Face Primers – A Mandatory Base For Makeup

Face primers have been a major role model in the book of makeup as a base and the final look is all dependent upon the primer. It is crucial to understand the need and the right type for your skin. Makeup is a vast industry and primer is a part of it to make the pores look smaller and filled. Face primer does the job right if applied correctly. Yes, there is a wrong way too for the application which is followed by most people.

If you are in a dilemma that is stopping you from using a primer and you are just confused then you have landed on the right page. Face primers are basically a layer that we put before applying the foundation just to smoothen out the base. It helps the makeup to look radiant, glowy, and smooth. The major thing about the skin is that you use a minimal amount of product on your face.

Best Ways To Apply Primer

Face primers are always applied before the makeup and in the last of your skincare routine to blur out the pores. The application of primer is done like a cream just like spreading it evenly on your face. You can focus on the areas where you have enlarged pores just to make sure they are not visible.

Primers are like a filler for pores it gives your makeup a glide and slide for an easy application. They are the real game-changers.

Face Primer
Face Primer

Types Of Face Primer

Gel Based Prime
Gel Based Prime

1. Gel Based Face Primer

Gel-based primers are the most common primers and are easily available in the market. They are suitable for all skin types and also for people who have sensitive skin.

2. Cream Based Face Primer

Cream-based primers are hassle-free primers as they are easy to apply. They help your skin look smooth and flawless by hiding fine lines on the skin.

Smooth Base
Smooth Base

3. Pore Filling Face Primer

This primer helps you to fill in the pores to get a smooth base and does not feels heavy. It also gives good coverage to your skin and keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Primer has become a major product in your vanity as it helps you to get hassle-free and glowy makeup. Starting off with face primer has been the best as the results are awesome. Such products make the application of makeup easy and with less effort.

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Which is the best primer for the face?

1. e.l.f. Putty Primer
2. Tatcha The Silk Canvas Filter Finish Protective Primer
3. L’Oreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base
4. Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer Moisturizing Primer

What does primer do for your face?

It helps your skin look radiant and smoothes out the open pores.

Are primers good for your skin?

Yes, it gives you a smooth and shiny base also covers your enlarged open pores.

Is it OK to use a primer every day?

Using makeup on daily basis can harm your skin. Primers can reduce the damage to 50% but the application of it on daily basis can be bad.

What can I use instead of primer?

Aloe vera gel+ moisturizer can be a good substitute for face primer.

Can I use moisturizer as a primer?

Always apply moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. They both are two different things and have two different purposes.

What is the best Face Primer for combination skin?

Maybelline New York Master Prime By Face Studio
Premium Foundation Makeup Primer
TULA Skin Care Face Filter Blurring and Moisturizing Primer

What is the best Face primer for dry skin?

Lakme Absolute Undercover Gel Primer
Colorbar Flawless Finish Primer
NY Bae Brightenin’ Primer
Face Canada Ultime Pro Perfecting Face Primer

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