Hair Colouring and its Pros & Cons

There are all kinds of questions constantly running at the back of our minds when it comes to hair colouring. Does the colour change/deteriorate the quality of hair? Does it require extra care after the hair colour? Can the colour cause irritation to the scalp? Well, we have an answer for it all. Let’s start by knowing what exactly hair colour is and later jump on its pros and cons.

What is hair colouring?

hair coloring
hair colouring

It is the practice of changing the colour of your hair to a more desired hair colour. There are chemicals and natural forms of hair dyes used for the process. Get hair colour services at home with yes madam

How does hair colouring work?

It works by coating each strand with colour (non-permanent colour) or by penetrating each hair cuticle, entering the hair cortex, and bonding with the hair (permanent colour). While non-permanent hair colour can be shampooed out eventually, permanent colour, as the name suggests, permanently stays on the hair. However, since hair constantly grows, the colour will eventually grow out.

Customers considering a change in hair colour have a choice of colouring agents to use. What distinguishes them is how long they last and how they colour their hair. There are quite a few options available ranging from non-permanent to permanent hair colours.

But before doing anything, you must once acknowledge all sorts of pros and cons that come with it.

Pros & cons of hair colouring


Here are some benefits of trying out hair colouring that overshadow the cons, and make us want to book an appointment right away!

Gives you a different look

The thought of adding a touch of colour to your hair is always exciting. Hair colour is a completely painless way to give you and your hair a new viewpoint. Going through a breakup? Going to a new University? Have a grand family function? It’s just the right time to try out that colour you have always been afraid to try. There are endless shades literally, name it and you’ve got it. Go dark, go light, go ombre, go balayage, go highlights, there are infinite options, and when you have a talented colourist right behind you, hair colour can never go wrong.

Adds volume and strength

Adding a subtle colour to your hair can make it look thicker than it really is. Colouring your hair causes strands to expand: thus giving it an illusion of thickness. Colours put a coating on your hair that can help make it stronger. Even if you have weak or slightly damaged hair, semi-permanent hair colour can help to build up your hair strength. A lot of women actually feel more texture in their strands after colouring their hair.

Compliments with your features

The right hair colour can enhance your facial features. It can make your eye colour pop and brighten the colour of your skin which will naturally add a glow to your face and give you a youthful look.


But it’s not always sunshine and rainbows and as it is very famously said: “Everything comes with a price to pay”. Despite the advantages, there are some disadvantages to it as well.

Damaging of hair

One of the most noticeable issues is the damage to the hair due to the usage of hair dye and hydrogen peroxide, a chemical compound that is a combination of water and hydrogen that acts as a bleaching agent by breaking down the melanin pigment of hair and colouring the hair. If the right products are not used, it will not only make your hair dull but also make them brittle and dead. This issue can be prevented by using the right products and by getting the conditioner and the protein treatment required to use, after the hair dye.

It can be expensive

Having a truly intricate hair colour might cost you a lot. Though the price of any hair colour is not too high, the hair dyeing process is quite expensive especially if you are getting it done by a hair specialist. But it’s definitely worth every penny if coloured evenly. And if you cannot afford it, there are plenty of cheap drugstore alternatives as well.

Maintenance of your coloured hair

hair color at home
hair color at home

After getting your hair coloured, it is not easy to maintain that shade because after a few months the colour starts to fade and the hair will start to grow out which means that the roots will be of a different colour than the rest of your hair. To avoid this, you will need to get touch-up treatments to maintain the new colour. Also, don’t forget to get a hair spa every once a month to keep your hair nourished and hydrated.

It feels great to walk out with a beautiful and new look, but do not forget to ponder all the pros and cons of dyeing your hair as, after all, it is about your silky, thick, and smooth hair.

And if you don’t feel like spending hours sitting on the salon chair, you can always call Yes Madam‘s expert at home for hair colouring. Get the professional experience at your home’s comfort and flaunt your beautiful hair that you got done at very reasonable pricing.

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  5. It is the practice of changing the color of your hair to a more desired hair color. There are chemicals and natural forms of hair dyes used for the process. thanks for this definition my sir ask me this question and with your help, I reply to my sir.

  6. What a great post! It is so comprehensive and full of useful information. I appreciate the way you explained everything about the different hair colour . I read a couple of article before I landed on this one and would like to share a few insights. Hair colours can damage your hair if not used correctly. It is also important to use good quality hair colours and you can also start by highlights to see if the hair colour shade suits you! I’m looking forward to read all the other articles that you have linked here!

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