The best way to brighten your underarms: Natural ways to do it

It can be embarrassing to have dark underarms. This may also cause them to lose confidence and negatively impact their self-esteem. Darker underarms can make it difficult for some people to wear sleeveless tops, or bathing suits in public, or to play sports. In many ways, it has an adverse effect on the lives of people.

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7 Home Remedies for Brightening Underarms

Due to the delicate and sensitive nature of the underarm skin, it is extremely susceptible to skin damage. However, you can take care of your underarms at home using some of these natural methods.

● Baking soda

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The accumulation of dead skin cells over time is the reason for dark underarms. Furthermore, it darkens your underarms further and clogs your pores, prohibiting your skin from breathing. Therefore, it is essential to exfoliate these dead cells off your skin. The ideal solution is to use baking soda. Baking soda scrapes dead skin off the skin by creating an exothermic reaction. This leaves the skin supple and smooth.

For making the baking soda solution, you need the follow these steps:

Step 1 – Combine water and baking soda to form a paste.

Step 2 – Smoothly massage the product into your underarms in circular motions and leave it on for over a minute.

Step 3 – Wash with cool water and pat it dry.

Follow this three times a week, and you will see results.

● Lemon

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Acidity in lemons eliminates dead cells. Additionally, their bleaching properties lighten underarms. To bleach your underarms naturally with lemon, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Using a knife, cut a lemon in half and dip it in sugar.

Step 2 – Massage your underarms with the slice for two minutes. There may be some mild stinging and itching.

Step 3 – Leave it on for five minutes before washing it off with ice-cold water.

● Potatoes

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 You may experience skin irritation or a reaction when using lemons to lighten your underarms. Potatoes are a better option for those with sensitive skin because they aren’t as acidic as lemons. The citric acid found in potatoes is milder, and although they work at a slower pace, they also yield good results. Underarm bleach can be made using potatoes by following these steps:

Step 1 – Slice potatoes and rub them on the underarms.

Step 2 – Let it sit for 10 minutes, then wash it with lukewarm water and dry it.

Step 3 – Repeat twice daily for best results.

● Cucumber

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When you sweat too much, you can get underarm spots from discoloration. We sway our arms while walking or doing any basic task during the day, causing the skin in our armpit regions to rupture. Cool the region with cucumbers, the world’s favorite cooling agent. Cucumbers also have bleaching agents in addition to being cooling agents. A study says  cucumbers can be used as an underarm brightener in the following ways:

Step 1 – Slice cucumbers and rub them on the skin.

Step 2 – Rinse after 10 minutes, then pat it dry gently.

Step 3 – Repeat twice each day.

● Milk

Now you can fight your dark underarms with this universally accepted beauty product. We don’t recommend bathing in milk for skin lightening, or moisturizing purposes like Cleopatra did, but rather a few teaspoons every day would suffice. Here are steps to follow to achieve even-toned underarms:

Step 1 – Stir three tablespoons of milk into three tablespoons of gram flour.

Step 2 – Mix the turmeric with the other ingredients and form a paste.

Step 3 – Apply the paste, scrubbing for at least ten minutes, and then allow it to dry.

Step 4 -rinse thoroughly in cold water, then pat dry.

Step 5 – Do it three times a week.

● Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an all-rounder because it is rich in amino acids and lactic acid, which cleanse the skin of dead cells and diminish scarring. In addition, with its astringent properties, it unclogs pores and reduces skin darkening. Apple cider vinegar can simply be poured onto a cotton pad, patted into the armpit area for several minutes, and then completely washed off with cold water. Ensure daily results by repeating daily.

● Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera, a natural sunscreen, soothes inflamed skin and lightens discolored armpits due to its antibacterial properties. You can extract fresh aloe vera gel by cutting open a fresh leaf from your balcony or the nearby garden. This gel should be applied to the underarms and left to dry for about 10-15 minutes. The treatment should be repeated every alternate day for the best results. Alternatively, you can purchase organic aloe vera gel available in the market if you don’t have a plant. If interested, read – aloe vera benefits for hair!


1. Is deodorant responsible for darkening your underarms?

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Ans: Deodorants available over the counter contain harsh chemicals that can contribute to the darkening of the underarms. People sometimes use natural alternatives such as baking soda or apple cider vinegar and stop using deodorants altogether.

2. When shaving, what is the best way to avoid dark underarms?

Ans: The regular shaving or plucking of one’s underarms can result in dark underarms, so moisturizing helps to keep irritation at bay. Choose a shaving foam or soap for sensitive skin and use it before shaving. Shaving with too much pressure or with a dull razor can cause skin irritation. Instead, lather up with moisturizing shaving cream before using a fresh razor and shaving with a lighter touch.

3. Can hair removal creams darken the underarm skin?

Ans: The chemicals present in hair removal creams can make skin darker, so you should avoid them. However, if it is an absolute necessity to use it, make sure to wash your arms afterward thoroughly. Fill the area with a mud pack made from Fuller’s earth as this will absorb any chemicals and leave it clean and dry.

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4. Is it true that tight outfits may cause dark underarms?

Ans: Wearing tight outfits can cause excessive friction. The friction contributes to the darkening of armpits due to sweat accumulation. Wear loose clothing to prevent, and avoid wearing tight or synthetic clothing.

Also, read about how to reduce the puffiness of your undereye.

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