair pampering, get yourself all dolled up for the night with a touch of makeup and go with the girls for a Women’s Day special dinner and drinks. The day is named after you, make the most of it, have the best time, and most importantly give yourself the well-deserved break.

Pampering can never go wrong, and when with the girl gang, the fun is doubled. Only us girls know what goes behind the girl squad meetings. So make yourself and your girls feel special this Women’s Day, resort to pampering. Though meeting the girls in itself sometimes works as therapy, real pampering would be a group hair and nails session. You decide the venue and let us know, Yes Madam‘s service professional will be right there to provide you with the services you and your girls would want.

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