Body Polishing: Everything You Need To Know

Nothing describes pampering as a full-body soothing treatment that just makes you feel like a goddess. Well, if you have never heard of body polishing yet here’s all you need to know about the service. It is the perfect blend of a spa and a cosmetic service as you get the best of both worlds!

In the monotony of life, we take some time to pamper our facial skin, we use multiple creams, serums, and whatnot. But do we really take care of our bodies? The skin of our body is usually neglected because it bears so much and shows so little. It’s high time we start giving it the love it deserves by booking a full-body service every once in a while.

What is body polishing?

The easiest way to describe it is by calling it a facial-like treatment for the body. It involves around 7 steps that focus on providing hydration to the skin. The procedure is done using various cosmetic products that play different roles in each step. Body polishing is a type of full-body exfoliation that removes dead skin cells, promotes cell regeneration, and moisturizes the skin.

body polishing
Body polishing at home

And since your body faces exposure that is more or less the same as your face, it needs adequate cleaning. The dead skin cells need to be removed and the surface needs to be cleared to prevent their accumulation, thus preventing further damage.

Steps in the body polishing process

The body polishing treatment is done by many professionals all over the world. And just like any other beauty service, the steps involved can vary depending on the professional, the client, and the service provider. The below-mentioned steps are the ones included in Yes Madam’s body polishing service.

body polishing kit
Body polishing kit

The 7-step procedure includes pampering of the most exposed parts of the body and helps treat several skin issues.

  • Cleansing: YM experts use a Vanilla Milk cleanser. It is a good moisturizing cleanser which deeply cleans the impurities from the skin.
  • Scrubbing: Biotanica plum scrub is used for scrubbing and exfoliation. Plum is an antioxidant agent, it helps lighten the scars on the body, and it also regulates the blood circulation of the body. It also helps remove dead skinĀ 
  • Gel Application: Green apple gel helps soothe the skin after scrubbing. It is a water base gel which makes it good in hydration, as its active ingredient is aloe vera and papaya enzymes. The gel helps to soothes the skin texture and lightens the tan of the skin.   It also helps maintain the skin texture.
  • Serum Application: Pomegranate serum is used after this. It nourishes the skin and reduces the sensitivity. It also combats inflammation from acne breakouts.
  • Massage: A relaxing massage with Biotanica’s mango cream helps to retain moisture of the skin. As mango is a good source of Vitamin C it stops the growth of free radicals. It also helps in treating pigmentation.
  • De-tan Pack: The application of the lemon pack is rich in citric acid which helps in lightening the scars. It also helps in de-tanning and removes impurities from the skin.
  • Moisturizer: In the end, the hydration is sealed in with avocado body butter. This moisturizer contains all the goodness of avocado. Avocado is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. The avocado oil helps your skin stay smooth, strong and elastic. It also calms itchy skin, heals chapped skin, replenishes dry skin, hydrates and moisturizes the skin. This also acts as a shield for skin from ultraviolet rays.

Benefits of body polishing

Body polishing detoxifies and soothes the mind-body-spirit by pampering the body to provide one of the most luxurious, refreshing & relaxing experiences. This treatment restores the skin’s suppleness and firmness.

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Enhances cellular growth

The procedure helps remove dead skin cells, which further help in the growth of new skin cells. The removal of dead skin enhances the texture of the skin and makes it appear more radiant. The active ingredients present in the products used in the service help balance the pH level of the skin and make it healthier. Renewal of skin cells helps heal pigmentation and scars which makes the skin even-toned.

Treats dry & dehydrated skin

If you feel like your skin has become dull all of a sudden, it is due to dehydration. Dehydration of skin leads to dullness, acne, dead skin, etc. In order to treat dehydrated skin, you need to use gentle cleansers, hydrating creams, and always wear a moisturizer. But these steps are going to take some time, with body polishing you can see visible results in just one sitting.

body polishing
body polishing

Helps remove tan & treat sun damage

Sun damage is not directly visible but it shows up via signs such as premature ageing, tanning, and healing of scars. This is why we must protect our skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen at all times. But at times, we forget to apply SPF to the body and it leads to tanning because of exposure. The body polishing treatment involves de-tanning products that help remove superficial tan significantly.

To sum it up

Body polishing is a great service to try at least once and then you’ll fall in love with it! The perfect combination of spa and beauty makes you want to book it again and again. And if you’re lucky enough, you might get to catch Yes Madam’s offer of body polishing at a discount of 70%. Download the Yes Madam App and try your luck ASAP!

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