The Ultimate Beauty Package You Must Try Today!

Natural beauty is the best, no matter how much we try to amp it up with makeup and gloss, deep down we all prefer that well moisturized and heavily hydrated, clean and fresh skin. But living in a city that’s hustling day and night it’s difficult to achieve it. The levels of pollution and daily up-down make it difficult for us to take out time and treat ourselves with the most basic yet essential beauty care needs. Taking out time for the same is another big issue but we have a convenient solution for you right here.

Crowned with Glory- Beauty Package

Aren’t we all of the same sort? Looking for the best deals but at the most affordable and cheap costs! Well, what if I say I have what you’re looking for. A beauty package, inclusive of all the deals you would want to take on a regular basis. From Facials to Pedicures to Waxing to Bleach and lastly Threading, it includes all of these, right at the comfort of your homes at the most affordable prices. Read below to find out how these services will be helpful for you and why should take them on a monthly basis

Perks of Pedicure


When we look good, don’t we automatically feel good as well? We do right! The pedicure is like hitting two targets with one arrow, not only does it beautify the nails and make us look all pretty, but along with that it also maintains the hygiene of our body. It contains three major steps- Cleansing (to remove impurities), Scrubbing (to remove dead skin cells), and Applying cream ( to moisturize the skin and minimize open pores). After the basic steps the Expert cuts, files and polishes the nails to give an alluring finish.

Facial’s Facts

The Ultimate Beauty Package You Must Try Today

No matter what the weather is, be it freezing cold in Delhi or scorching hot in Mumbai the skin always needs its special dose of care and pampering. Taking a facial service once every month is a necessity. There are various types of facials that are available in the market like Fruit Facial, Brightening Facial, Anti-tan Facial, etc. You can choose whichever suits the best for your skin and let the skin-care begin.

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Wonders of Waxing


Waxing does come with a little bit of pain but the advantages attached to it can also not be ignored. The pain is momentary but the free and fresh feeling of getting rid of all the hair is permanent (at least for 15-20 days). The regrowth of hair is less as compared to shaving because while shaving a considerable amount of hair is left just below the surface which starts growing back in a day or two. There won’t be any cuts or bleeding, it would be a smooth process quite literally. 

Bleaching Benefits

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To all the people who are conscious about facial hair and don’t prefer face shaving or waxing, Bleach would be the most appropriate solution. It lightens the color of your facial hair making it almost invisible. Along with that, it also lightens the color of the skin tone resulting in naturally radiant-looking skin.

We know, after seeing all these perks together in this one package you would want to run straight to the salon to avail them but what if we say, the salon will come home to you. This beauty package, Crowned with Glory is an exclusive package by Yes Madam salon at home. Their Experts will come home to you and provide you with the best and most hygienic services, so quit the thinking and book NOW.

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