Everyone yearns to possess a flawless and glamorous look with a glass-like finish when it comes to makeup. We all love to experiment and try new makeup looks and styles. A daily makeup routine revolves around the foundation, concealer, compact powder, eyeliner, mascara, lip tints, or lipsticks. However, the foremost vital issue that matters is the way we put it on our face.

We need to be very specific with the makeup products we are using because everyone has a different skin type, and we must choose the products accordingly. But many women make makeup mistakes like choosing the wrong makeup for the wrong skin type and so many other things that should be avoided immediately, or else they will look awful and weird.

Although many guides teach you about doing your makeup correctly, there aren’t many that tell you how not to do your makeup. So we’ve taken the responsibility of pointing out some make-up failures in this article.

Types of beauty mistakes and how to avoid them

Here’s a list of makeup mistakes to avoid that you probably aren’t:

1. Using the Wrong Foundation

Wrong Foundation
Wrong Foundation

We are always urged to look fairer than our natural skin tone and often use foundations that are way too lighter than our skin shade. This is one of the worst makeup mistakes that you should avoid religiously. We must always use a foundation with a shade close to our natural skin tone to get a flawless finish. Using a lighter or darker foundation that does not match our skin tone will form a layer on top of our skin that will appear very unnatural.

2. Applying Make-Up on Dry Skin

Applying makeup on dry skin is one of the biggest mistakes that women make while doing their makeup. You should moisturize your face properly to get a flawless dewy finish, or else our face will become dry due to the foundation and will appear very old, uneven, and cracked. Therefore, we should always keep in mind to moisturize our face correctly before applying makeup.

Beauty mistakes
Beauty mistakes

3. Wrong Blending Techniques

Wrong Blending Techniques
Wrong Blending Techniques

The foremost important step is to blend the makeup into the skin to make it look like our second skin. We must use a proper brush or a beauty blender to blend our makeup correctly. The key to natural makeup lies in mastering the art of blending. We must use appropriate techniques and tools to do that. Unblended makeup always appears unnatural and out of place.

4. Overdoing your Eyebrows

Who doesn’t like thick black brows? Everyoneappropriate does, right? But some of us often overdo and use too much of the product to fill in our brows. Over lining and filling in our brows with jet black colour doesn’t appear attractive. We should never use a jet black shadow or brow pencil to fill in our brows because it will make them look unrealistic and weird. This is one of the massive makeup failures. We must use shades of brown and grey to fill in our brows to make them look natural.

Overdoing your Eyebrows
Overdoing your Eyebrows

Learn about the proper way to do your eye make-up.

5. Excess use of Foundation

Some women feel like applying a full face of thick foundation will make them look flawless. But it’s a BIG NO. Using too much foundation will do no good to our face; instead, it will make our face look cakey. Instead, we must use a thin layer of foundation to give our face a natural finish.

6. Extra Unwanted Glitter

 Glittery eyeshadows look gorgeous but putting it all over the eyelid will look too shiny, which is a sure turnoff. And using too much highlighter will make us look glittery. We must stick to nudes when it comes to eyeshadows, but the glittery ones only on the inner corners and centre of the lid, and use a hint of highlighter on the high points of our face to add a healthy shine.

Extra Unwanted Glitter
Extra Unwanted Glitter

7. Lip Liner Woes

Drawing harsh lines over lips and overlining the lips too much is a makeup mistake that you should strictly avoid. Otherwise, you will end up looking comical. This is because your lip liners should define your lips, not create a border around them.

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8. Applying too much blush

If we put too much blush on our cheeks, it will make us look like a clown. This is another makeup failure. We must use a hint of blush to make our cheeks rosy and natural.

9. Applying too much powder

Applying too much powder
Applying too much powder

Many women think more powder will make a face look fresh and matte. But over-powdering will make a face extremely dry, wrinkly, and cakey. We must powder only on the required areas.

10. Not Applying Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most vital part of any makeup routine. It is essentially irreplaceable. But many women tend to skip sunscreen, which is equivalent to a skincare sin. We must use sunscreen before stepping out of our house.

11. Too many Contour

Too many Contour
Too many Contour

Everyone desires a well-defined jawline, nose, and cheekbones. But some women often contour the face too much which makes their face look stiff and cartoonish. Over contouring gives a very unnatural look, so we should not use too much of it.


Flawless makeup makes us look beautiful and presentable, giving us the confidence to face the world with pride. Everyone makes a makeup mistake, but we shouldn’t continue that. Instead, learn from it and do better the next time. Makeup needs practice, and “Practice makes a man perfect.” We should keep in mind the above points before doing makeup.

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