How To Get Clear Glass Skin-Korean Skincare Routine

Well! we girls like everything clear be it our room, closet, or skin. Our major wish is to have a glass clear skin all the time but our frenemy never misses the chance for its special appearance (pimples). To avoid all of these we can aim big and do our best to achieve the very famous Korean glass clear skin.

It might look very unrealistic but you can get your skin somewhere near to it. It takes time and effort and not to forget your patience.

Glass clear skin
Skincare is important

7 Steps Skincare For Glass Clear Skin

1. Double cleansing

Double cleansing is something that brings you one step forward to the glass clear skin. It is really important to clean your face as you travel all day long and there is dust and dirt seating on your face or it can be your makeup. You need to clear all of it with the help of oil-based makeup remover and water-based face wash. The makeup residue is really harmful and can bring you one step back from getting your goal achieved.

2. Toning

Tonner has been neglected a lot and there is what the people are doing wrong in terms of skincare. After the cleansing, your skin gets all clean but the pores are opened and toners are the one that helps them to close. Toners should be the main character as it makes easy for other products to absorb into the skin. If it leaves your skin dry then you should use a non-alcoholic one that will not disturb your skin. They keep your skin hydrated and help in deep nourishment.

3. Essence

It is the core ingredient or product of Korean essence. It is a watery product that provides a high level of hydration and moisturize your skin well. This product lies in between the toner and the serum as it helps with the redness and with the bad skin by giving deep conditioning to your skin. The majority of the content is water in it as it is a liquid product. Essence is the highlight of skincare and its properties make it very important.

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4. Serum

This stage becomes a little serious as it holds a major role in achieving the glass clear skin. As serum does not only nourishes your skin or moisturize it but it also makes your skin even looking and reduces the lines on your face. Your serum is the game changer and you should not skip on it. Though glass clear skin is a myth we can at least achieve healthy skin. Your serum should have hyaluronic acid and vitamin E as it helps your skin very much and makes it even-toned.

5. Moisturise

It is really important to moisturize your skin even if you don’t feel the requirement. Always choose the moisturizer according to your skin type. If you have extremely oily skin you can go with a light moisturizer and if you have a dry skin go with a heavy moisturizer which should be cream-based. Your skin needs moisturizer be it oily, dry or combination and you cannot skip on this part.

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6. Apply an eye cream

It is not magic that will just take a spell but it will take time to get accomplished. You cannot skip your under eye and eye as they hold a good part of your face and that needs to be taken care of. So, add an eye cream to your beauty routine and seal it with the best cream. Make them look good and not saggy or baggy with dark spots. Never miss on eye cream.

glass clear skin
Sheet mask

7. Mask

Masks contain an extra serum or the formal that holds the skin nicely and it is like the cherry on the top which makes things better and fine. Face masks might be very overrated but they actually do wonders when you find your perfect fit. It helps to rejuvenate the skin and makes it glowy.


1. How do you actually get glass skin?

You can follow this 7-steps skincare routine to achieve a clear glass skin.

2. Can glass skin be achieved?

Yes. it can be achieved as clear glass skin is a skin that is dewy, plump, and hydrated. This is what clear glass skin is.

3. How do you get glass skin naturally?

You can use some home ingredients and make a paste of them and apply it twice or thrice a week.

4. How can I get Korean glass skin permanently?

You can get it only by being constant with the skincare routine. Also, you can try these face masks.
Lemon and Strawberry Face Mask
Rice Flour and Aloe Vera Face Mask
Fermented Rice Water Face Mist
Green Tea Facial Rinse

You can also book a professional for any kind of beauty and wellness service at Yes Madam.

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