Protein Treatment for Hair – Types, Benefits & Side Effects

We all should know the best protein treatment for hair as protein is such an essential element that structures 95% of our hair. It is an effective method to fight the problem of dry, rough, and dull hair. Also, many factors explain why everyone should take it.

The foremost cause is that hairs are more prone to breakage, hair loss, and any hair problem due to UV rays, pollution, lack of nourishment, and many other factors that also cause these damages to multiply. So, I am here to tell you five of the best protein treatments for your hair that you must consider that will help strengthen your hair and scalp with intense nourishment. Let’s begin.

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5 Signs You Need Protein Treatments for Hair

People think about why they should take protein treatment, so they must read this section. It will clear all your doubts or queries regarding protein treatments for hair.

If you think only curly or wavy-hair people should get it, then you are making a mistake. Let’s read this out and know.

Protein treatment for hair
Protein treatment at home

1. Loss of Elasticity

It is one of the hair concerns that is incredibly popular among people. If you want to know whether your hair suffers a loss of elasticity, use this simple trick. Pick a small strand, stretch it gently using your fingers and release it. If it breaks apart, your tresses need intense nourishment. Otherwise, your hairs are fine.

2. Hair Breakage or Extreme

Hair breakage means a breakage anywhere in the length of your hair shaft. You will notice a lot of hair shedding in your hairbrush. Listen, it is not the same as hair loss because, in this situation, the hair will fall from the roots. So, take the necessary actions if you notice too much hair shedding.

3. Limp and Stringy Texture of Your Hair

If your hairs suffer from such a situation, they need a protein treatment. Only it can make them look healthier and lustrous.

4. Use of Styling Products

Wax, gel, hair dryers, and many other hair styling tools are used to set hairstyles differently or gorgeously. They look glamorous, but one can’t neglect the damage they will bring to your hair. The more you use it, the more your hair needs protein-revitalizing treatment.

5. Hair Dyeing

A wedding, party, birthday, festival, and there are different occasions which knock our minds with the thought of hair dyeing. The reason is that burgundy shades, brownish, and other trendy shades add more charm to your hair. They also damage your tresses from the roots. Only the protein treatment for hair can help you with it.

These signs indicate why your hair should get protein on time. Protein will make your hair strong and bring them to its original health. Let’s know which treatments you should pick.

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3 Must Try Protein Treatments for Hair

The protein structures your hair, but the deficiency can make your hair brittle, rough, and damaged. These protein treatments for your hair will help you regain strength, shine, and health.

1. Keratin Treatment

The keratin treatment will add more keratin to your hair. It will help reduce frizz and enhance the shine and strength of your hair. Also, the keratin or hair smoothening treatment is the best option if you have curly or wavy hair. Yes, the keratin treatment is also known as hair smoothening.

2. Cysteine Treatment

It is one of the upgraded and healthiest protein treatments for your hair after Keratin. In cysteine treatment, no chemicals will get added to your hair. Cysteine is a non-essential amino acid that helps replenish dull hair, reduce frizz, and treat dryness in your tresses.

If you ask for a hair-free protein treatment, I will name the Cysteine Treatment for your Hair. You can do it more often without any fear of damaging your tresses.

3. DIY Protein Treatment for Hair at Home

Here I can discuss many ingredients with you, but a proven or an age-old remedy is much more effective named Coconut Oil. A protein treatment requires a salon appointment, but you can do it at home with DIY Masks.

Having a head or scalp massage with coconut oil will help you get intense nourishment and replenish your scalp from deep inside. It will improve blood circulation and oxygen to your hair follicles, which makes you gain strength and shine.

These three are the best protein treatments for hair. Two of them will ask for the parlour appointment, but Yes Madam will do it at your doorstep by top-end professionals.

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Benefits of Protein Treatments for Hair – 3 Reasons Why Shouldn’t Miss it.

Here are some benefits of protein treatments for your hair that you should know.

Benefits of protein treatment for hair
Protein Treatment Benefits

Soft and Nourished Hair

People spend most of their time outdoors. The hair and the skin are the two parts of the body which are highly affected. They must get all the essential nutrients which can help them revive the energy and health that are affected due to pollution and other factors. The protein treatment for your hair can help you do this efficiently.

Strengthens Hair Strands

If your hair loses protein, they lose strength. Having protein treatment will help increase strength in your hair strands and prevent them from breakage. Also, it will help reduce hair loss or any hair concerns as your hair will be heavier to withstand environmental factors.

Deeply Moisturizes Your Tresses

Dry or rough tresses are more prone to frizz and brittleness, which can turn your hair unhealthy and look dull. Thus, you should oil your hair two to three times a week even after the protein treatment. This treatment will help you moisturize your tresses from the roots efficiently, but oiling has its perks.

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Protein Treatment for Hair vs Keratin

The protein treatment for hair is a conditioning treatment. It penetrates protein into your hair which helps strengthen and repair it. There are different types of protein treatments for hair.

On the other hand, the keratin treatment for hair is different because it is a chemical which helps in hair smoothening or straightening. Also, it gives your hair a lustrous look. If you are getting ready for the party, you must take it, but not often. Keratin treatment is one of a kind of protein treatment for your hair.

We can write a separate blog on this topic, but it is the actual case with protein treatment for hair vs Keratin. There is no other thing to explain.

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protein treatment for hair benefits


Putting it all together, I would say the protein treatment for hair is essential for everyone who is an adult. These three treatments discussed in this blog are far ahead and the best options for people looking for the best treatment for hair problems. One treatment will help you address many hair concerns. So yes, you must take it.

Also, you do not even need to move out of your home to get protein treatment. Now you can get it at your home by Yes Madam. Get the phone, search Yes Madam to it, visit the website, and book your service. Sit back and relax.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to oil your hair two times a week. Get a scalp massage with hot oil every third day.


Is keratin or protein hair treatment better?

The keratin or protein hair treatment is an ingenious idea which helps strengthen your hair strands and make them look shinier.

Is protein treatment good for hair?

The protein treatment is healthy for your hair unless you are doing it more often.

Does keratin treatment give protein to the hair?

Keratin is a type of protein that structures your hair. So yes, the keratin treatment gives protein to the hair.

Is keratin treatment and protein treatment the same?

No, the keratin treatment is a type of protein treatment, but there are different types of protein treatment for hair.

How often should I use hair protein treatment?

Use hair protein treatment once a month, it is better if you do it one time in two months.

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